Sunday, August 29, 2021


There is a disconnect between the top brass in the military and their strategy in the war against Radical Islamic Terrorism. At the root is postmodern moral relativism, widely propagated in every branch of academia: truth is subjective and every idea is equally valid. It led to the narrative devised in the State Dept. that if we deny that Islam is rooted in terrorism, we can stop radicalization [1]. In the following post Rajesh Chaudhary illustrates the chasm between the liberal mind and reality.

War on Terror: cutting twigs, instead of the roots.

The war machine and the people who guide it, the whole industrial military complex in America is based on industry. They have their own think-tanks, they have these smart sleek Harvard and Yale University graduates who join these think-tanks or are employed in companies that specialize in regional issues. Their titles and papers create an aura of knowledge. They are the geniuses. But all these wars being fought after Vietnam are not about the ideology of Communism. They are against the doctrine of Islam.