Monday, September 6, 2021


Equality is good, right? It is one of the most basic values of modern liberal democratic societies. Basically equality is good, unless it becomes a goal in itself outside the context of a wider moral edifice. In that case the consequences for a culture are dear indeed. Not everyone appreciates the problem; but British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher did. She tried to explain it to the Commons in 1990. 

Nov. 2, 1990 UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher explains the fallacy of equality in the Commons.

Equality is the fundamental standard in Egalitarianism, a standard of good and evil. Equality as an ethical value is rooted in Judeo-Christian and Marxist deontologies. But Egalitarianism demands much more than just that: it wants equality of outcome, in the here and now! This has consequences not everyone immediately gets. Under this ethics program man doesn't deserve equality for whom he is or what he has achieved, but exactly because he IS nothing. Obama lecturing a group of entrepreneurs a few years ago, illustrates this mindset when he told them, "You didn't build that!"

L: Howard Roark's Speech in The Fountainhead (video).
R: Barack Obama: "You didn't build that!".

If you have a brain, a will, some skills, any knowledge, a character, ambitions, money or power, every quality or  attribute is sheer luck, nothing more, nothing less. The actual producer is not you individually, but the collective, the community, society, but more than anything else, the State.  The bottom is by definition inhabited by the losers. 

You can't give a man a moral standard he does not have. That's why equality is only possible by tearing down the top: "We must cut down the high flyers," animal rights activist Peter Singer once said. 

Egalitarianism is the work of the devil: rob a man of all his personal achievements and abilities, and what's left is an empty shell, a zombie, a ghost. 

At the root of this morality is the Nihilism of Immanuel Kant. He elevated nothing to something. The zombie demands that living man sacrifices to his nothingness. The living dead having become a substitute for moral man is a central article of faith in the life of the Postmodernist. 

The weapon with which they want to realize their goal is called identity politics. Feminists and LGBTQs are fighting sexism, the elderly are combatting ageism, angry Muslims are fighting against islamophobia, special needs persons are protesting against validism, ugly people are deploring any aesthetic standard, multiculturalists decry Imperialism and animal rights activists, speciesism.

Competition of any kind is evil in and of itself. Winners and losers are prohibited. Everyone deserves a trophy. 

Just how satanic Egalitarianism is, is seen in its ecological application. Inanimate matter has a status equal to man and therefore deserves equal rights. We must stop to translate more into better, richer, faster, bigger, they say. This actively destroys all values. It's called anti humanism.

Marxism, however false, still had a vision of a better world. But Egalitarianism is a postmodern construct and the ultimate effort to save Socialism of its inevitable demise (see flowchart The Evolution of Socialism). Its weapon is the tactic of scorched earth.

In death everyone is equal. Man is a monster that doesn't deserve any better!

First published on April 28, 2013