Thursday, November 4, 2021


Environmentalism is improper knowledge masquerading as science. We take on faith the daily exhortations by media and authorities that the earth is warming due to human activities. These claims take advantage of the human trait to see patterns, even where none exist. Not to mention the shameless exploitation of Judeo-Christian guilt culture. The conservation leg values inanimate matter over living man. In Gaianism we close the gap with pagan animism. Environmentalism is basically a pseudo religious way for atheists to give meaning to their lives. 

November 3, 2021 Glenn Beck: It’s time to get your money out of THESE 7 Big Banks. Here’s why.

UPDATE: The Biden administration and other far-left elitists around the world actively are working to force their climate-focused agendas onto you. And, they have big banks to back them. Glenn and Justin Haskins, Editorial Director of the Heartland Institute, explain how these banks will use your finances to ensure you comply. One of the goals of The Great Reset is to eliminate private property, and those efforts have already begun targeting home ownership. But it’s not too late.