Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Conspiracy theories are becoming wilder and wilder. It's time to revert to the facts of science. Various biotech companies in primarily the US, UK and Germany are using new bio techniques in order to get a safe vaccine against COVID-19 to market as soon as possible. 

Three researchers break down COVID-19 vaccines under development - h/t Wired.

In this video researchers from Baylor, Inovio and Pfizer are explaining the techniques and their prospective paths how to get their Covid-19 vaccines to work as soon as possible. Inoculation and vaccination has helped humanity to rid itself of terrible plagues that have cripled and decimated populations for ages. Vaccines are not a threat, they are a blessing. Knowledge is a prerequisite for understanding. So let's see how traditional vaccines work and what they differ from cellular therapies.

Vaccines and the immune response: how traditional vaccines work.


Scientific American explains:

...labs are turning to gene-based vaccines. Scientists use information from the genome of the virus to create a blueprint of select antigens. The blueprint is made of DNA or RNA—molecules that hold genetic instructions. The researchers then inject the DNA or RNA into human cells. The cell’s machinery uses the instructions to make virus antigens that the immune system reacts to. Cells respond to the instructions as a normal part of their daily existence. This is the same trait infectious viruses exploit; they cannot reproduce on their own, so they use a cell’s machinery to make copies of themselves. They burst out of the cell and infect more cells, widening the infection. 
Virtually all the labs want to find a way to train human cells to make an antigen called the spike protein. It juts out from SARS-CoV-2 like a stud on a tire, allowing the virus to bind to a human cell and sneak inside. Almost all the labs are using one of three approaches to deliver the spike blueprint. The first is a DNA plasmid, typically a small, hoop-shaped molecule. A plasmid is a handy tool because if a virus mutates, researchers can readily swap in a new blueprint. DNA-plasmid vaccines have been made for veterinary uses in fishes, dogs, swine and horses, but human applications have lagged, mostly because the vaccines have had difficulty passing through a cell’s protective outer membrane to reach the machinery inside. One recent improvement is to inject the vaccine with an instrument that administers brief electrical charges to cells near the injection site, which open pores in the cell membranes so the vaccine can enter.

The DNA and RNA methods are working directly on the cellular level. 

How Moderna's RNA based vaccine works.

In this video Rudy Giuliani has an interview with Dr Bob Hariri, founder and CEO of Celularity, a company that is developing cell therapy against cancer and infectious and degenerative diseases. Instead of fear mongering over new bio techniques we should thank God that humanity has come this far in the fight against the worst deseases and infections!

Prominent medical expert Dr. Hariri discusses stem cell therapy with Mayor Rudy Giuliani.