Thursday, April 29, 2021


The Biden administration is bringing back a number of Obamites that had taken up temporary residence with the Big Tech Oligarchs. Even before Biden's inauguration the atmosphere in DC was thick with suspicion, retribution and malice. Biden's long awaited State of the Union on April 28 set out a number of markers for the next two years, and it isn't pretty.

April 29, 2021 ‘Brace for Impact’: Biden’s First Big Speech Gave Warnings You May’ve Missed.

UPDATE: Glenn Beck has the goods on Biden's State of the Union speech. America's founders in their wisdom created a Government that is almost dysfunctional, by design. It is undergirded by three equal branches of Government that control each other (checks) and in lots of cases, cancel each other out (balances). Now if you are a postmodern progressive you believe in the power of Government. To them, this dysfunctional state of Government that is meant to preserve liberty, is anathema! 

For some time now, the governing elites around the Western world have made it plain that they admire the China model: part state capitalism/part command economy, coupled with social autocracy. Covid-19 mandates created just the right state of mind. Last night Biden set out the road map for the new, neo fascist America modeled after Communist China. So, if you believe in limited Government, the Constitution and liberty, you are the enemy! Because you are an obstacle to The Great Leap Forward. 

The most radical line from last night's speech was "We the People is the government," a misconception of the role of Government that is the norm in Europe. Americans of course, know better! 

Jan. 21, 2021


Katie Hopkins: Inauguration of Joe Biden 2021, No One at Washington D.C.

UPDATE: Even professional observers like Katie Hopkins and Rush Limbaugh struggled to describe the zombie theater in DC yesterday that was the Biden unauguration. Katie probably said it best in her piece on Frontpage: without people you just can't feel any emotion. The powers that be did their usual best to present the nation with a Potemkin village inauguration, with all the optics of Obama's styrofoam Greek pillars; but you can't reproduce the human pathos. 

Celebrities and DC elites gathered for fireworks and concerts surrounded by the now purged National Guard, while the American public was shut out. The Biden clan actually walked to the White House, waving to a non existent crowd. What we are seeing is one huge kabuki theater meant to manipulate reality, creating a smoke screen to fool your perception.

Dinesh DSouza: Dems love walls, fences, military and guns. Just not at the border to protect the nation, but they love it to protect their class. 

Jan. 18, 2021


Some want to keep the perimeter around Capitol. The Biden gulag is taking shape, even before his inauguration! The Army has confirmed they’ve acquiesced to Biden’s demand for security screening for National Guard members who support President Trump. Even the AP is reporting that there is a purge of Republican soldiers from the military underway to placate president-elect Biden. This, by the way, is illegal; but this is lawless cabal! According to a National Guard source, this is all CYA. There's been no briefing on actual active threats. They just don't want to get called racist by the powers that be. All this kabuki theater is designed to justify the coming purges and crackdowns on civil liberties. Acting US Attorney Sherwin has instated a Sedition Task Force!