Thursday, April 29, 2021


The Biden administration is bringing back a number of Obamites that had taken up temporary residence with the Big Tech Oligarchs. Even before Biden's inauguration the atmosphere in DC was thick with suspicion, retribution and malice. Biden's long awaited State of the Union on April 28 set out a number of markers for the next two years, and it isn't pretty.

April 29, 2021 ‘Brace for Impact’: Biden’s First Big Speech Gave Warnings You May’ve Missed.

UPDATE: Glenn Beck has the goods on Biden's State of the Union speech. America's founders in their wisdom created a Government that is almost dysfunctional, by design. It is undergirded by three equal branches of Government that control each other (checks) and in lots of cases, cancel each other out (balances). Now if you are a postmodern progressive you believe in the power of Government. To them, this dysfunctional state of Government that is meant to preserve liberty, is anathema! 


Just before the 2020 US Presidential Elections a few interesting theorems have been proposed. Between the brilliant book by former Trump advisor Michael Anton, the caveats emanating from the late radio host Rush Limbaugh on the upcoming One Party Rule, to the chalk boards of Glenn Beck, a disturbing image is emerging from the fog of war on the postmodern front lines.

April 29, 2021 Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview with Mike Lindell.

UPDATE: Mike talks about recovering from his addiction to crack and gambling, not getting vaccinated, going into hiding after getting many threats, Rudy Giuliani’s apartment being raided, meeting with Donald Trump in 2016 and being photographed with papers that said “Martial Law.” Kimmel pushes Mike on the Dominion Voting Systems allegation, his donation of $50,000 to help bail out Kyle Rittenhouse. Well, at least Kimmel did not lay a trap as many expected. More on Lindell's work on the archive.