Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Counter Enlightenment: Introduction (1)

The present is a series of key postings on the roots of contemporary European political philosophy. These ideas shaped many states on the continent, determined the nature of the Government, and defined the role of the people as state subjects. The result is a distinct European culture that is shaping the world today as it is taking over the USA. 

Cuba, Calle Bernaza. H/t @KarelBecerra.


The idea of the creation of a personalized universe, or rather a personal version of the universe originates with Protagoras (490-420 BC), who said "man is the measure of all things", he meant individual man, rather than mankind. The sophists of the rough, second generation, notably Trasymachus, a character in Plato's Republic, put that notion of subjectivism pragmatically to good use. In classical Greece the sophists used language, not in the service of truth or the transfer of information, but as a strategy for political point-scoring. Does this begin to ring a bell? The sophists held that justice is in the interest of the stronger, that might makes right.