Wednesday, June 19, 2019


The Islamic State poses a grave danger to the United States and its allies in the Middle East and around the world. It's beyond any terrorist threat we have ever seen. It must be defeated. 

In the free downloadable paper, A Strategy to Defeat the Islamic State, Kimberly Kagan, Frederick W. Kagan, and Jessica D. Lewis explore how IS can be defeated. 

The Islamic State poses a grave danger to the United States and its allies in the Middle East and around the world. Reports that it is not currently planning an attack against the American homeland are little comfort. Its location, the resources it controls, the skill and determination of its leaders and fighters, and its demonstrated lethality distinguish it from other al-Qaeda-like groups. Its ability to offer safe-haven and support to terrorists planning attacks against us is beyond any terrorist threat we have ever seen. The thousands of American and European citizens who are fighting alongside the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra in Iraq and Syria constitute an unprecedented threat to our security regardless of whether those groups intend to attack us. The Islamic State is a clear and present danger to the security of the United States. It must be defeated.


The earliest legends about Mohammed and his band of followers in Mecca has colored the relationship of Muslims with the rest of the world. The rejection by the Meccans and the holy revenge of the Mohammedans is re-enacted every day on a world scale. 

"The Message" Movie Trailer 1976 - Story of Islam.

The movie "The Message" (IMDb) is a 3 hour melodrama in which the appearance of actor Anthony Quinn is the sole mitigating circumstance. Nevertheless, the movie is required viewing for students of Islam. The film was conceived prior to the present Islamic revival. In other words, the film does not contain any of the politically correct revisionism that one might expect in a pro Islam movie today. In the movie the actors depicting Mohammed and his followers have the polished heroism that was typical of Hollywood at the time. Still, this authorized propaganda movie meant for a Western audience is not an unabashed puff piece. It gives us a fairly balanced view of the earliest beginnings of Islam. 


Dumbing down is not your imagination or a figure of speech, but cognitive fact. Low information people know less facts and they are increasingly incapable of putting facts together in an integrated body of knowledge. The problem is mental and it's man-made. It's politically induced stupidity. 

Thou shalt not generalize! There is no pattern. 

UPDATE: The following is a great example of another typical postmodern stupidity, the Fallacy of the Running Nose. It is the result of their incapability to draw the correct essences from a concept leading to false equivalents. Saturation point is drawn from the subject of physics and here equivocated with the ability of a country to take in a great number of aliens whose values in many respects are contrary to its own. The analogy is completely false! We may assume Ms Maskell has had a fairly decent education. Then how is it possible she commits a crime against logic this huge? The answer is, it's brought on by her moral standard: the cause she is fighting for is so noble, that even truth and logic are subjected to it. The aim justifies the means is the moral standard of the true Pragmatist.