Monday, May 20, 2019

Democracy Is Waning With American Power

Power is economic in nature; power by force is merely a short cut that usually doesn't last. China just overtook the United States as the largest economy in the world. Geopolitically this fact will not remain without consequences. In Africa democracy is already retracting. 

Democracy without the root of liberty: some world leaders have managed to stay in office well past their constitutionally mandated expiration dates.

Democrats are lamenting, democracy is waning in Africa. It is because African strongmen "rule with an iron fist" and "manage to stay on passed their constitutional expiration dates". (Source) But that conclusion betrays a very limited understanding of what democracy really is. In this case we can say with confidence that 'the' democracy does not exist. The USA is a democracy, but so are Russia and Iran. It all depends on your definition. To some socialists, democracy is even synonymous with their ideology. But what most people actually mean by democracy, is Liberty.