Sunday, October 17, 2021


The clusterf*ck of seemingly disparate fields as Covid-19 narratives, transhumanism, scientism and general liberal-leftie craziness can be reduced to one single, cognitive set of errors rooted in the Materialist approach to Man. The problem is not widely recognized and understood, because it has the capacity of bringing down the entire Western notion of what constitutes science. We will try to shed a layman's light on the issue in these pages. 

Oct. 16, 2021 Dr. Kevin Homer in War Room Pandemic: High Priest Fauci And Elites Defined An Orthodox Narrative On Secret Data.

As Dr. Kevin Homer explains in the video, the priesthood of Covid-19 are actually pushing a form of religion, not science. A thing called the freedom of enquiry has been canceled. We are left with Scientism, or Rationalism. But science proper also harbors some serious flaws since Hume and Descartes introduced radical Skepticism into the concept. But they are by no means the only perpetrators.