Monday, February 15, 2021


If the first impeachment of President Trump was a far fetched political construct, the second is nothing less than political vindictiveness. Impeachment is not a legal process, it is a political process by definition. Apart of quelching the Democrats thirst for blood, the rationalization seems to be averting Trump from ever again running for office. Related: DC Under Siege, The Perpetual Coup (includes election fraud). 

Raheem Kassam Podcast: Trump’s Defense Team Destroys Democrats With Their Own Words.

UPDATE: After the Impeachment managers wanted Jaimi Herrera Beutler and some 100 rioters as witnesses, the lawyers for the President called their bluff.

"Trump defense lawyer Michael van der Veen said on Saturday he wants depositions from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris as part of the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. (...) He said the House managers included about 100 people in their case who were arrested after the riot. Van der Veen said if those individuals are approved as witnesses, he needs 100 depositions and an ample amount of time to do the "thorough investigation" that Pelosi hasn't done yet. He suggested that Pelosi and Harris should give depositions as part of the trial. (More on Just The News

Feb. 13, 2021


RSBN Live Stream of President Trump Impeachment Trial - Day 5.

UPDATE: Senate votes 57-43 to acquit President Trump in re-impeachment trial.

DEVELOPING: The Senate just voted to call witnesses. All conjecture at this point, but it is said that the Left were so frustrated with the outcome last night, that the Democrat impeachment managers decided to extend the process. How this will work out technically is as yet unknown. Evidently it would be a good thing to call a few witnesses for the defense while they have a huge platform to make their case. Bannon and Kassam have posited that the strategy may be to make the case that "Trump endangered national security by jeopardizing the safety of VP Pence and the nuclear football." It could well be that Pence's Chief of Staff, Marc Short (from the Koch stables) has been leaking and colluding; he might be the first witness for the prosecution. (see Acosta's tweet).

Feb. 12, 2021


RSBN Live Stream of President Trump Impeachment Trial - Day 4.

Feb. 11, 2021


RSBN Live Stream of President Trump Impeachment Trial - Day 3.

UPDATE: Today is the second day for the "prosecution" to wrap up their case. Among prominent Trumpsters the pressure is mounting to convince the President to change course, leave the legalistic path his lawyers set out and open a vigorous offense on the election fraud. Tonight OANN has scheduled a 3 hour show at 8pmET of Steve Bannon and Mike Lindell laying out the receipts on the election fraud, all of it! Inb the meantime evidence is mounting that the January 6 riot was staged and pre-planned. There are now stories developing on an FBI agent involved in the riot and the case of Capitol Police Officer Sicknick, who did not die from an attack with a fire extinguisher, but may -- repeat may -- have been due to the after effects of teargas or bearspray. (More on Revolver News). 

Feb. 10, 2021


RSBN Live Stream of President Trump Impeachment Trial - Day 2.

UPDATE: Like Steve Bannon said yesterday on Trump defense: “The strategy is not working...this is asymmetric information warfare: Democrats argue a coherent made-for-TV fantasy that works on an emotional level. Lindsey Graham’s team argues the constitution and nobody cares. Changes needed and needed now”. According to reports Trump is enraged by the performance of his lawyers yesterday. We have the election fraud receipts! They should be presented today! 

Feb. 9, 2021


RSBN Live Stream of President Trump Impeachment Trial - Day 1.

UPDATE: Contrary to what the Democrats are alleging, it was Trump's intent to show the receipts of election fraud in the Capitol session presided over by VP Pence on January 6. But the riot prevented that from happening! But a conviction of Trump is not the aim of the unconstitutional exercise. Per Paul Sperry: The goal of Pelosi/Schumer's 2nd impeachment pantomime isn't convicting Trump. They don't have 67 votes. No, the goal is to shame, blackball and cancel 74 million Trump voters by tarring them all as terrorists and insurrectionists who broke into their sacred Temple  and suppressing the first popular vote. 

: Senate votes 55 to 44 to go ahead with the unconstitutional impeachment. Senator Bill Cassidy joined the usual suspects in voting with the Democrats.