Sunday, June 23, 2019

Losing the War Against Islam

I will not submit! 
We are losing Western civilization and liberty because of three fatal flaws in our doctrine. These are all matters of wrong identification due to political correctness and the wrong frame of reference.
We are failing the first rule of warfare: know thy enemy!

(Essay) Guide To Objective Parenting

For a limited time, the editors of The Objective Standard are making the cover article, “How to Raise a Life-Loving Child,” written by Sarah and Craig Biddle accessible for free. The purpose of this essay is to convey a fundamental principle that governs their approach to parenting.

"The Unknown Awaits" by Bryan Larsen inspired by Ayn Rand's essay Apollo Versus Dionysos on the cover of the Fall Issue of the Objective Standard (TOS). Order prints

How To Raise a Life-Loving Child

Give me a child for the first seven years, and he is mine for life. —The Jesuits 
Raise a child with the Master Question, and he is his own for life. —Sarah and Craig Biddle 
During the twelve years we’ve been raising our daughter, we’ve often been asked about our approach to parenting, and we’ve enjoyed sharing our thoughts in countless conversations. Now that our daughter is almost thirteen, we’re happy to present the essence of our approach in the form of an essay. Because we’re only part way through this wonderful adventure, our discussion here is limited to our experiences and thoughts about raising a child through her preteen years.