Monday, April 5, 2021


Transhumanism is a form of postmodern Utopianism applied to biotechnology. The morality typical of every form of Utopianism, is that the end goal is so noble, that any method is acceptable to achieve it: the end justifies the means. This usually results in human sacrifices stacked up high on the altar of good intentions. Every form of Utopianism must therefore by shunned like the plague that it is. 

Gab CEO Andrew Torba: Transhumanism is Good vs. Evil, Tech Oligarchs Want to Be Gods.

UPDATE: Saturday's morning edition of Warroom Pandemic was once more dedicated to the specter of transhumanism. We agree with Mark Jeftovic that the hoped for moment of singularity will remain forever illusive to the technocratic elites. At the root is the fallacy, that human consciousness is supposed to equal a super brain, which it is not.