Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Americans Are Born Free, Europeans Are Born Illegals

In America people are born free, meaning it is assumed things are permitted until there is a law that prohibits it. In continental Europe and many other countries things are forbidden until the state says it's permitted

Dan Hannan MEP about liberty in Europe and America at the Heritage Foundation (shorter version in Melbourne)

A new book, "How We Invented Freedom and Why it Matters ", written by the Libertarian MEP Dan Hannan @DanHannanMEP illustrates a major difference in the perception of freedom on the continental Europe, as opposed to Great Britain and the Anglophone countries. It points out the differences in the way Americans have always looked at freedom versus the way it's always been looked at in Europe and most other countries. It's fundamental and the best way to illustrate it is this. In the United States, citizens presume that everything is legal until a law is written making it illegal. It's something that is taught, but it's also something that is simply assumed.


The globalist cabal of Governments and Financial Institutions have produced yet another product hedging itself against the collapse of the phantom economy. But in the end they can only save themselves by destroying freedom and democracy itself. Nationalism versus globalism is not about Left or Right; it's about to be, or not to be. 

Postmodern art: a true depiction of the globalist, phantom economy.

Some observers are surprised consumers have less and less money to spend. Savings in the bank are shrinking. A silent killer of wealth is at work. Inflation is relatively low in the euro zone. So what can it be? Having lived both in the Netherlands and in Greece I can attest to living standards in both countries dropping to unprecedented levels. Internal euro zone devaluation has been a reality for a long time. It takes the form of ever lower wages. The Greeks know all about it! The phantom economy is not based on true value, but on make belief and Monopoly money. It's fictional. Above piece of postmodern art is not just disgusting; it is a true depiction of how the phantom economy works. It's captioned "To: The World. From: Capitalism", but the very opposite is true! Capitalism is about added value. The phantom economy is about the artificial reproduction of causeless effects.