Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Liberal intellectuals have in vain been looking for a Trump doctrine. They are incapable to see what is right in front of their eyes. In November 2016 we launched our analysis, Planet Trump: 50 Paradigm Shifts (more). America First was a slam dunk. Less obvious perhaps is the President's Foreign Policy Doctrine for world peace. Over 500 days into the administration we can draw some conclusions. 

No matter how careful they comb the 500 days' track record of the present administration, liberal intellectuals can't find a unifying Trump doctrine. Only recently Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic managed to get the administration's motto out of a senior official: "We Are America, bitch" - in other words, America First (source). That's a lot faster than CNN's Jake Tapper's dim query only last weekend, enquiring "where's American exceptionalism in the age of Trump?" Thanks; we knew the answer to that question three years ago. For the careful observer the President's diplomatic out of the box recipe for world peace is discernable as well. Case in point: Saudi Arabia and North Korea.