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Oct. 2, 2021


Oct. 3, 2021 Mark Levin: Gordon Chang Tells Us What We Need to Know About China.

UPDATE: Faced with economic troubles and energy shortages there are reports that China has started to turn inward once again. On the other hand the external expansion through BRI, infiltration and fifth column tactics is going full speed ahead. This item may explain the contradiction: 

But if Beijing looks to be in a hurry, that’s because its rise is almost over. China’s multidecade ascent was aided by strong tailwinds that have now become headwinds. China’s government is concealing a serious economic slowdown and sliding back into brittle totalitarianism. The country is suffering severe resource scarcity and faces the worst peacetime demographic collapse in history.

Not least, China is losing access to the welcoming world that enabled its advance. Welcome to the age of “peak China.” Beijing is a strong revisionist power that wants to remake the world, but its time to do so is already running out. This realization should not inspire complacency in Washington—just the opposite. Once-rising powers frequently become aggressive when their fortunes fade and their enemies multiply. (More on Foreign Affairs)

As energy shortages are compelling the CCP to distribute electricity, we should prepare ourselves for supply chain disruptions. Apart of the problems in China's production lines there are a number of other reasons: uncontrolled inflation in the US causing shortages and stagnation of all kinds of products, sky rocketing shipping costs and energy rates, and workers sitting at home due to universal Covid-19 vaccination mandates. Those who think that fuel and transport shortages in the UK are due to Brexit, better think again (Nigel Farage about the (global) fuel crisis). This situation is spreading. 

Oct. 1, 2021 Glenn Beck: Electricity shortages in China mean coming empty shelves here.

Oct. 2, 2021 War Room Pandemic (from 1:35).

External reading

Zerohedge: Taiwan Informs Australia It's 'Preparing For War' As China Sends Record 52 PLA Jets Toward Island

Sep. 23, 2021


Sep. 22, 2021 Crossroads with Joshua Philipp - Live Q&A: China’s Looming Economic Disaster To Hit US.

UPDATE: As China's collapsing real estate giant Evergrande is due to pay $83,5 million worth of interest, President Xi is asking Governments to prepare for its downfall. Xi has long been building up to economic collapse, retracing his steps back to Mao. The rest of the world meanwhile is bracing for contagion, not from bat viruses this time. 

Aug. 22, 2021


Aug. 21, 2021 War Room Pandemic: Combating Covid: A Dr.'s Special, Part 1 at 33 minutes (scroll down for part 2).

The EudraVigilance database reports that through June 19, 2021 there are 15,472 deaths and 1,509,266 injuries reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots (...) From the total of injuries recorded, half of them (753,657) are serious injuries.

“Seriousness provides information on the suspected undesirable effect; it can be classified as ‘serious’ if it corresponds to a medical occurrence that results in death, is life-threatening, requires inpatient hospitalisation, results in another medically important condition, or prolongation of existing hospitalisation, results in persistent or significant disability or incapacity, or is a congenital anomaly/birth defect.”  
(More on Technocracy News via Dr. Robert Malone) 

  • Legal resources against vaccine mandates are available at Liberty Counsel, website

  • Orthodox Ethos has compiled a number of resources for exemptions from masking, vaccination and testing mandates on religious grounds. 
  • Graphene Oxide and Covid Vaccines (PDF) - Hat tip: Rajesh Chaudhary

While in the US the FDA is preparing to officially approve the Pfizer vaccine on Monday Aug. 23 -- just in time for the Back To School Mother's Insurrection -- in the UK a silent massacre has taken place.

Just 1 In 1.7 Million Children Died With Covid-19 In 18 Months, Whilst 1 In 9 Suffered Serious Adverse Reaction To The Covid-19 Vaccine in the Clinical Trial

The Covid-19 Vaccine In The Clinical TrialThe Pfizer Covid-19 injection has been given emergency use authorisation to be used in children over the age of 12 in the UK by the MHRA, whilst the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have decided that vulnerable children over the age of 12 and all 16 and 17 year olds should be offered the Pfizer jab. Both authorities claim that their decision is based on the benefits outweighing any potential risks. (More on Humans Are Free) - H/t Rajesh Chaudhary

Aug. 21, 2021 War Room Pandemic: Combating Covid: A Dr.'s Special, Part 2.

And, lest we forget the origins of all this mayhem:

Aug. 11, 2021



Aug. 5, 2021


Aug. 4, 2021 War Room Pandemic: The Mainstream Media's Gain Of Function Cover-Up Is Failing.

UPDATE: In a recent interview, distinguished professor of biology at Caltech and Nobel Prize Laureate David Baltimore urged that we must find out what was happening in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. “The fact that evolution might have been able to generate SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t mean that’s how it came about,” Baltimore said. “I think we very much need to find out what was happening in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.” Baltimore described the process by which cells become infected with viruses. He noted that there are other viruses from which COVID-19’s nucleotides could have come from and evolved into the sequences we see today. (More on Human Events: Nobel Laureate Virologist: We Need to Find Out What Was Happening in the Wuhan Institute of Virology)


Aug. 1, 2021


July 31, 2021 Dr. Peter Navarro and Dr. Robert Malone taking a deep dive into Covid-19. 

UPDATE: In a War Room Pandemic Special on Saturday Dr. Peter Navarro and Dr. Robert Malone talked in-depth about the Covid-19 confusion. Watch the full hour! Watch also previous comments by mRNA vaccine pioneer Dr. Malone (scroll down). It becomes plain that far from being led by science, the authorities are actually following political dogma. And like all top-down authoritarians, they are doubling and tripling down instead of admitting the errors of their ways. In fact, scientifically speaking, they could not do worse! Strategically, universal vaccination, which is now deemed the panacea, is the last thing you want. Who is advising these people? 

Dr. Malone is touching on a strange phenomenon among women. The vaccine is affecting some women's menstrual cycle. Even more curious is that it also seems to affect women in their environment that are not vaccinated or who are post-menopausal. This is less odd than you would think. Historically it is well known that the menstrual cycles of women in convents tend to synch with each other. No one has yet offered a viable explanation. 

July 29, 2021


July 28, 2021 War Room Pandemic: Dr. Robert Malone - The Vaccine Causes The Virus To Be More Dangerous.

If the NBC report of July 27 is correct, which we must assume it is, the nightmare scenario has dropped. Dr Robert Malone explained that antibody dependent enhancement (remember that technical term!) in the Pfizer vaccine means the vaccine causes the virus to replicate more efficient. This phenomenon apparently happened to all corona vaccines. He recommends stopping the vaccination campaigns and start moving to drugs. They exist and they're working. Authorities seem to be caught in group think. They can't process this new info. The wheels are coming off. Remember, Malone is the scientist who pioneered mRNA vaccines!

July 25, 2021


July 24, 2021 War Room Pandemic. The Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Dangerous People in America, Pt. 1.

UPDATE: Dr. Robert Malone is raising a number of very important points in these episodes. Dr. Malone, who is the father of mRNA vaccines, says clearly that 
these type of vaccines are not going to bring us to herd immunity; only natural infection will do so. The vaccines do protect against severe cases and death, but not durably so. Case in point, Pfizer has already said they require a boost after 6 months. Dr. Malone explains the morality behind the Biden regime calling antivaxers and agents of what they call "misinformation" killers for informing people about the risks of these mRNA vaccins!  

Dr. Malone explains that Dr. Fauci is a Jesuit. They are following Plato's idea of the Noble Lie, allowing Governments to lie for some Common Good, for example the blessings of forced universal vaccination. There is no logic to it, but this is what justifies the lies and the cover ups.

We have warned in these pages repeatedly against the dangers of Platonism, which is culturally and historically very, very big in the West -- although not always consciously so.

Dr. Robert Malone in short: Governments are justifying the suppression of information about the adverse effects of the vaccines and are lying to the public by following the morality of the Noble Lie 'for your own good of course', which has no place in contemporary society. Fauci and virologists like him are systemic liars!

The above is a timely reminder that people do not just do evil. They justify themselves that an Evil is necessary for the Common Good; or they convince themselves through some ideology that an Evil is the Good. Not even Hitler thought over his morning coffee, "what evil shall we do today?"

July 24, 2021 Breaking down misinformation. The Dirty Dozen, Part 2.

July, 21, 2021


UPDATE: Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) told Sean Hannity on Fox News Tuesday night that he would be sending a criminal referral letter to the Department of Justice about Dr. Anthony Fauci. Hannity reference Paul’s comments earlier in the day during a fiery hearing on Capitol Hill about the COVID-19 pandemic and asked the Senator, "You kicked off your questioning of Dr. Fauci emphasizing federal law makes lying to Congress, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Is your belief based on the evidence Senator that he lied before Congress and broke the law?" (more On the Post Millennial)

June 23, 2021


June 22, 2021 War Room Pandemic: The Daszak Files, with Natalie Winters and Dr. Peter Navarro.

UPDATE: The now disgraced COVID origin investigator Peter Daszak – whose “EcoHealth Alliance” funneled U.S. taxpayer cash to the Wuhan Institute of Virology – defended SARS gain-of-function experiments that potentially rendered the virus “capable of directly infecting humans” in a Nature article unearthed from November 2015. The National Pulse is publishing this information for the first time, shortly after Daszak was recused from the COVID-19 origin commission convened by the Lancet medical journal. 

Quoted in an article entitled Engineered Bat Virus Stirs Debate Over Risky Research, Daszak defended the publication of the study in question: A SARS-like Cluster Of Circulating Bat Coronaviruses Shows Potential For Human Emergence. (More on The National Pulse). 

June 21, 2021 Podcast, The National Pulse.

June 9, 2021


June 7, 2021 
The Dan Bongino Show® - An Explosive New Detail Emerges Which Could Explain the COVID Origin.

UPDATE: More in the June 8 episode of the Dan Bongino Show. Must read on the Wall Street Journal: the Wuhan Whitewash

June 8, 2021 The Dan Bongino Show® - The Key To The Lab Leak Theory Is Dead?

June 2, 2021


UPDATE: The official Covid19 policies implemented around the globe for over a year now are about to be exposed as total hogwash! This is the problem with our globalist leaders. They are coordinating each others mistakes right off the cliff! Per Posobiec insiders the White House staff are actively discussing an exit strategy for Dr Anthony Fauci.

EcoHealth Alliance President Dr. Peter Daszak personally thanked Dr. Anthony Fauci in April 2020 for throwing water on the COVID-19 lab leak theory during a White House press briefing. The email was part of a 3,200-page batch of Fauci’s emails obtained by BuzzFeed News through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. (Link) A large portion of Daszak’s email to Fauci was redacted with a FOIA exemption indicating the text could reasonably be expected to interfere with law enforcement proceedings. (More on Zero Hedge)


May 30, 2021


UPDATE: Dr Fauci is believed to have authorized experiments on contagious viruses "worth the risk". Natalie Winters asks the question, why did the Wuhan Institute of Virology list the US taxpayer funded NIH as a research partner on its website since at least 2016? And why did they quietly delete it early this year?

May 24, 2021


May 23, 2021 Life, Liberty & Levin with Nicholas Wade.

UPDATEEarlier this month Nicholas Wade has come out with a explosive article on the origin and background of Covid-19. Wade is no anti-vaxxer. He served as the staff writer for the Science Times section of The New York Times from 1982 to 2012. Present article was published on The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the doomsday clock people. More on the blog of May 8 (scroll down).

May 12, 2021


May 11, 2021 Exchange between Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

UPDATE: Rand Paul tweeted the following: “It is known from public documents that Dr. Shi was conducting “gain of function” research on bat coronaviruses, which involves modifying their genomes to give the viruses new properties, such as the ability to infect a new host species or transmit...” "The U.S. gov has assessed that the WIV was conducting gain-of-function research in some form reporter Josh Rogin noted in Politico in March. Jamie Metzl, an expert on gene editing...has also noted that the WIV performed gain-of-function..."

Dr Fauci dissembled or tried to hide his long time support for ‘gain-of-function’ research which creates super-viruses that jump from animals to humans. 11 labs in the US create these super-viruses in the US and one of them collaborated with Wuhan Virology Inst —Fauci has supported NIH funds for all these labs! 



May 11, 2021



May 10, 2021 Steve Bannon's podcast Warroom Pandemic, episode 936. 

UPDATE: The frequency and severity of the claims that the Covid19 virus originated in the Wuhan virology lab is increasing; as are the accusations of the not so natural origin of the virus, as well as the involvement of Dr Faustci in the gain-of-function experiments. Revolver has another blockbuster article up today, reporting on Steve Hilton's show on FoxNews last Sunday that the gain-of-function research originated ten years ago in a Rotterdam Erasmus Medical Center before Fauci began to run with it in the Obama era. Obama banned the practice; but Fauci quietly pickup it up again under Trump.

A bombshell investigative report from Fox News host Steve Hilton has shed all-new light on the origins of Covid-19, and according to the report, it has nothing to do with bat soup and everything to do with Dr. Fauci and ferrets. Yes, ferrets. Ferrets are those adorable-looking furry little weasels that many Americans keep as pets… and Dr. Fauci is that annoying little weasel Americans can’t get rid of. (More on Revolver News).

Dr Peter Navarro has the receipts on Fauci's involvement:

May 8, 2021


UPDATE: The walls are closing in on Dr Fauci, his stooge Peter Daszak and the Chinese Communist Party cover up of the Covid-19 pandemic. It takes a lot of time to deconstruct propaganda narratives, especially when so many parties are conspiring to cover up the truth. But give it another 2 months and the sword will come down on those responsible. This week Nicholas Wade is coming out with a explosive article. Wade is no anti-vaxxer. He served as the staff writer for the Science Times section of The New York Times from 1982 to 2012. His present article is published on The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the doomsday clock people. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives the world over for more than a year. Its death toll will soon reach three million people. Yet the origin of pandemic remains uncertain: The political agendas of governments and scientists have generated thick clouds of obfuscation, which the mainstream press seems helpless to dispel. In what follows I will sort through the available scientific facts, which hold many clues as to what happened, and provide readers with the evidence to make their own judgments. I will then try to assess the complex issue of blame, which starts with, but extends far beyond, the government of China. (More on The Bulletin).

May 3, 2021


March 14, 2021


Part 1 on CCP’s War Against America.

UPDATE: Saturday edition of War Room Pandemic was devoted to a two hours special on China's CCP producing the following quotes: “China is working on civilization killers. This could leave China as the only viable society.” Bannon talks with Frank Gaffney, Rudy Giuliani, Gordon Chang, Trevor Loudon, Steve Mosher and Kevin Freeman.

Part 2 How China Infiltrated the Democrat Party.

Jan. 25, 2021


Joshua Philipp: China Tests Biden With Incursions, Orders Allowing to Fire On Foreign Ships.

UPDATE: Not yet one week into Joe Biden's Presidency, China has authorized its coastguard to fire on other vessels, has flown eighteen military aircraft towards Taiwan and let its troops get into another melee on the frontier with India. Chinese fighter jets entered Taiwan's southwestern air defense identification zone on Saturday, prompting Taiwan's air force to deploy fighter jets to warn them with radio broadcast and deployed missiles to monitor the latest incursion. 

Yesterday Steve Hilton on Fox News broke the news that the origins of the Covid-19 epidemic are now clear. In 2013 Dr. Fauci commissioned so called "gain of function" experiments in the Wuhan lab in clear contravention of an Obama directive against it. This was issued following a petition by hundreds of scientists not to get involved with these dangerous experiments of bat pathogens on human cells. The experiments may even be ongoing at this time. Today Hilton's story was confirmed by a WHO advisor in the Toronto Sun. 

Jan. 18, 2021


Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe wrote a letter to Congress on January 7 confirming China’s interference in the 2020 US election. The DNI assessment alleged that information relating to Chinese election interference was concealed by high level officials at the Central Intelligence Agency. In the letter, it was revealed that these analysts would not refer to China’s actions as election interference because they did not support President Donald Trump’s policies.

China interfered with the 2020 election based on a long awaited report by Trump DNI Ratcliff. Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe issued a report (PDF) just before Biden's takeover stating China has interfered in the 2020 election, while CIA management pressured lower level analysts to discount this assessment. The Trump Administration ended decades of appeasement and misguided engagement policy toward the Chinese Communist Party. We can no longer ignore the political and ideological differences between the U.S. and the People's Republic of China, between freedom and tyranny.

The DNI cited a report by the Intelligence Community Analytic Ombudsman Barry Zulauf, that included “concerning revelations about the politicization of China election interference reporting and of undue pressure being brought to bear on analysts who offered an alternative view based on the intelligence.” The China reporting issues outlined in the letter are “illustrative of broader concerns” according to DNI Ratcliffe. “It is important for all IC leaders to foster a culture within the Community that encourages dissenting views that are supported by the intelligence.” (More on National File)

China bought influence with Italy through illegal backdoor commissions worth over 72 million euros under the guise of 1.25 billion euro mega deal. The deal from March of 2020 gained them influence to 10 Leonardo SPA managers who are now currently under investigation.

In the meantime the country is anxiously awaiting if President Trump will announce a Special Counsel, either on Biden corruption in China, on China election meddling and election fraud, or possibly both.