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The classical dichotomy that is pitting the Left against the Right is undergoing a major make-over since the event of President Donald Trump coming down the escalator. It is getting clearer by the day that the world's global elites have turned against the people. National Populism versus Globalist Authoritarianism will be a battle field for years to come. But is it really a new dichotomy, or has Communism merely changed its coat yet again? 

The New Discourses Podcast by James Lindsay, Episode 20 Repressive Tolerance Series, Part 4 of 4.

UPDATE: Conservatives continue to view events through the moral standard of equality and objectivity. They decry the hypocrisy of the Left when they tolerate the violence of Black Lives Matter, while coming down like a ton of bricks on the rioters at the Capitol. The news is littered with these examples. Rush Limbaugh while he was alive repeatedly commented on the error of this approach and endeavored to change it to no avail. Entire television and radio programs, as for instance Sean Hannity, are devoted to this useless railing against the Left's hypocrisy. A study of Communist ideology explains to futility of such efforts. Neglect such studies at your peril; know the enemy! 


Marcuse wrote his essay on Repressive Tolerance in 1965. Full text. Karl Marx was a student of Hegel's, which explains the frequency of contradictions and references to Hegel's rat wheel known as 'the dialectics'. 

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July 7, 2021


July 6, 2021 War Room Pandemic, We’re Witnessing A Populist Nationalist Conservative Movement.

UPDATE: Examples are becoming plentiful by now. But the editors of PomoNews predicted years ago based on philosophical analysis that the global elites would turn to Communist China and the CCP's one party rule for their ideal model. Of course they are admiring the fact that China's rulers don't have to go through lengthy, messy, humiliating democratic processes! Rule by fiat is what they actually deserve! The elites were in post-democracy mode even before then. 
This changing paradigm revealed a schism within the old Conservative parties, which have become torn in the middle. Not only are their old liberal dogmas proved wrong in major respects -- trade with China did not make China freer, it made us more authoritarian; "free trade" with China did not make us more wealthy, it made us poorer in terms of loss of jobs and know-how. Post Mao fascist China was re-built on the backs of the Western middle class.

These are serious, basic issues that liberal Conservatives still have to explain. As it is, they do not even acknowledge these facts. They still beat the drum of free trade, low taxes for the one percent and free reign for some of private enterprises' worst moral decisions, because they are privately owned corporations. As if their wokeness exists in a vacuum.

In the video above an article is mentioned by David French who is pleading for our children to be taught racist Critical Race Theory in school, because "teachers have free speech". This is an excellent example of the total moral rot in liberalism today. At the root is the fundamental mistake in Classical Liberalism, that morality is basically subjective. 

Some of these liberal conservatives have dug in their heels even further and keep throwing down the gauntlet to Trumpism and national interests. We know them as RINOs and Never Trumpers in the United States. In Western Europe they take the shape of morally nihilist neo-liberals of various political affiliations. 

This schism within the Conservative flank is irreconcilable. Especially the Western middle classes - those of any color on the Right as well as on the Left -- are not going to forgive the betrayal of these ruling classes. They have sold the middle class and their national interests out to China for money and power. 

The wokesters on the Left are making the fundamental mistake of breaking down every aspect of reality as a matter of race, while touting a shocking form of Postmodern racism. Truth is, all this has nothing to do with race, and everything with class. As the Left will find out in the coming years to their detriment, the Class War is back!

  • AMERICA’S RULING CLASS AND CHINA’S RULING CLASS ARE MORE SIMILAR THAN YOU THINK. Has America’s 1% become our version of the CCP? By Jack Posobiec
(...) In China, the rules are actually quite simple. The elites are in control, and everyone knows it. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accounts for 92 million members who oversee a population of 1.4 billion people. It’s not a political party in any meaningful sense. In essence, the CCP functions as both the ruling elite and the government itself. It is not a monolith; there are many aspirants for power, political factions, family ties, and competing regional interests. But what CCP members all share is that they, 6% of China’s population, are the “1%” that controls the rest. (More on Human Events

Just how far has the integration of the Western 1% with the Chinese 1% evolved? Well, 

Thomas Zimmerman – a Special Assistant to Joe Biden on National Security Agency personnel – formerly served as a visiting scholar at a Chinese Communist Party think-tank labeled as a “front group for Chinese intelligence collection and overseas spy recruitment” by the FBI, The National Pulse can reveal. (More on The National Pulse

July 6, 2021 War Room Pandemic, The Axis Of The Elite Has Now Been Set Up.

Still need more evidence? 

Charlie Munger – the billionaire investor and Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman – insisted the “Communists did the right thing” while talking about the Chinese regime’s oppression of it citizens and businessmen in China. (More on The National Pulse)

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