Immanuel Kant (1724 - 1804) was a German philosopher who invented three terrible things:

  • anti reason (Kant locked the mind inside the skull, making knowledge of the outside world impossible to human beings);
  • collectivism (Kant taught that the perception of the outside world is subjective, giving rise to the idea that groups can change reality);
  • self-sacrifice (only actions without reward are morally just).

Kant's influence, specifically on thought in Europe, can't possibly be over-estimated. Almost all philosophers that succeeded him have accepted the conclusions of his Critique of Pure Reason (wiki), adopted them and gave them even bigger thrust.  

As a result, the character of Europe before and after the year 1800 is radically different. Europe, between the time of the Renaissance and 1800-1900 was a continent that based its thinking on Aristotle. (Notes) Latter day Europe has abandoned that philosophic outlook and replaced it with Kantian thought.

Read about the Kantian, European Counter Enlightment starting at the bottom of page 24 http://www.stephenhicks.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/hicks-ep-full.pdf.

Thanks to Kant, irrationalism, collectivism and self-sacrifice have become culturally rooted. He is the Ground Zero that made ethnic nationalism, Nazism, Communism and Postmodern Nihilism possible. 

Generation upon generation in Europe has been brainwashed by Kantian thought. Europeans believe that certain traits are am innate, national characteristic that have existed since the beginning of time. But actually they have been insinuated by Kant and his followers after 1800. Europe before that time had a very different character. 

To give one example, traditionally virtues like productivity, pride and individualism were seen as values in the Netherlands. Dutch national heroes were held up as role models and statues were raised in their honor.  This in spite of the influence of Calvinism. Today this is unthinkable.

Totalitarianism and economic sclerosis are inevitable if we don't reject Kant. 

The main problem is that the people at large as well as academics in Europe are unaware how much of their thought and acts have been influenced by Kant over the last two centuries.

Europeans are unable to look at themselves objectively. We think our thoughts are original, while in fact they have been corrupted by a perverse, German religious fundamentalist. 

We urge Americans to be aware of the dangers and firmly reject any Kantian ideas that might come their way.

PomoNews will continue to draw attention to the massive indoctrination on the continent of Europe until the Kantian spirit is back in the bottle.