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Aug. 30, 2021


Aug. 29, 2021 War Room Pandemic: Kabul Debacle Is Intentional On Biden’s Part.

UPDATE: Apparently the Deep State is studying the possibility  of backing the Taliban to counter ISISK, the terror group that claimed responsibility for Friday's suicide attack on Kabul Airport. So it's back to the old strategeries. It would not be for the first time the US is ending up having to fight the same people they armed or trained. Supporting one devil to catch another. This is the third time they are playing this dangerous game. They never learn!

The death toll now stands at over 270, while 200 have been wounded. Some may never recover. The bodies of the 13 US service men and women returned yesterday to Dover AFB in a ceremony attended by Biden and Dr. Jill, not without incident.

The regime had been planning the relocation of Afghans since April. Apparently there was not enough time so they delayed the withdrawal on May 1 to well into the Taliban fighting season. The rest of the planning was left to chance and the goodwill of the "partners" i.e. said Taliban. All this was deliberate.

Aug. 28, 2021 War Room Pandemic: Brian Kennedy: They are doing this deliberately.

WaPo and the Conservative Brief are reporting that the Biden regime could have kept control of Kabul and the airport but declined. Is this treason already? 

In order to project the strength he does not have and on the instigation of his partners -- the Taliban -- Biden launched two drone strikes on ISISK targets in retaliation for Friday's suicide attack on the airport. The first took out two small fry, a planner and an interpreter. The second resulted in the death of nine family members of an interpreter. 

  • Meantime military service men are being threatened not to talk about Biden
  • Colonel Stuart Scheller was fired for cause, hours after posting this video on social media.

Aug. 27, 2021


Aug. 26, 2021 Fox News - Full interview Hannity with President Trump.

UPDATE: The death toll from Kabul airport attack jumped to 182, including 13 US service members. Biden in his latest address showed what kind of a puppet he is: half an hour late for his afternoon address, 'he is instructed' which of the reporters in the White House press pool to call upon and he ends the briefing early because he is expected to attend a meeting! In between he tries to draw sympathy for himself, citing his son who died from the totally unrelated illness. 

Biden's officials (the CIA Director?) handed the Taliban a list with Afghan allies and American citizens they wanted them to give a pass at the airport. Not realizing this was essentially a kill list. That's how clever the Biden administration is! The videos below illustrate the globalist mindset. Because morality is subjective and because every idea is equally valid, they see the Taliban as their 'partners' with whom they 'share a common purpose'!

And then there's the typical liberal strategery: we must keep the Taliban thinking they are acting in their own interest. So far, so good. But what exactly are those interests? And here the liberal projection is usually kicking in, derailing the entire intricate and cunning plan. That's how they end up making statements like, 'making sure that the Taliban understand what we expect them to do to protect us'. It's contemptable!

There's also the minor legal issue of aiding and abetting of what is officially still a terrorist organization. But who would want to keep Biden c.s. responsible for such mere details, right? 

Aug. 26, 2021 War Room Pandemic - Steve Cortes: US Officials Hand Kill List Of Americans To The Taliban. 

Aug. 22, 2021 Levin interview with General Keith Kellogg.

Aug. 26, 2021 Fox News - Tucker Carlson analyses the situation.

Aug. 26, 2021 Fox News - Tucker interview with Glenn Beck on the Nazarene Fund. 

Aug. 26, 2021 War Room Pandemic: Erik Prince Warns Of What’s In Store Over Next Few Days, Hours.

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Aug. 26, 2021


UPDATE: Reported by @JenGriffinFNC: There were two explosions, one at the Kabul airport outside of Abbey gate at the airport and the second one at Hotel Baron (200 yards away) where 169 Americans were rescued last week.... Reports mention 11 dead, including children and 4 US marines. The State Dept. website states: "don't go to the airport, fill this form, we'll call you." Turkey and Germany are pulling out. Sam Faddis, former CIA: the gates at the airport have been welded shut. The evacuation is over. 

Aug. 25, 2021


Aug. 20, 2021 Fox News - Trey Gowdy Show: John Ratcliffe: Adversaries are going to use Biden's failure as propaganda.

UPDATE: We have collected some of the latest updates on the situation in Afghanistan, which remains 
extremely fluid. Jack Posobiec's White House sources are reporting that Biden at first wasn't sure if he should keep the Aug. 31 deadline or not, but Dr. Jill convinced him he should stick with it. With both parties regarding the date of Aug. 31 as a hard deadline for US military withdrawal, those who haven't managed to get into safety by that time, will be thrown to the wolves. Who can remember to have seen Americans of all hues and colors as angry as this with their President? 

Apart of the horrible evacuation from Kabul Airport, due to his stupidity the Taliban now have 85 billion dollars in US military equipment, including 75,000 vehicles, over 200 airplanes an helicopters, over 600,000 guns and more Blackhawk helicopters than they can use, with some to spare for China's expansionism in the Hymalayas. Per Pentagon officials, the US military has already started withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Aug. 20, 2021 Fox News - Lt. General (Ret.) Keith Kellogg joined Mark Levin on Fox to discuss current events in Afghanistan.


Aug. 20, 2021

UPDATE: British para troopers are driving through the streets of Kabul to rescue nationals, but Americans have again been told they’re on their own. Reports have surfaced that British and American forces are unhappy with each other at Kabul airport, as UK Military commanders are overseeing rescue missions into the city itself, while US commanders are sitting tight, leaving US nationals to fend for themselves (...)

The British government, however has sent in 900 elite para troopers to rescue some 4000 nationals in Kabul, and told the soldiers to expect face to face combat with the Taliban. Sources have indicated that the U.S. command is unhappy with the British forces going into the heart of Kabul, claiming that it is putting the withdrawal agreement at risk. (More on Your News).

Who in his right mind would make an agreement that forbids you to go look for your own citizens? No one is that stupid, or.. they just don't care! The core duty of a government, any democratic government, is the safety of its own citizens.

But the globalists have an entirely different approach to the purpose of governing, one in which the safety of its citizens doesn't register, because they are oriented towards a greater good!

Aug. 19, 2021 Glenn Beck: Details of Trump’s Afghanistan plan prove it would ‘NOT have been this way’.

Beck is personally concerned with some 5,000 Christian missionaries that are still out in the wild. He's activated the expertise of his non-profit organization to find these people in distress. His non-profit got ample experience with this type of wild goose chase back in the day in Syria.

Aug. 20, 2021 Glenn Beck: Glenn is FIRED UP about Joe Biden’s SHAMEFUL embarrassment in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon and Intel watch dogs knew Afghan military could not even  handle fueling operations. (More on Just the News). According to a message by President Trump, Biden wanted the end of the war in Afghanistan to coincide with 9/11. Which may have been the reason he postponed the original date of May 1. Where substance is lacking, it's all about perception and optics. 

By the way, the Biden regime is paying the Taliban for the courtesy of bringing their own people home. Those planes arriving at Kabul airport are bringing pallets of cash from Qatar (more about which later). 

Typically we are dealing with another case of total capitulation for the sake of a deal of the globalist type we saw earlier executed in Iran and Iraq in which also huge amounts of cash changed hands. 

Aug. 19, 2021 Dinesh D'Souza: FALLEN ANGEL.

Tomorrow night President Trump will hold a hugely important rally in Alabama. You can watch it here at 8pm ET


Aug. 19, 2021


UPDATE: As the Biden prestige is collapsing on the graveyard of empires, the media are once again spreading woke narrative instead of reporting the actual news. In fact, it's good news! The Northern Alliance Of Ahmed Shah Massoud Jr. is rallying in the Panjshir Vally. This tribal area is not Taliban country. The Afghan Vice President has joined the resistance in Panjshir. All anti-Taliban commanders are brought together in that part of Afghanistan that is still free of the Taliban.

But for more insight into this complicated story let us first go back to basics and remember what the origin of the Taliban is. In Arabic talib means student. So a group or class of students are taliban. They are not Afghans. They are mostly products of the thousands of madrasas that cropped up all over Pakistan during the rule of General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq.

These madrasas are churning out thousands of talibs every month. Since there are no jobs for these indoctrinated fanatics, they are given basic military training and are sent to fight in Afghanistan.Imran Khan's nickname is Taliban Khan, one of the biggest facilitators of the Taliban.

Thirty percent of the Taliban actually consists of unpaid Pakistani military volunteers. Their sole reward are the 72 virgins in Muslim heaven!  

America never went after Pakistan during those 20 years it spent in the region, cutting twigs instead of uprooting the actual cause.

There is one simple reason the Government forces folded. The Taliban are a horde of terrorists whose main weapon is brutality. The terrorists of the Taliban can do whatever they wish, while the Government forces are held to their code of conduct. 

The Taliban are going house to house to kill people. That cruelty has led to a fully trained National Army who fear them. When the top generals don't give orders to fight, they run away with millions of dollars. President Ghani brought five million dollar cash when he fled to Oman, but as there was no space on the plane, he left the money on the tarmac.

The West may find it hard accept, but this is the real reason the Taliban swept away 80,000 Afghan security forces and a 300,000-strong US trained army. Speculative philosopher Slavoj Zizek believes the subjective power of faith, not just a subservient obedience, has driven the Taliban to unswerving confidence. (RT - Slavoj Zizek: "The real reason why the Taliban has retaken Afghanistan so quickly, which Western liberal media avoids mentioning"). 

For once Zizek is right. The Western liberal media not just do not mention it; they don't understand it! Postmodernists and materialist anti theists have no idea what drives man forward. Having denied the existence of reason and free will, they are left with a bunch of synapses and a human race that is much like cattle. They blame social and economic circumstances for all causes. But apparently Zizek understands the power of morale and value systems better than his peers.

Panjshir is about 200km from Kabul. From 2001 the region was under  attack for five years, but couldn't be conquered. The Northern Alliance is allied with India. Amrullah Saleh's family was exiled in India for years.

The Alliance needs to get General Marshall Dostum, the Uzbek leader on the table first. The Uzbeks are already streaming to the Panjshir mountains. Military convoys of Uzbek fighters are gathering there from all over Afghanistan.

Amrullah Salehs father and Dostum's father were key opponents of the Taliban back in 1996. Many countries including Tajikstan supported them covertly. Now both their sons have declared that they will fight against the Taliban. 

The son of Ahmad Shah Massood's leads the opposition. In 2001, on  September 7, two days before the 9/11 attack on New York, Ahmad Shah Massood Senior was killed in a suicide bombing at the behest of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. 

Haqqani is in a different league altogether. He is a direct ally of Pakistan's Secret Service, the ISI. He operates independently. He is usually at logger heads with the Taliban and other groups, even with ISISK (the Afghan version of ISIS propped up by Pakistan and Turkey). Haqqani has Pakistan Army officers in his team. When the Taliban get out of Pakistan's control the ISI uses Haqqani to keep them in check.

Osama Bin Laden was with the Haqqani group for some time, until he got ISI protection. The area where Haqqani operates is near the Pakistan border, so they can run back to safety if things get too hairy. 

Not all US tax dollars have been wasted. Forty-six planes of the Afghan National Air Force have been flown to Tajikistan. That means the Northern Alliance now has an air force. India has an airbase there, where the planes can be maintenanced.

At present the situation is extremely fluid. How things will shake out will become more clear in the coming days.

The Taliban political team met with ex President Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah in Kabul. Abdullah Abdullah is ex staff of Massood. Both are staying in Kabul. Let's see how Taliban will treat them. Killing them  will lead to much negative publicity. It would make the masters in Pakistan and China very unhappy. 

In the meantime, do not fall for the globalist media narrative, the world according to decadent Western liberals, like: "Taliban striking dovish tone, pledge peace and women’s rights within the framework of Islam". The news out of Afghanistan is evidence to the contrary. The media as well as globalist authorities are clueless about reality...

As for Joe Biden and his hapless regime, he himself seems to believe his own crap; so much incompetence really does exist. But Joe is only a cognitively impaired figurehead. The ones pulling the strings are people in the super league of the globalist elite, operators like National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Chief of Staff Ron Klain and Advisor Susan Rice. 

By Rajesh Chaudhary
Kassandra Troy 

Aug. 18, 2021


Aug. 17, 2021 Fox News - Hannity: Full Interview with President Trump.

UPDATE: Biden did not coordinate on Afghanistan with any world leader. None! Arrogance and incompetence on steroids. There are still over 10,000 Americans all over Afghanistan: they can go to a site for more information. Oh and by the way, their exit will not be prioritized over others. Of course not, why would the Biden regime protect US citizens? And the hostages still in enemy hands, well, no one has a clue. The good news: Biden's poll numbers are imploding. 

The big question is, can people really be this incompetent, or is this managed decline? Many of the top officials in the Biden regime have more loyalty to the morally relativist, global super elite, than they are to the US. Biden is nothing but a figure head, for as long as his cognitive decline can be propped up. 

Aug. 16, 2021


Aug. 15, 2021 War Room Pandemic Special: The Fall Of Kabul....American Troops Stabbed In The Back By Elites.

UPDATE: The only thing Joe Biden could do to rehabilitate himself would be to go back in and drop a number of MOABS on Taliban strongholds. But of course he is not going to do that. Joe is sitting alone at a table in Camp David in a photoshopped picture. The email account of Psaki is returning an out of office notice until Aug. 22. VP Kamala Harris is concentrating on Haiti. The National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is in Brazil lecturing Bolsanaro on his campaign against commie criminal Lula.
In whose interest is all this? Yes, China. The CCP needs access to Afghanistan for its Belt-and-Road project through Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and through the Mediterranean to Europe. Its missing piece was Afghanistan. According to the Daily Mail, China, Russia, Pakistan and Turkey all appear set to formally recognize Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Aug. 14, 2021


August 13, 2021 Glenn Beck's head writer Jason Buttrill, who deployed to Afghanistan when the war first started: Why Biden’s pull-out from Afghanistan is ENTIRELY political. 

By simply vacating the bases in Afganistan, Biden is arming the Taliban with America's most sophisticated military material. Maps show how strenuous the hold of the Government forces actually were to begin with, and how fast the Taliban are moving in. We are not of the endless wars and are harsh critics of Just War Theory that has been hampering the West since the end of World War I. Neither was President Trump, which is why he was negotiating a conditional pull-out out of Afghanistan. 

Not so the Biden regime. After twenty years of wasted human life and treasure he's simply pulling out Saigon style, leaving behind allies and well as American treasure, begging the Taliban not to overrun the Embassy because it would harm his standing for the international community.

What does he think the people of Israel and Taiwan are feeling at this moment? The Taliban is now less than 30 miles from Kabul. The power has been cut off. 3,000 US troops will soon be engaging on very dangerous ground. While Biden is relaxing at Camp David! The Biden regime is collapsing on the graveyard of empires, Afghanistan. Even the Davos Party says his credibility has been shredded as Biden's spokesperson is trying to shame the Taliban into submission! 


The silliness of the globalist approach to foreign affairs is exemplified also by the EU, who have threatened the Taliban with diplomatic isolation. How divorced from reality can an entire continent be? It's insane! Still, these are the people who are running the show these days. We can but hope and pray to God the results of this madness are nothing on the scale of ISIS.

Aug. 13, 2021 War Room Pandemic: Afghanistan Is Spinning Out Of Control From Biden Policies.