Saturday, January 16, 2021


On January 6 all currents and cross currents were converging; things came to a head. Strategically it has taken the form of authoritarian Globalism against the Westphalian system of free, democratic national States, while tactically the theme is the widespread fraud perpetrated by the Globalists to steal the election from President Trump.

Jan. 11, 2021 The Epoch Times interview with independent war correspondent Michael Yon.

UPDATE: The United States is still trying to make sense of what took place on Jan 6 at Capitol Hill in DC, and among the accusations has been that the radical organization Antifa was involved at the protests. To learn more about this the Epoch Times interviewed Michael Yon, a war correspondent who has attended hundreds of protests, and who has deep insights into Antifa and their tactics. 

In other news Antifa supporter Daniel Alan Baker was arrested for plotting to murder Trump supporters and police on Inauguration Day. He trained in Syria in 2017 with the YPG, was featured on VICE, and in 2020 participated in the CHAZ insurrection in Seattle, per DOJ documents. Baker posted links to CNN on his “Call to Arms” to kill Trump supporters and police officers on Inauguration Day 2017.

Daniel Alan Baker wanted to stockpile AK-47s and build bombs in CHAZ district in Seattle to start “the revolution.” Baker, a former US Army infantryman, took part in a number of last summer’s protests against police brutality according to the affidavit. The criminal complaint included Daniel Baker saying he received Soros money and he will be offering cash rewards for information on Trump supporters in his video. (More on Gateway Pundit).

John Earle Sullivan, on January 6 charges, was released without bail by Utah Federal Court, which said DOJ (which didn't file a detention memo) hadn't met the threshold to get a detention hearing. On July 13, 2020, Sullivan was charged with Rioting and Criminal Mischief by the local law enforcement authorities in Provo, Utah, based on his activities around a June 30, 2020, protest in which a civilian was shot and injured. The case is still pending. 


Paul Joseph Watson talks to eye witness Alex Jones.  


Jan. 15, 2021


Jan 15, 2021 War Room Impeachment, 10am Show.

UPDATE: Watch at least the first hour of the 10am War Room show today for the latest shocking updates on what really happened on Jan. 6 at the Capitol. It is now clear where this demoralization psyop on the American people is going. They want you to give up and disengage in disgust. Therefore, hold the line and stand by!  John Solomon reported yesterday that President Trump was not informed about FBI report prior to Jan. 6 that violence at Capitol was expected. Last night President Trump has been briefed that federal investigators do not believe John Sullivan acted alone (Periscope)

  • Rudy Giuliani and Bernard Kerik have their own little shadow FBI. Here's their update: 

Jan. 14, 2021


UPDATE: CNN is now reporting that the riot on the Capitol may have been planned long before the President's speech at The Ellipse. The House voted to impeach him anyway. Now that that excuse no longer holds, Democrats are moving the goalposts, alleging Trump incited the violence weeks earlier when he said the election had been stolen. Disturbing evidence is emerging about the January 6th riots suggesting it had been planned for weeks! It was not a spontaneous insurrection by a fringe minority, but a well planned coup, perhaps in conjunction with the Democrat leadership. Fun fact: the Chief of Police in DC ultimately answers to the House Speaker. The Democrats seem to be afraid of the people! 

Rioter annex shaman, Jake Angeli was recently charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds by the Department of Justice. He has previously participated in climate change protests despite the mainstream media depicting him as a fervent Trump supporter. 

Without alleging that Angeli is one, it is reported that there are so called accelarist groups, for instance The Boogaloos. These are basically anarchist agents provocateurs that infiltrate all sides of the political spectrum in order to radicalize them. Their aim is to provoke a civil war. The deadly riot at the US Capitol bore the markings of an organized operation planned well in advance. (Read full report on Center For Security Policy). 

In the days to the run up of the Biden inauguration the National Mall will be shut down. The general public won't be allowed in. The 20,000 troops that have already been deployed are now asking to be armed with 50 caliber machine guns. What we see here is what happens when you didn’t actually win and election and can’t turn out a crowd. If a president is so popular that he received 80 million votes does he really need that much protection? This is how a Government behaves does not have the consent of the governed. 

Gallup polling reveals that President Trump remains more popular than the same institutions that have unrelentingly attacked him since he descended the escalator in Trump Tower and declared his run for President of the United States five years ago. The Capitol riots have taught us one thing. Some went in, calling it "the People's House". Now we know it is the house of the ruling class.  

Jan. 11, 2021


UPDATE: The Washington Post has reported that the outgoing Capitol Police Chief, Steve Sund, believes his efforts to secure the premises were undermined by a lack of concern from House and Senate security officials who answer directly to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate leader Mitch McConnell. The National Pulse can also report the Washington Post’s timeline proves it was impossible for Trump speech attendees to have made it to the Capitol in time for the breach. (More on The National Pulse)

Jan. 8, 2021


Jan. 9, 2021 Rudy Giuliani Common Sense: What Really Happened On January 6th?

UPDATE: We are watching a construct, an illusion created by the Democrats led by Chuck and Nancy. A "storming of the Capitol" that never was. "Incitement to insurrection" by the President, that was actually a rather understated, technical speech, a rather dull legal listing of the various cases of election fraud perpetrated over six states. After the speech Deplorables proceeded to Capitol Hill where police officers ushered them on into the building (watch the videos), others simply walked in through open doors. Yet others fraternized with the police, taking selfies.

It is however also clear that there was a contingent of violent thugs, that frankly do not look like Trump fans 
(some wearing helmets and carrying shields). It takes no genius to work out that this must have been leftist agitators that had infiltrated the crowd after Trump's speech at The Ellipse. Some have spotted busloads of Antifa and BLM riding in that morning.

That is as far as the excuse of violence and insurrection is concerned. The goal is what it always has been, separating the President from his 70 million followers. The idea now is to draft Articles of Impeachment, making it impossible for Trump to run again as President. By some accounts a draft by David Cicilline is already circulating. 

The other issue here is the Republican Party. Rats in the White House are jumping ship ahead of the transition to the Biden administration. In the party itself all kinds of establishment types and RINOs are scrambling to throw the President under the bus, to whom in many cases they owe their careers in the first place.

In the certification process only six Senators objected to the Electoral College votes: Sen. Cruz, Sen. Hawley, Sen. Kennedy, Sen. Hyde-Smith, Sen. Marshal and Sen. Tuberville. That’s how deep the swamp runs. So, 6 senators and 121 representatives, that's all patriots can count on in Congress.

Anyone who still wants to be somebody in DC in the future must publicly disown the leader of the Party. It is shocking, but not surprising. In the end, the time may be ripe for a third party, the Patriot Party. But for now, Republicans may be needed to stave off the second impeachment trial.

On top of that a Twitter and Facebook purge is going on. The President has been indefinitely suspended from both. He can now be found on @RealDonaldTrump and on the Parler News App.

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