Sunday, June 30, 2019

Morality is Objective!

In the first instalment of Reason at Large Craig Biddle is dealing with the “is-ought dichotomy”, also known as Hume's Law

Hume's law states, it is not possible to derive moral principles from Reality, from what Is.

Biddle explains in the video why New Atheists (usually Anti Theists) and secular Humanists are incapable of solving this problem. It is rooted in the Kantian fallacy that ethics are by definition altruist (see Ayn Rand's frozen abstractions). But there simply are no facts in reality that support self sacrifice. Ayn Rand demonstrated that in fact moraly lies in rational egoism. Morality is objective when the life of man is the ethical standard. This goes to reason: if the Good has to commit suicide in order to be Good, Evil prevails. There simply is no sense in altruism. Morality is objective. 


It is a well known fact in psychology that dependency makes miserable. Taking charge of your life results in pride of your achievements and better mental health. Success is not a fluke of fate, but the result of conscious decisions and a better lifestyle

Mental make-up is not about 'mental training'; it is about your view on knowledge, the nature of man and his place in the universe.

In Back to Mental Health in 13 Steps we argued that our minds are shaped by our life's philosophy and our view of the nature of man and his place in the universe. The postmodern, deconstructivist point of view is devastating to a man's mind: it was designed for the specific purpose to deny man free will, making him a slave of social and physical circumstances. In addition to those 13 points to start your mental recovery here's some advice to top it up: start taking up Objectivist philosophy! In the meantime here are 20 things rich people do every day that poor people don’t. Now start here by taking charge for your own life!

Pomo Lingo: How To Manipulate Perception

Pomo lingo is closely associated with the particular 'concept' that postmodernism has of language itself: nominalism. But there are two ulterior motives behind viewing language as 'sticking labels'. For the purpose of control you have to separate words from reality. But there's more!

Feb 11, 2015 Todd Reinhardt explains pomo lingo: how postmodernists change the definition of words and concepts until the meaning is sometimes completely reversed. 

This is about an upside down word, why it's inverted and who did it. Liberalism is the opposite to what it used to mean. This is a fascinating discussion about the greatest political thrust of our civilization. It is closely related to Orwell's Newspeak. (Wiki) More here. Newspeak Dictionary. Article.


Where does happiness and self esteem come from? Not from free acknowledgements for participating in contests. Not even from money well earned. It comes from setting goals and achieving them. But it starts with the awareness that man has free will. Without that, you wouldn't even think about it!

"How to Build Self-Esteem", by Yaron Brook Ph.D., Director of the Ayn Rand Institute. 

UPDATE: Radical Capitalist Episode 30: Objectivism As A Tool For Success & Happiness.
Don Watkins sits in for Yaron as show host with special guest, Alex Epstein to discuss Objectivism as a tool for creating success & happiness. Want to connect with Don Watkins? Tweet Don @dwatkins3. Connect with Yaron via Tweet Yaron @YaronBrook or follow him on Facebook at 


The sociopathy we experience today in individuals and in societies themselves is the result of literally decades of self-delusion called political correctness. This process began as cultural Marxism. Today it takes the form of speech controls, censoring, demonizing of opponents, emotional blackmail and temper tantrums. 

UPDATE: Kristan T. Harris in American Intelligence Report lists 25 tactics used by Leftist activists and media types. Most of them will seem familiar. Most of us have seen these tactics in action over the years, either against us personally or in some other capacity. Browse the 25 rules carefully and keep them foremost in your consciousness so you know them when you see them and deal with it in the appropriate manner. Can You Identify Which of these Rules are Still in Use by Our Leaders Today? Possible rules of Operation Mocking Bird.
Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation


The New Feminism is a war on women. It explicitly calls into question the ability of women to negotiate public life without the assistance of others. It calls into question, not so much male privilege, as female autonomy, female capacity. It might mock men, but it does down women, and it does them down in a very profound way.