Friday, October 15, 2021


One year ago to the day on November 3, 2020 the Democrats put in operation a giant scheme to steal the Presidential election that put the illegitimate Biden regime into office. As Steve Bannon is wont to say, "elections have consequences, stolen elections have disastrous consequences". A slew of state elections for Governors, State Houses and Judges just proved how illegit the lame duck regime already has become just one year after it was stolen from Trump.

Oct. 14, 2021 Dr. Shiva: Maricopa Audit Open Forum for Public, Press and Maricopa Election Officials.

UPDATE: Donald Trump shared this message on his Telegram Channel:

Today, the highly respected Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, is having an event on the big findings from the Arizona Audit. He has invited the RINOs on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to participate. If they have nothing to hide, and if this was the “most secure election” in history, they would show up and answer the many questions raised by the audit, like how there were over 17,000 duplicate mail-in ballots and why they poured in after Election Day, how there were over 6,000 more ballots than there were envelopes, or why some were stamped “verified and approved,” even though they had no signature, which is against the law.  
Maricopa County has refused to answer these questions (and so much more!), and instead “shoots the messenger.” Tune in to Dr. Shiva’s open forum. We must fix our elections to save our Country! These massive irregularities and corruption are now in the hands of the Attorney General Mark Brnovich of Arizona. Everybody knows what the right answer is, both in Arizona and other places!

Oct. 6, 2021


Oct. 5, 2021 War Room Pandemic: Dominion Is The Government, Not A Private Firm.

UPDATE: Mike Lindell is working hard on his battle with Dominion together with top civil liberties lawyer Allen Dershowitz. Some stunning information is transpiring from the affair. As is the case with social media, it is actually the Government that is moving their hand. On Thursday or Friday Lindell will come back with more updates. 

Sep. 24, 2021


Live stream War Room Pandemic evening edition.

UPDATE: The Arizona Senate will release its long-awaited audit report of the 2020 election in the Maricopa county in Arizona. Senate President Karen Fann and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Warren Petersen will receive the report on the Senate floor at 1pm followed by a detailed discussion of its findings. The version circulating earlier is still a draft (more on Gateway Pundit). 

RSBN Live Stream: Maricopa County Audit Report Released To Arizona Senate in Phoenix, AZ.

Sep. 24, 2021 War Room Pandemic, morning edition.