Saturday, May 18, 2019

Equality, the Race to the Bottom

While we believe we are building an Utopia on equality, the ultimate outcome of this effort can only be catastrophic, because it is a race to the bottom. It's self defeating, because Nihilism is ultimately destroying all our values. 

Left: Howard Roark's Speech in The Fountainhead (watch his speech in The Fountainhead). Right: Barack Obama: "You didn't build that"

In Egalitarianism, equality is the fundamental moral value: the standard of good and evil. The value of equality is rooted in Christian and Marxist ethics; but Egalitarianism wants much more than that: it wants equality of outcome - HERE and NOW! But here's the catch in this philosophy. It holds that men are not equally deserving for what they ARE. instead they are equally deserving because they are NOTHING. Obama's now infamous quote, "You didn't build that!" perfectly sketches this implied tenet in  Egalitarianism. If you have a brain, a will, some skills, knowledge, character, desires, money, power, any ability or attribute, you were lucky, that's all. The actual producer isn't you, but society (which in Socialist thinking has replaced God).