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Morality is Objective!

In the first instalment of Reason at Large Craig Biddle is dealing with the “is-ought dichotomy”, also known as Hume's Law

Hume's law states, it is not possible to derive moral principles from Reality, from what Is.

Biddle explains in the video why New Atheists (usually Anti Theists) and secular Humanists are incapable of solving this problem. It is rooted in the Kantian fallacy that ethics are by definition altruist (see Ayn Rand's frozen abstractions). But there simply are no facts in reality that support self sacrifice. Ayn Rand demonstrated that in fact moraly lies in rational egoism. Morality is objective when the life of man is the ethical standard. This goes to reason: if the Good has to commit suicide in order to be Good, Evil prevails. There simply is no sense in altruism. Morality is objective. 


It is a well known fact in psychology that dependency makes miserable. Taking charge of your life results in pride of your achievements and better mental health. Success is not a fluke of fate, but the result of conscious decisions and a better lifestyle

Mental make-up is not about 'mental training'; it is about your view on knowledge, the nature of man and his place in the universe.

In Back to Mental Health in 13 Steps we argued that our minds are shaped by our life's philosophy and our view of the nature of man and his place in the universe. The postmodern, deconstructivist point of view is devastating to a man's mind: it was designed for the specific purpose to deny man free will, making him a slave of social and physical circumstances. In addition to those 13 points to start your mental recovery here's some advice to top it up: start taking up Objectivist philosophy! In the meantime here are 20 things rich people do every day that poor people don’t. Now start here by taking charge for your own life!

Pomo Lingo: How To Manipulate Perception

Pomo lingo is closely associated with the particular 'concept' that postmodernism has of language itself: nominalism. But there are two ulterior motives behind viewing language as 'sticking labels'. For the purpose of control you have to separate words from reality. But there's more!

Feb 11, 2015 Todd Reinhardt explains pomo lingo: how postmodernists change the definition of words and concepts until the meaning is sometimes completely reversed. 

This is about an upside down word, why it's inverted and who did it. Liberalism is the opposite to what it used to mean. This is a fascinating discussion about the greatest political thrust of our civilization. It is closely related to Orwell's Newspeak. (Wiki) More here. Newspeak Dictionary. Article.


Where does happiness and self esteem come from? Not from free acknowledgements for participating in contests. Not even from money well earned. It comes from setting goals and achieving them. But it starts with the awareness that man has free will. Without that, you wouldn't even think about it!

"How to Build Self-Esteem", by Yaron Brook Ph.D., Director of the Ayn Rand Institute. 

UPDATE: Radical Capitalist Episode 30: Objectivism As A Tool For Success & Happiness.
Don Watkins sits in for Yaron as show host with special guest, Alex Epstein to discuss Objectivism as a tool for creating success & happiness. Want to connect with Don Watkins? Tweet Don @dwatkins3. Connect with Yaron via Tweet Yaron @YaronBrook or follow him on Facebook at 


The sociopathy we experience today in individuals and in societies themselves is the result of literally decades of self-delusion called political correctness. This process began as cultural Marxism. Today it takes the form of speech controls, censoring, demonizing of opponents, emotional blackmail and temper tantrums. 

UPDATE: Kristan T. Harris in American Intelligence Report lists 25 tactics used by Leftist activists and media types. Most of them will seem familiar. Most of us have seen these tactics in action over the years, either against us personally or in some other capacity. Browse the 25 rules carefully and keep them foremost in your consciousness so you know them when you see them and deal with it in the appropriate manner. Can You Identify Which of these Rules are Still in Use by Our Leaders Today? Possible rules of Operation Mocking Bird.
Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation


The New Feminism is a war on women. It explicitly calls into question the ability of women to negotiate public life without the assistance of others. It calls into question, not so much male privilege, as female autonomy, female capacity. It might mock men, but it does down women, and it does them down in a very profound way.


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Soviet Defector Explains Process of Demoralization

This interview explains much of today's world and the mindset of the people that help shaping it. Communism has collapsed, but the mental process the KGB set in motion half a century ago, is still doing its job. It's demoralization frozen in time


Listen up and listen carefully to Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov. You may hear this only once. Present interview has a habit of disappearing. 

UPDATE: Annotated version of the interview when Yuri Bezmenov explains how the Communist take over of a country works.

CommieTunes Episode 8:

First posted on July 17, 2013

Lecture on demoralization and subversion,  Los Angeles, 1982.



25 Years of failed policies built on the lie  -- that if we deny that terrorism is rooted in Islam, we can stop radicalization -- have resulted in the most powerful terror army since Genghis Khan: the Islamic State. It's time for a change.

Dec 9, 2015 Mark Krikorian fine tunes Trump's point. 

UPDATE: Center for Immigration Studies' Mark Krikorian argues that Trump's "crude" immigration comments actually open the conversation to formulate effective policy.

Friday, June 28, 2019


Donald Trump won the Presidential election of 2016. But what does that mean? Welcome to planet Trump. The repercussions of the new President as leader of the most powerful nation on earth are almost infathomable. The political and media establishment (but also entire swathes of the world population) still don't know what hit them.

UPDATE: A year ago we posted 50 paradigm shifts as a result of the Donald J. Trump presidency, either as a cause of his policies or indirectly by the transformation in the political and cultural landscape. One year on we are taking stock of the situation.

Thursday, June 27, 2019


Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again Movement" can be summed up in three words: Pragmatic American Exceptionalism. The program comprises pride in economic achievement, striving for excellence, fighting cronyism, fair bilateral trade deals and strong relationships with allies.

Mar 15, 2016 Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980-2015). (Source) (About)

With the demise of the Soviet Union in 1989 the world added peace dividend to unparalleled post World War II prosperity. But the paradigm is collapsing. A number of very complex problems are developing that can't be resolved within the present conceptual framework. The present situation challenges the ideological Right to develop a new strategy that is suitable for the new world. Rinoism -- paying lip service to Conservatism while pursuing Progressive policies -- is dead and can't be resuscitated without causing a popular revolt. In order to be relevant in the new age a pragmatic political program has been devised by Republican presidential front runner, Donald Trump. It is a hybrid of successful negotiating tactics, the best elements of Conservatism and a brand of grassroots populism. These are the major points.


Western leaders -- from heads of Government and the lapdog media to local authorities and their partisan supporters  -- are displaying the mentality of a conquered people. They have abdicated their basic duty to protect the people and have capitulated in almost every respect. This siege mentality is well known in psychiatry.

The best strategy to conquer a people doesn't require any force. Just convince them that their cause is unjust, breaking their will to resist.

Two of the more common conditions of siege and abuse are Battered Wife Syndrome and Stockholm Syndrome. (Source) With each new beating, the scarred and bruised victims of siege and abuse tend to excuse and rationalize the actions of their tormentors. A stubborn unwillingness to accept the facts of reality, plunges the victims into a morass of self-deception that spawns further violence. Our political leaders have similarly proved unable to liberate themselves from the delusions that it has spun about the nature of Islamic extremism. After each Islam driven outrage, the West's Rulers are quick to castigate its own countrymen for a catalogue of sins, both real and imagined.

With a perverse combination of self-loathing and adoration of the enemy, our Rulers' mantra preaches that if only we were nicer, Muslims could not fail to love us back. It’s our own fault if Muslims don’t realize what good people we are. And all the while, these progressive academics, pundits, and politicians engage in ridiculous intellectual contortions designed to mitigate the guilt of the terrorist perpetrators. The streets of Paris and San Bernardino were still damp with innocent blood in the latest outrages, when the same obscene dance of political self-flagellation began. Within hours of the attacks they were blamed on Western guild.

And then came New Year's Eve and the cover up of mass violations of human rights in an orgy of sexual assault on women. The reactions of the usual suspects, feminists and other postmodern traitors to the values of Western Enlightenment became even more obscene. (Source) From a code of conduct by the Mayor of Cologne and blaming the victims, to most perverse, feminists volunteering to be sexually violated by 'refugees'  just to demonstrate that maybe they did so out of free will. Rather than blame the Muslim men who visited such attacks on innocent women, our Rulers were urging citizens to adjust to changing mores. (Source)

In a posting dating a few years back, Dr. Sanity -- a blogger and former NASA psychiatrist -- described her experience with many battered women and the complacency many Muslim women show with their own oppression under Islamic law. (Source) After a patient was beaten to death by her own husband, even after numerous warnings, she concluded:
(...) you cannot force someone to change psychologically. The professional part of me understands that Alice had many opportunities to make a change in the toxic relationship she had with her husband. (...) Alice, who was without doubt a tragic victim of domestic abuse, was at the same time a willing accomplice to her own murder. (...)
The behavior of the Left (...) is very similar to cases like Alice: denial; distortion of reality; appeasement; enabling behavior; and ultimately, the willing accomplices to their own murder. Will they change? Can they change? Before that crocodile gets around to eating them? (Source)

In another posting Dr Sanity illustrates the demoralization process on the national level.
Dr. Kenneth Levin, a Harvard psychiatrist and author of The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege (...) discusses how in the 1990s, Israel believed that it had found a "partner for peace" in Yasser Arafat, even as he made speech after speech calling for the annihilation of Israel. The United States of the 21st century likewise believes that it can negotiate with Islamic totalitarians post-9/11. 
This is all part of the psychological dynamics of people who feel under siege and who desperately hope that negotiation and appeasement will finally bring about a cessation of hostilities. Unfortunately, this hope is at best wishful thinking; at worse a serious delusion. It is far more likely to bring about an escalation of hostilities and violence, rather than peace. In an earlier interview Levin was asked why people under siege often end up internalizing the hatred against themselves and delude themselves about the malicious intentions of their enemies? He replies:
They do so because they are eager to feel some control over a painful situation which is, in reality, out of their control. Chronically abused children - more specifically those subjected to parental abuse - typically blame themselves for their victimization because to do so supports a fantasy that if they reform, if they become "good," their parents will treat them differently. 
To look at their predicament more realistically would force them to accept their helplessness to change their terrible circumstances, and children, and adults as well, prefer to fend off acknowledging such bitter realities. Similarly, within populations under chronic siege - whether minorities marginalized, demeaned and attacked by surrounding societies or small nations besieged by their neighbors - some will invariably seek either to avert their gaze from the severity of the threat or rationalize the threat and blame themselves or others within their community for the danger. 
Their doing so reflects wishful thinking that if only they would reform sufficiently the danger would be alleviated. Israel has, at best, a capacity to respond effectively to attacks by its neighbors; it does not have the capacity to end the Arab siege, to force peace upon the Arabs. Peace, if and when it comes, will do so on the Arabs' timetable, not Israel's. Unfortunately, all the evidence indicates the Arab world is not about to choose genuine peace with Israel in the foreseeable future. This lack of control over a painful situation led many Israelis to embrace delusions of control; delusions that the right concessions could not help but win peace from the Arabs.
The key of the condition is, that the situation is actually or is perceived to be, beyond the victim's control. The case can be made that this entire predicament we find ourselves in is man-made, but that is not how the demoralized public and our leaders see it. Let's look at it from the limited perspective of the current migrant crisis. 

The Refugee Convention was signed in 1951. It was designed for a bi-polar world in which entire nations were locked up behind the Communist Iron Curtain. The aim was to aid dissidents and defectors escape to the free West. Air travel was nothing compared to the scale of the present day. Communications were limited to telephone and cable. 

If our political leaders had any common sense, they would long have adjusted the treaty to fit present conditions in which millions are on the move. The truth is, that the treaty is a centre piece to the Internationalist ideology that sees the nation state as an impediment to "world peace". (Source)

Angela Merkel made the migrant crisis far worse than it needed to be when she publicly announced the EU shouldn't be expected to uphold its own laws when she suspended the requirements of the Schengen Treaty that requires refugees to register in the first safe country of entry.

But all those self inflicted conditions do not alter the psychology of our elites. In their minds there is no other way and that this is in fact force majeure. In the evolution of the suicidal psychology of demoralization the following stages are passed on the way to civilizational extinction: 
  1. Refusal to follow the will of the people, leading to increased autocracy and authoritarian rule.
  2. Moral neutrality.
  3. Denial, passive tolerance of intolerance.
  4. Abdication of core functions (i.e. protection of rights and the territorial jurisdiction). 
  5. Capitulation. 
  6. Normalization, enforcing hostile rule (i.e. collaboration). 
The root is the arrogance of power that is innate in the ideology of Progressivism. The pedantic "we are the rulers and we know best" attitude comes with every elite, that is, a Ruling Class that has lost its connection with the source of its authority, the people. 

We have passed the first three mental stages of demoralization: alienation from the people, moral neutrality and denial and passive tolerance of Islamic intolerance. From now on we will increasingly witness the next stages: abdication and capitulation leading finally to unfettered collaboration and enforcement.

This is already partly the case where Governments are effectively enforcing UN Resolution 16/18, the OIC's 10 year program regarding the violation of Islamic interests, either by law or by extra legal means, i.e. by exerting peer pressure and shaming, otherwise known as political correctness. (Source)

In the case of the Dutch vet being prosecuted for the unlawful killing of Islamic State fighters in Syria we have another example, typical of the last stage of demoralization. While an active participant in the coalition against ISIS, the Dutch Government is nevertheless prosecuting one of its own citizens for taking a courageous moral stance. (Source)

As the Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov makes clear it is almost impossible to effectively reverse the process of demoralization.(Source) Our best hope is that a generation of moral, free thinking leaders will rise to replace the old guard, who have become worse than useless. It is also a matter of the utmost urgency. This can't wait any longer.

Furthermore, we shall have to prepare ourselves individually and as a family for the final stages of demoralization and the collapse that is inevitable. We must work on different level, morally, mentally but also physically and practically. We shall be posting in these pages more on those issues in the near future. 

Dutch version



Major Stephen Coughlin (ret.) was a researcher on Islamic law (Sharia) for the Joint Chiefs of Staff until a complaint from a Muslim advisor prompted the termination of his contract. Today he is Senior Fellow at the Center of Security Policy.

Stephen Coughlin, Part 5: The Role of the OIC in Enforcing Islamic Law.

UPDATE: As Coughlin is explaining in the video, our leaders are basically enforcing UN Resolution 16/18 (the OIC's 10 year program), lying to our face and using law fare against us. As Hillary Clinton made clear, if legislation stops short, they will simply use the pressure of political correctness until we comply. As we can see in this tweet, they are also knowingly endangering the lives of our citizens.

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Americans Are Born Free, Europeans Are Born Illegals

In America people are born free, meaning it is assumed things are permitted until there is a law that prohibits it. In continental Europe and many other countries things are forbidden until the state says it's permitted

Dan Hannan MEP about liberty in Europe and America at the Heritage Foundation (shorter version in Melbourne)

A new book, "How We Invented Freedom and Why it Matters ", written by the Libertarian MEP Dan Hannan @DanHannanMEP illustrates a major difference in the perception of freedom on the continental Europe, as opposed to Great Britain and the Anglophone countries. It points out the differences in the way Americans have always looked at freedom versus the way it's always been looked at in Europe and most other countries. It's fundamental and the best way to illustrate it is this. In the United States, citizens presume that everything is legal until a law is written making it illegal. It's something that is taught, but it's also something that is simply assumed.


The globalist cabal of Governments and Financial Institutions have produced yet another product hedging itself against the collapse of the phantom economy. But in the end they can only save themselves by destroying freedom and democracy itself. Nationalism versus globalism is not about Left or Right; it's about to be, or not to be. 

Postmodern art: a true depiction of the globalist, phantom economy.

Some observers are surprised consumers have less and less money to spend. Savings in the bank are shrinking. A silent killer of wealth is at work. Inflation is relatively low in the euro zone. So what can it be? Having lived both in the Netherlands and in Greece I can attest to living standards in both countries dropping to unprecedented levels. Internal euro zone devaluation has been a reality for a long time. It takes the form of ever lower wages. The Greeks know all about it! The phantom economy is not based on true value, but on make belief and Monopoly money. It's fictional. Above piece of postmodern art is not just disgusting; it is a true depiction of how the phantom economy works. It's captioned "To: The World. From: Capitalism", but the very opposite is true! Capitalism is about added value. The phantom economy is about the artificial reproduction of causeless effects.

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Objectivism is Radical and Hard to Apply

Yaron Brook's talk "Objectivism is Radical (and Applying it Can Be Hard)" was delivered at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2013 in Chicago last week

H/t Ayn Rand Institute YouTube channel and @YaronBrook

Yaron Brook is the author of


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Losing the War Against Islam

I will not submit! 
We are losing Western civilization and liberty because of three fatal flaws in our doctrine. These are all matters of wrong identification due to political correctness and the wrong frame of reference.
We are failing the first rule of warfare: know thy enemy!

(Essay) Guide To Objective Parenting

For a limited time, the editors of The Objective Standard are making the cover article, “How to Raise a Life-Loving Child,” written by Sarah and Craig Biddle accessible for free. The purpose of this essay is to convey a fundamental principle that governs their approach to parenting.

"The Unknown Awaits" by Bryan Larsen inspired by Ayn Rand's essay Apollo Versus Dionysos on the cover of the Fall Issue of the Objective Standard (TOS). Order prints

How To Raise a Life-Loving Child

Give me a child for the first seven years, and he is mine for life. —The Jesuits 
Raise a child with the Master Question, and he is his own for life. —Sarah and Craig Biddle 
During the twelve years we’ve been raising our daughter, we’ve often been asked about our approach to parenting, and we’ve enjoyed sharing our thoughts in countless conversations. Now that our daughter is almost thirteen, we’re happy to present the essence of our approach in the form of an essay. Because we’re only part way through this wonderful adventure, our discussion here is limited to our experiences and thoughts about raising a child through her preteen years.

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Only Muslims Can Save Islam From Itself

A group of British Muslims is resisting the atrocities and bloodthirst of the Islamic State. Great! But it comes with a few hard conditions. A hashtag just isn't enough for fundamental change from within. 

Sep 10, 2014 #NotInMyName: Young British Muslims at Active Change Foundation show their solidarity against ISIS and their actions.

Dyab Abou Jahjah has written a very interesting piece about the war on the Islamic State. (Source, Flemish) He states the following:
‘Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win’. This is a quotation from Sun Tzu's The art of war. (Source) This may answer the question if the American strategy to fight the organization known as 'Islamic State' stands a chance of success. 


The West is mentally crippled in its defense against the violent side of Islam. False doctrines, faulty conceptual frameworks and political correctness have conspired to make the free world a sitting duck in the face of the evil that has manifested itself in IS, the Islamic State. So, what are we going to do about it? 

Yaron Brook (Director of the Ayn Rand Institute) and Dr Onkar Ghate (Senior Fellow) elaborate on the morality of war. More particular, what are the options in defeating totalitarian Islam. 

UPDATE: Noting that the apocalypse was a central theme to their vision, Wood outlined in a piece on The Atlantic how the brutal methods employed by ISIS were not necessarily a perversion of Islam, as President Obama frequently claims, but an interpretation of Islamic teachings that most Muslims simply choose to ignore.

Feb 19, 2015 Journalist Graeme Wood told CNN that the terrorist group firmly believes Jesus Christ will come to their aid during an apocalyptic final battle in Jerusalem.

What ISIS Really Wants
The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it. (Source)


Islam apologists have long pointed to a "moderate" Islam. It's a Western construct based on a 25 year old lie. (Source) Islam is Islam. But if Jews and Christians can reform, so can Muslims. Key is the long and hard process of individualization: you don't change the ideology, but you can change the mindset of the people and the culture. 

UPDATE: Thomas Aquinas was a 13th-century scholastic and is regarded as one of the most eminent philosophers and theologians. He introduced the principle of reason into the Roman Church. He considered a question first from the perspective of reason. Only if a rational explanation failed to explain it, he conceded to faith. Aquinas' most fateful feat for Western civilization was his re-introduction of the philosophy of Aristotle, opening the way out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. As it happens, he also offered a biting critique of Islam based in large part on the questionable character and methods of its founder, Mohammed.

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ISIS have declared the Islamic State, citing Islam as the source of its authority. But detractors like Obama say ISIS (or IS, ISIL or Daesh) is neither Islamic, nor a state. This series has a closer look at the terror army and the sources they claim are the root of their Caliphate. 

Feb 25, 2016 What would Mohammed do? 

With so many different opinions and statements floating around in our media on the topic of Islam, how do we know who is credible and who is not? You will know after viewing this video.

1. What would Mohammed do?
2. The basics.
3. ISIS and Mohammed.
4. Correlation between ISIS and Mohammed.
5. ISIS, Mohammed and non Muslims.
6. The ISIS flag and why they chose it.
7. ISIS and the three day ultimatum.
8. ISIS, Islam and women (outside the US, this is actually taught).
9. Why the confusion regarding Islam (the Law of Abrogation).
10. How and why the self proclaimed Caliph chose his name. 
11. Why ISIS torture is Islamic 1/2.
12. Why ISIS torture is Islamic 2/2.
13. Our final logical conclusion: you decide. 

If you want to discuss on Twitter, use the hashtag #ISISlam

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All Muslims Share the Same Islam

We are continuously lectured by the apologists of Islam that lumping moderate Muslims and Islamic radicals together is evil. Dr Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam explains why the distinction is a mistake. 

May 26, 2015 All Muslims share the same Islam. The establishment is always telling us that there are good, moderate Muslims and extremist, jihadist Muslims and that the two different kinds have nothing in common with each other.

Postmodernists never cease to tell us that individual Muslims should never be lumped together with Islamic terrorists and radicals. That's evil! They do that on the basis of the belief, that universals can't exist, because every individual is unique. But then they continue to reason from two contradictions.
1. Lumping all moderates together on the one hand and all radicals together on the other, is in itself also a generalization. Both can't be valid at the same time.
2. The other assumption is that the entire body of Islamic doctrine is good. The radicals are deviants and criminals. Bill Warner debunks that premise. 


The Islamic State poses a grave danger to the United States and its allies in the Middle East and around the world. It's beyond any terrorist threat we have ever seen. It must be defeated. 

In the free downloadable paper, A Strategy to Defeat the Islamic State, Kimberly Kagan, Frederick W. Kagan, and Jessica D. Lewis explore how IS can be defeated. 

The Islamic State poses a grave danger to the United States and its allies in the Middle East and around the world. Reports that it is not currently planning an attack against the American homeland are little comfort. Its location, the resources it controls, the skill and determination of its leaders and fighters, and its demonstrated lethality distinguish it from other al-Qaeda-like groups. Its ability to offer safe-haven and support to terrorists planning attacks against us is beyond any terrorist threat we have ever seen. The thousands of American and European citizens who are fighting alongside the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra in Iraq and Syria constitute an unprecedented threat to our security regardless of whether those groups intend to attack us. The Islamic State is a clear and present danger to the security of the United States. It must be defeated.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


The earliest legends about Mohammed and his band of followers in Mecca has colored the relationship of Muslims with the rest of the world. The rejection by the Meccans and the holy revenge of the Mohammedans is re-enacted every day on a world scale. 

"The Message" Movie Trailer 1976 - Story of Islam.

The movie "The Message" (IMDb) is a 3 hour melodrama in which the appearance of actor Anthony Quinn is the sole mitigating circumstance. Nevertheless, the movie is required viewing for students of Islam. The film was conceived prior to the present Islamic revival. In other words, the film does not contain any of the politically correct revisionism that one might expect in a pro Islam movie today. In the movie the actors depicting Mohammed and his followers have the polished heroism that was typical of Hollywood at the time. Still, this authorized propaganda movie meant for a Western audience is not an unabashed puff piece. It gives us a fairly balanced view of the earliest beginnings of Islam. 


Dumbing down is not your imagination or a figure of speech, but cognitive fact. Low information people know less facts and they are increasingly incapable of putting facts together in an integrated body of knowledge. The problem is mental and it's man-made. It's politically induced stupidity. 

Thou shalt not generalize! There is no pattern. 

UPDATE: The following is a great example of another typical postmodern stupidity, the Fallacy of the Running Nose. It is the result of their incapability to draw the correct essences from a concept leading to false equivalents. Saturation point is drawn from the subject of physics and here equivocated with the ability of a country to take in a great number of aliens whose values in many respects are contrary to its own. The analogy is completely false! We may assume Ms Maskell has had a fairly decent education. Then how is it possible she commits a crime against logic this huge? The answer is, it's brought on by her moral standard: the cause she is fighting for is so noble, that even truth and logic are subjected to it. The aim justifies the means is the moral standard of the true Pragmatist.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Islam and Christianity: Are They Equally Valid?

Many Westerners approach Islam like Obama: Islam is a religion and no religion condones evil. There's a serious flaw in that logic. Christianity does not define religion. Perhaps not all religions are morally good? And perhaps Islam isn't just a religion? 

Sam Solomon and Michael Horton discuss the  theological confrontation between Christianity and Islam. Part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8

We have looked at Islam  in the past, compared it to the objective definition of religion and came up with this chart.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Objectivism: Capitalism in the Context of India

Using cultural themes specific to India, Jerry Johnson explores how Objectivism can be more easily promoted and digested within non-Western cultures. Johnson draws parallels to the Indian mode of experiencing life: dramatically, emotionally, deeply, and profoundly.

Jul 17, 2014: Jerry Johnson at the Atlas Summit 2-14: Using cultural themes specific to India.

Using the symbols of Hindu gods Laxmi, Durga, and Saraswati—who stand for Wealth, Emotional Security, and Wisdom, respectively—Jerry Johnson explores how Objectivism has deep appreciation for values that Indians understand as making for a good life. Likewise, by shining light on Objectivism's emotional thrust—the passionate dedication to life, reason, liberty, and happiness that Objectivism champions. Jerry Johnson is a corporate communication professional with academic training in psychology and philosophy. He is also a TEDx speaker and TEDx curator. His articles have appeared in the Times of India, DNA, and Open magazine. Jerry has been active in spreading the ideas of Objectivism in India through his collaboration with think-tanks in India, the philosophy groups at the University of Mumbai, and through his soon-to-be-launched institute "The Delphi Center." 


When a patriot draws on our Greco-Roman Judeo-Christian heritage this means that there is a historical continuation we're building on going back thousands of years. Molyneux explains the present day parallels between Western civilization and the Roman Empire.

Aug 3, 2016 Stefan Molyneux: The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels.

Postmodernists are incapable of pulling roots or find a common denominator. There is a mental reason for that cognitive handicap. (More) When a patriot draws on 'our Greco-Roman Judeo-Christian heritage' this means something. It means that our culture wasn't dropped on earth from outer space in say, around 1965. It means there is a historical continuation we're building on to this very day. Molyneux  fulfills an old desire of the editors to place the common Western heritage in a context and explain the roots of our longevity and prosperity. We are repeating the same mistakes our ancestors made. We are in danger of losing it all. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


New atheists claim to be rational people. They express disgust with childish belief in the spirit in the sky and (Christian) religion that for centuries has been foisting its morality on others. Yet they react to criticism as a vampire to garlic. Their fanatism is often on par with the worst religionists. So what's going on? An investigation in progress. 

Article on Free Beacon. (Source) (Link)

The law and the courts are forcing Catholic organizations to pay for the contraception and abortions of their employees. Apart from the question if these requirements should be covered by health insurance in the first place or whether the employees in question actually want this cover, the matter we must answer here is, is this correct, just or even moral?

Friday, June 7, 2019

Why Rights Are Primary and Democracy Is Not

Freedom is not based on the ballot box. Democracy it not an end in itself. Rights are! The question is, what are rights?

William R. Thomas explains the nature of rights.

Thursday July 4 we ran a commentary entitled Why Democracy and Equality Are Evil. Well, they aren't evil per se; but these concepts are being used in an inappropriate way. The piece explained why the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt following the Arab Spring was not an outburst of democratic freedom as the Western media and the bien-pensant elites made it out to be.

Thursday, June 6, 2019


With the culture war heating up to ever greater temperatures a new, insidious logic is building up in the Leftist narrative. It can't be left unaddressed, because it is simply too dangerous to be left to run its course. 

Uber liberal financial backer of all causes aiming to destroy Western civilization, George Soros has penned this absurd piece of narrative in the Guardian. It perfectly sets out the liberal course for the coming crucial year in the history of this existential struggle for the Western mind:
The jihadi terrorists’ ultimate goal is to convince Muslim youth worldwide that there is no alternative to terrorism. And terrorist attacks are the way to achieve that goal, because the fear of death will awaken and magnify the latent anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe and America, inducing the non-Muslim population to treat all Muslims as potential attackers.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


In this Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses The "Not All Muslims Do That" Suicidal Charade, unveiling how a leftist malicious ploy masquerades as humanitarianism but deceives and destroys.

The "Not All Muslims Do That" Suicidal Charade.

And don’t miss the previous BLOCKBUSTER Jamie Glazov Moment, in which Jamie discussed Ben Carson: Heroic Truth-Teller About Islam, commending a courageous American for having the guts to lift the veil off of Sharia.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Culture Determines Progress of Racial Groups, Not Genes

In the face of neo genetic determinist tendencies it's important to revisit an extensive study from 1984 in which Dr. Thomas Sowell showed culture matters in determining the progress of racial groups

Dr. Thomas Sowell illustrates how and why culture matters in Tony Brown's Journal (1984).

How much of a racial group's economic fate is determined by the surrounding society it lives in, and how much by internal patterns that follow that same group around the world? Using an international framework to analyze a group of differences, Sowell has pioneered a new approach for pursuing this important study, utilizing historical experience and empirical data. The results are fascinating and sometimes surprising. For instance, he finds that the social and economic patterns among Italians in Australia and Argentina are similar in many respects to those of Italians in Italy or the United States. And, though blacks have not faced the same massive and rigid oppression in Brazil as in the United States, economic differences between blacks and whites are significantly greater in Brazil.

Management: Motivated by Profit Or Purpose?

In the video bestselling author of "Drive," Dan Pink is exploring and identifying the personal qualities and essential drives that motivate people. He distinguishes profit from purpose. But that isn't the whole story. There are more essential principles at work that we must try to understand or the consequences can be dire. 

RSA animation illustrating the difference between profit and purpose motive. Full lecture.

In above animation management and business author Dan Pink (site) discovers the difference between the profit and the purpose motive. Conclusions of research into motivation conducted by MIT indicate that even when minor cognitive skills are involved, the results no longer match the rewards. The contradiction rests on two misunderstandings: the theory of behaviorism rooted in the idea that man is no different from any other animal; and the straw man argument that man is motivated by greed. Both prepositions are untrue as we shall demonstrate. It also explains why motivational techniques developed by coaches work very well in sports, but the analogy is stopping short for people involved in mental achievement. 

Debunk: Why Anarcho-Capitalism is a Rationalistic Hoax

The Anarcho Capitalist argument was refined in the late '60s by Objectivist-influenced anarchists, such as Morris and Linda Tannehill, and the late Roy Childs. On its surface, it seems seductively simple and attractive. But on deeper analysis the fallacies become apparent. It's a rationalization. 

Cartoon: Anarcho Capitalist theorist, Stephan Molyneux. 

The "anarcho-capitalist" (AC) argument was refined in the late '60s by Objectivist-influenced anarchists, such as Morris and Linda Tannehill, and the late Roy Childs (who later changed his mind). On its surface, it seems seductively simple:

Saturday, June 1, 2019


Is man determined by external forces, or does he have free will? This is the vital difference between Europe and the United States. The divide therefore goes to one of the most fundamental philosophical questions known to man. And explains why Europe must be "saved," time and again. 

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, helped by hate speech laws in every way imaginable.

Why Censoring Speech Creates Extremists And Causes Atrocities Instead Of Stopping Them 

By Joshua Goldberg
First posted on November 19, 2014

In the 1920s, the National Socialist German Workers Party was banned by the government of Weimar Germany. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the Nazis were prosecuted numerous times for “hate speech”. Rather than hinder the Nazis, this merely helped them in every way imaginable. Through the courts, the Nazis were given a platform to spread their views to a far wider section of the public than they otherwise would have had access to. Through their prosecutions, they were able to cultivate an image of themselves as martyrs and political prisoners, drawing people to their side in droves. Today, Europe is making the exact same mistake that it made with the Nazis.


Unbelievers are being oppressed all over the Middle East, specifically in countries destabilized in 'Arab Spring' type revolutions and in the territory under the control of the Islamic State. No one in the West is lifting a finger to prevent these genocides.

UPDATE: They are from some of the oldest Christian communities in the world, from lands where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah walked, and where Jonah called the people of Ninevah to repentance. But today these Christians have been targeted for death, sexual slavery, displacement, cultural eradication and forced conversion by ISIS. The U.S. government’s response has been woefully inadequate — neither helping them defend themselves and stay, nor providing them asylum to leave. And now, to add insult to injury, they are casualties of the agencies contracted to resettle refugees in America. (...) The blame is not just with the United Nations and the Obama administration. U.S. organizations who resettle refuges are also to blame. This includes Christian groups that resist any focus on Christian victims of ISIS, and oppose actions by Congress to welcome not just economic migrants but also Christians and other religious minorities victimized by ISIS. (..) (Source)