Wednesday, August 15, 2018


The Far East is another powder keg created by the Obama power vacuum. Candidate Trump took a tough position on China trade and military expansion. Then came the Mar-a-Lago conclave. President Trump told Xi Jinping that if he wouldn't fix North Korea, the US would. After a virtual blockade and decades in a state of war President Trump offered Kim Jong-un a one time package deal he can hardly afford to turn down. 

Aug. 12, 2018 Life Liberty & Levin: Michael Pillsbury Author of "The Hundred-Year Marathon".

UPDATE: Mark Levin had a "must see" episode last Sunday on his FoxNews program in which he talked about the Chinese long term policies with Mike Pillsbury @MikePillsbury, lnational security expert, director for Chinese Strategy at the Hudson Institute, and author of "The Hundred-Year Marathon" (transcript). In the meantime negotiations with North Korea are ongoing. Thomas Wictor has a special way of looking at the relation between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un.