Friday, May 10, 2019

Fighting an Existential War With Demoralized Leaders

"Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, Jihad or the Islamic State", "no religion condones terrorism"... we know the politically correct libations to the gods of multiculturalism all too well. But what is really behind this obvious nonsense?

Not Ayn Al Arab nor Kobani, it became Ayn Al Islam. ISIS latest video. With English translation. - H/t @HananShamounNL

The Islamic State has produced a 20 minute film, including an English translation. It's a must see for every student as it may lead to specific insights that can easily be missed watching events from the same Western conceptual framework. For those who are prepared to see it, interviews with American military brass touch the essence of the problem. In any war, but especially one which is existential, the equation couldn't be worse. A lack of weapons would have been preferable to demoralized leadership.