Monday, July 1, 2019


In the United States and all over Europe Nationalism (or Nationism) is on the rise. But it isn't the virulent, ethnic version that pitted state against state in previous centuries. Rather, it's based on shared Western values, like individual rights and democracy. But what does Nationalism 2.0 have to offer that Globalism does not? 

UPDATE: Manhattan Institute scholar and Thatcher biographer Claire Berlinski - not your average batshit crazy lefty -- provides us with an unique insight into the mindset of the traditional liberal democrat, post World War 2 world view. It reflects the default perspective of the Democrat Party. Only now President Trump exposed the essentially anti American fallacies and corruptions in that doctrine. Read in Threadreader:

Back to Mental Health in 13 Steps

Mental toughness is back in fashion in executive coaching. It was never out of style in sports: mindset separates winners from losers. But you can be your own mental coach. Here's how

Mental make-up is not about 'mental training'; it is about your view on knowledge, the nature of man and his place in the universe.

This posting is dedicated to @GoosR 

Recently Rush Limbaugh talked about mentally strong people and the 13 things they avoid. These 13 points were first published on Forbes and were compiled by Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and a licensed clinical social worker. Limbaugh offered his perspective (transcript), and we will add ours from the Objectivist point of view in a final comment.