Saturday, June 8, 2019

Why We Caved To Our Enemy, Iran

For the last half a century or so most wars waged by the West are fought under Just War Theory, rooted in Biblical sources. The theory describes a number of conditions that justify going to war. But in practice this international law functions as a handicap to those who subscribe to it. 

Michael Walzer explains Just War Theory (JWT). The doctrine is a Western construct based, not on the brutal reality of war, stateless anarchy and immoral combatants, but on an ideal world. More information in the introduction at the bottom of the page. 

UPDATE: Forget about the intricate details of our nuclear agreement with Iran—the number of centrifuges permitted, the degree of uranium enrichment allowed, the amount of advance notification required before inspectors can visit a nuclear facility. There is really only one question that matters: If an Iranian nuclear capacity poses an objective threat to America—if we have reason to fear that such weapons will be used aggressively against us—why are we relying for our safety on an agreement with the aggressor?