Saturday, July 21, 2018


On July 10 the President and Melania Trump embarked on a trip to Brussels, the UK and Helsinki (50 Paradigm Shiftsthe Trump Doctrine). The media laced the tour with actual and manufactured controversies. During the press conference after the summit in Helsinki, Donald Trump failed to publicly humiliate the Russian President Putin about meddling in US elections. The Left felt embarrassed. The controversy continues to this day.

UPDATE: “Powerful forces” within the United States are aggravating tensions between America and Russia at the expense of their own national interests, according to President Vladimir Putin. During his speech in front of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Putin identified, “Forces in the United States that are willing to sacrifice Russia-US relations to promote their ambitions amid the domestic political strife in America.” (...) Unfortunately, there are forces in the United States that put their narrow group and party interests before national ones,” said Putin. “They are ready to sacrifice even their own security,” noted Putin, adding, “They are ready to sacrifice the interests of their allies in Europe and the Middle East, in particular, those of the State of Israel.” “They are powerful and strong people who can shove…. unbelievable and illogical stories in the face of millions of their citizens,” he added. Putin’s reference to “powerful forces” that don’t even represent the interests of their own country is obviously a reference to the same deep state and the military-industrial complex that is at war with Donald Trump. (More)