Friday, June 21, 2019


ISIS have declared the Islamic State, citing Islam as the source of its authority. But detractors like Obama say ISIS (or IS, ISIL or Daesh) is neither Islamic, nor a state. This series has a closer look at the terror army and the sources they claim are the root of their Caliphate. 

Feb 25, 2016 What would Mohammed do? 

With so many different opinions and statements floating around in our media on the topic of Islam, how do we know who is credible and who is not? You will know after viewing this video.

1. What would Mohammed do?
2. The basics.
3. ISIS and Mohammed.
4. Correlation between ISIS and Mohammed.
5. ISIS, Mohammed and non Muslims.
6. The ISIS flag and why they chose it.
7. ISIS and the three day ultimatum.
8. ISIS, Islam and women (outside the US, this is actually taught).
9. Why the confusion regarding Islam (the Law of Abrogation).
10. How and why the self proclaimed Caliph chose his name. 
11. Why ISIS torture is Islamic 1/2.
12. Why ISIS torture is Islamic 2/2.
13. Our final logical conclusion: you decide. 

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