Thursday, August 12, 2021


On Tuesday August 10 at 9amCT MyPillow man, Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium is kicking off in Sioux Falls in South Dakota. Among the participants are officials from 25 US states, 70 credentialed cyber experts, some 300 politicians from all over the US and international representatives from countries as far afield as Brazil, Italy and Australia. The entire symposium on August 10, 11 and 12 will be live streamed on Lindell-TV platform and RSBN, and is expected to be watched by a billion people world wide. 

RSBN Live Stream.

UPDATE: Last night Lindell was physically attacked at his hotel, while Brannon is vaguely reporting "a security incident". As yet neither Lindell or Brannon has provided any details. The assistant of 
Tina Peters, Mesa County (Colorado) Clerk and Recorder had his home raided; details will follow later today. The symposium was infiltrated by Antifa orcs posing as reporters; the objective was to hack and monitor legislators' mobile phones. Last but not least, that symposium's platform was attacked by some kind of malware.

If day 1 was centered on informal information, day 2 was oriented on the cyber experts and became very technical from time to time. This symposium is not about PR or even propaganda, but rather handing the legislators from the states -- who are the constitutional custodians of the elections -- the tools to conduct the necessary audits in their states. 

The experts did new discoveries which are even better than the evidence they had originally. Very interesting were also the statistitians, like Captain Seth Keshel. A single isolated data point may mean nothing, but in the light of big data trends and improbabilities (or even impossibilities) become visible. 

Aug. 11, 2021 War Room Pandemic: The Receipts Are Being Shown.

Aug. 11, 2021


UPDATE: On day 1 at 09.00amCT on the dot Lindell's Cyber Symposium suffered multiple cyber attacks resulting in an hour delay of the start of the day. But no more than that. Throughout day 1 the media published various hit pieces, most without substance. Lindell read parts of the pieces out loud for the audience in an effort to shame the writers. But of course they can't be shamed because that requires a moral standard. One of them was present and was asked to come to the podium. The coward left. 

Dominion marked the day by filing two more lawsuits, this time against Newsmax and One America News. Challenged by Lindell a hacker at the symposium got into a voting system and resetting it, within five minutes with just a smart phone. Which proves how easy it is to rig these machines. 

At 9pmCT Tina Peters, Mesa County (Colorado) Clerk and Recorder arrived at the venue, reporting that while she was in transit to the symposium her office was raided after a search warrant was issued. She does not know what they were looking for, because her deputy was not allowed to be present. It may have something to do with passwords. Peters is a lone voice in Colorado in defending the integrity of the elections. But as Bannon is wont to say, there are no conspiracies, but there no coincidences either. 

There is often mention of the presence of "a red team". It is an idea from the military. A red team helps with setting out strategies, looking at it from the perspective of the enemy. 

Aug. 10, 2021 Damning Video Explaining How, Why And Who Stole Election.

The central idea of the symposium is to audit the electronic part of the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election and to prove the election was hacked and rigged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Besides bearing the entire cost of the three day event, Lindell has also put up a five million dollar challenge to prove him wrong. 

August 9, 2021 War Room Pandemic: Mike Lindell Breaks Down The Cyber Warfare That Took Place On Nov. 3, 2020.