Sunday, August 29, 2021


There is a disconnect between the top brass in the military and their strategy in the war against Radical Islamic Terrorism. At the root is postmodern moral relativism, widely propagated in every branch of academia: truth is subjective and every idea is equally valid. It led to the narrative devised in the State Dept. that if we deny that Islam is rooted in terrorism, we can stop radicalization [1]. In the following post Rajesh Chaudhary illustrates the chasm between the liberal mind and reality.

War on Terror: cutting twigs, instead of the roots.

The war machine and the people who guide it, the whole industrial military complex in America is based on industry. They have their own think-tanks, they have these smart sleek Harvard and Yale University graduates who join these think-tanks or are employed in companies that specialize in regional issues. Their titles and papers create an aura of knowledge. They are the geniuses. But all these wars being fought after Vietnam are not about the ideology of Communism. They are against the doctrine of Islam.

Religion of peace
Like Communism, the doctrine of Islam says openly that world domination is its goal. All non Muslims are considered kaffirs, unbelievers. This means that whoever kills a kaffir, goes straight to heaven and gets 72 virgins.

But the educational institutions in the USA teach that Islam is a religion of peace. So much skewed is their mentality now that the FBI considers domestic white supremacists the only real, direct threat.

And so the military and the administration go to war in the Middle East with a few simple principles for fighting the enemy: they are not your enemy; they are your nemesis. 

But Radical Islamic Terrorists immediately overthrow this carefully devised rule book based on a lie. The terrorists' rule book says that Westerners are infidels, non believers that can be killed, even by deceit. That is perfectly legit. 

Let me give you a very simple and recent example of this abyss between theory and reality. The Biden administration made an agreement with the Taliban to withdraw by August 31. On Thursday there were three suicide attacks by ISISK. So now what with your rule book? 

The problem is mentally solved by pretending that the Taliban and ISISK are totally disparate entities. But both follow the same ideology. They are both controlled by Pakistan's Security Service, the ISI. If the ISI unleashes ISISK despite an agreement the Taliban made with the US, then the Taliban are on the backfoot.

The ultimate loser of course is the US whose line of Presidents, from Reagan to Obama said, we don't negotiate with the terrorists. So the whole war game is upside down again, and again Muslims threw out the rulebook.

Clash of civilizations
The West fails to understand that degree-holders sitting in air-conditioned offices in Washington DC can never win a war. A war has to be won on all fronts: political, social, and on national levels. A general sitting thousands of miles away giving orders, isolated in his own mind, can't win a war that is in fact a clash of civilizations, a war of existence.

Suicide bombers are thrown over the region like peanuts. There are over 40,000 madrasas in Pakistan alone. The average family size in Pakistan is 7 to 12 kids. Can a father feed them all? No, obviously not. So he gives them to these madrasas in order to eat, live and study the Koran.

It obviously solves his family problem instantly if he gave three children to the madrasa, then he has three less mouths to feed. But these children go through a traumatic experience in these madrasas. They are sexually abused without mercy by these teachers and owners. Their lives depend on keeping their mouths shut. 

Madrasas are religious schools; the only curriculum is the Koran. There are no blackboards, no desks, no chairs; so the kids sit on a sack on the floor and memorizes the Koran by rote.  Of course they are not getting any degree, because to become a cleric you have to be a relative of the madrasa owner.

So these children are ingrained specially on all the violent parts of the Koran, which is liberally filled with such scenes; they learn to hate all non Muslims as a first step. They are then taught that non Muslims have no right to exist and learn about the brutal invasions and the cruelty with which they subdued nations like Iran and India.

They are specially homed in on Jews and Hindus. One reason is that Jews and Hindus are successful peoples that do not live under the laws of the Koran and that fact clashes with the Islamic narrative. Didn't the Koran say that infidels must be killed? 

So those kids somehow managed to survive the madrasa and they become teenagers with a traumatic past and thirsting for revenge. They are really pissed off, day and night, praying five times a day, while depending on the madrasa for food.

Here's an anecdote from a village in Pakistan. In that particular area, if there is a death, that family asks the madrasa guys to send these poor kids for a sort of community dinner. So these children who get just enough food to survive, are conditioned to look forward to deaths. They literally pray that some rich man's mother, or wife will die, so that they can get good finger licking food. 

Soldiers of Allah
Now we get to the anger part. Poor man's kids, given to madrasas at young age, say 3 to 4 years of age, are raped, hungry, full of hate. At 16 they are really pissed off at the world. They haven't learnt any maths, geometry, or any basic things. They have learnt that there is only one book in the world and that is the Koran. The rest of the world consists of infidels to be killed by order of that book.

Now come in politicians and the Pakistani military, or rather say directly. the ISI. They phone the owners, and the owners in order to remain in the military's good books, bus these young indoctrinated teenagers to boot camps for say three months of basic AK-47 and para-military training. They also learn radio communication and how to "swarm, pursue and humiliate", a local technique called shaga. The ISI picks the bright ones to lead.

It is important to understand here is that no money ever changes hands. These kids are not paid a single dollar. They are simply indoctrinated Soldiers of Allah, or Jaish al Muzahid which means, the soldiers of Allah, or those who die for Allah.

After all the sex you ever had in your life was with other boys and men in the madrasa which are obviously gay acts, getting 72 virgins instantly in heaven is quite a prospect. But homosexuality in Islam is punishable by being thrown off buildings or any other gruesome way they see fit.

The ISI don't care. To them these recruits are pure as the wind driven snow, photographed with the Koran in one hand and an AK-47 in the other. Then they are send to the launching pads to pick up their favorite weapon, be it the humble AK-47 or a bazooka and boom, you are a mujahid!

Ghost army
They sleep when the Toyota truck stops, following the leader blindly into the field. And if they die, like hundreds do every day, they are buried if there is time to dig a grave, but if not, they leave the bodies by the wayside.

They don't care because they know that those whom they fight are civilized people who will give everyone a decent burial with a cleric in tow chanting whatever from the Koran. They know kaffirs are very particular about this, especially the Indians.

And if one day, your brothers come looking for you seeking info from the madrasa or the ISI training camps, they just say you are a Shahid. That's all; no compensation, nothing. Born for nothing, died for nothing.

Europe and Asia are littered with well manicured graveyards. The Americans in fact have this huge organization called the War Graves Commission that keeps track of each and every grave abroad. Even today Americans pay Vietnamese for the remains of their soldiers to be flown back to the States with full ceremony for burial at Arlington Cemetery.
But what about the Taliban? Faceless. Nameless. Buried or left to rot. No salary. No respect. No one remembers him. This is a ghost army.

The Biden flunkies left 80 billion dollar worth of the latest military equipment on the field. This is very important because now the West is no longer fighting a ragtag army, but a well armed ghost army.

By Rajesh Chaudhary

[1] The false narrative was born in 1992 when the Internationalist Assistant Secretary of State Edward Djerejian formulated the doctrine that sought to delegitimize terrorism by denying the terrorists' claim that they are acting according to Islamic precepts. Policymakers believed that by tempering their language with regard to Islam, they might forestall further radicalization of 'moderate' Muslims and indeed even win them into the American circle of friendship. (Source: THE ISLAMIC STATE IS BASED ON A SINGLE LIE).