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On Friday, allied leaders began remembrance events in a wide crescent of cemeteries and trench-rutted battlefields north of the Paris in commemoration of the centennial of the armistice that brought a close to World War I. It was supposed to be "the war to end all wars," but it ushered in Marxist revolutions, more tyrannical regimes, and an even bloodier global conflict two decades later. A century later history is still vastly misunderstood. More on Nationalism Versus Globalism Live Blog.

UPDATE: Taking the day off from Professor Ulrike's offensive to turn Europe into a Socialist Republic by 2032 as Nigel Farage gives his reaction in the European Parliament to Emmanuel Macron's and Angela Merkel's calls for the creation of a EU army. Nigel Farage: The European project was set up to stop German domination, what we saw today from Angela Merkel was a naked takeover bid. Brexit can't come soon enough!" For his part NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has warned the European Union in no uncertain terms that this commitment “should never undermine the strength of the transatlantic bond.”  (More)

Nov. 13, 2018


July 13, 2018 Das Progressive Zentrum: “The European Republic is Under Construction” by Ulrike Guérot - INNOCRACY 2018.

Today we learn in more detail how Professor Ulrike Guerot wants to construct the European Republic. It is beginning to transpire that her vision for the continental Europe has more to do with the former German Democratic Republic (also known as East Germany) than with the current German Bundesrepublik. It all starts, not with the individual and his God given liberty, but with the State that is supposed to "bring us all together". But the building of a proper state works the other way around. The people come together and build themselves a state!

Implied premises

We must begin with the parts that Professor Ulrike omits in her talk, the implied, quietly built into the argument as a given. First off is the premise that she is a politically neutral, purely intellectual agent. She is not. She is on the contrarty, extremely colored.

The second premise is that she is speaking on behalf of the "silent majority" of the Peoples of Europe, based on some obscure poll.

The third implied premise is the moral, false dichotomy in which absolute Good is pitted against absolute Evil: if we don't build this Republic, the future is dark and full of evil. What is this evil? Why, Nationalists and the "loud minority". What is the good? We are, of course.

So, who are we? The globalist Left! The word Liberty is not mentioned once in her inspiring talk for the Progressive Zentrum. More Government is the solution to all of the present problems; the people are no more than pawns and an excuse for the proposed one man, one vote democracy.

Global Utopia

Ulrike's concern is not really the European citizen and his liberties: it's the Planet that needs saving. Because the vision of the German Idealists Kant and Hegel played out here, is not limited to the European Continent; the ultimate goal is Global Governance.

Professor Ulrike Guerot's vision: 50-60 powerless regions for "institutionalized solidarity".

What is a nation?

Guerot has a point where she states that the state is basically a "law community" where laws apply to all citizens equally. But the field of lawmaking and politics is just one part of our life. A state does not a nation make! A nation is not "institutionalized solidarity". Solidarity, that false value of the French Revolution that Ayn Rand called the enslavement of one man to another.

These are failed Marxist interpretations of what a res publica should be. Ulrike as a child of Gramsci and Habermas has no compunction to direct the economy; she calls it, "running it". So much for the free market.

The nation states built over centuries on singular cultures will be deconstructed top down and brought back to some 50-60 powerless regions in order to enlarge the field of "institutionalized solidarity".

Leap of faith

Professor Ulrike wants us to take a leap of faith into the future and adopt her "catalyst" for the new USSR (rather than the USA). The vision she proposes has been tried again and again, and is part of the 110 million victims the last century has produced, building the kind of tyrannies she proposes.

By the way according to Messrs Merkel and Macron, the US is not coming to bail us out a third time. In the meantime on Planet Trump:

Nov. 12, 2018


Dec. 20, 2018 The European Republic is under construction | Ulrike Guérot | TEDxMünchen.

Between the World War I Armistice Centennial commemorations in Paris and French President Macron issuing a series of inappropriate attacks on Trump Nationalism, as well as an obscure group of German and French intellectuals proclaiming the "European Republic" (EBP beyond the nation state), those familiar with the liberal modus operandi, can't say this must be a matter of sheer coincidence. Because nothing ever is with the liberal left.

Update: No sooner had we posted present analysis, or this appears on Twitter. Mark how these operatives always feel the need to stress they are "peaceful" and filled with good intentions. If they are, why mention it at all?

We are dealing here with the complex matter of statehood, which is even more complicated by the "republicans" purposeful confusion of concepts which they redefine as expedient. In the coming days we will present our readers with an analysis of this particular agenda, to be rolled out in the next decade or so, culminating in a full throttle Socialist Empire by the year 2032.

Empire versus Republic

As we explained here on Dec. 11, we should not be distracted by Ulrike's use of the word Republic, since she has a very specific kind of state in mind -- which like all European ideas regarding the state -- emulates the autocratic Roman Empire rather than the earlier "democratic" Roman Republic. Ulrike is indeed offering the present day German Federation as the model for her EUtopia.

Grasssroots democracy

The most glaring mistake emanating from this misconception, is the conclusion that a democracy can be build top down by the elites, the Government or its institutions. There is simply no short cut or substitute for the actual people building their own bodies of self-government. That is why the United States of America of 1776 is to date the rare exception that has since never has been repeated in human history.

The People versus the Elites

Professor Ulrike and her tax paid friends, much as they proclaim the Republic in the name of the sovereign people, are not the People; they are the Elite. That Professor Ulrike's concept is a Democracy rather than a Republic -- she is after all the founder of the European Democracy Lab seated in Berlin  -- is evidenced by her proposed "one man, one vote" electoral system.

"One man, one vote"

The USA has a presidential system with an electoral college that cancels out the power of highly populated states against sparsely populated states. In Ulrike's concept no such correction is taking place, although each "region" (national states as such have been abolished) has two representatives in the Republic's Senate.

Human Rights

A further problem is the liberal globalist concept of Human Rights. To them Human Rights are not inherent rights rooted in the nature of man himself. They are Government rights allowed to their citizens by their good graces. This annihilates the very nature of Human Rights.

If rights are a legal privilege rather than a naturally moral given, rights can be taken as easily as they are allowed. This means that Human Rights are not truly protected under their system. If a law is passed prohibiting the use of a politically incorrect word, that's it! Nothing in the system is defending the Human Right to free speech.

Rights require borders

By the same token, Professor Ulrike's concept of Human Rights allowes Government to create Human Rights out of thin air where none exist, such as the EU's self devized Human Right to open borders -- which flies in the face of their "guarantee" to protect Human Rights.

The entire and sole duty of the State and its Government is the protection of citizens rights and security, which requires a territorial jurisdiction, objective borders in which the Government has the authority and the mandate of the citizens to defend the laws that protect them.

One could go on and on. Which we will.

In the coming days we will continue our analysis of the European State Professor Ulrike is projecting to come into full force by the year 2032. Professor Ulrike could still do the national citizens of Europe a favor by explaining her agenda, and Governments allowing the citizens free referenda if they want to become citizens of the European Republic, or would rather remain citizens of their national states.

Nov. 11, 2018


Fox News live stream: President Donald Trump Speech at the American Commemoration Suresnes Cemetery in Paris, France (from 48 minutes approx,).

Today the President is scheduled to join dozens of world leaders at a ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe. Thereafter he is to deliver remarks at the Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial, located five miles west of Paris, before returning to Washington.

Yesterday President Donald Trump had been scheduled to lay a wreath and observe a moment of silence at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial, located adjacent to Belleau Wood and about 100km northeast of Paris. The trip was canceled due to bad weather. Marine One was incapacitated and the road network around Paris is not condusive to the presidential motorcade. The Secret Service determines when it's safe to fly Marine One.

Attending in the President's place were the White House chief of staff, retired Marine General John Kelly; the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine General Joe Dunford; and several members of the White House staff. The media were fast to ascribe the cancellation to the President not wanting to go out "in the rain". Ridiculous, giving the President's known predisposition towards the military. These people are not just hateful; they are really dumb. (More)

President Macron keeps challenging his American guests. Today by remarking that "Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism". This is Orwellian! Political leaders acting in the interests of their citizens who are paying their salary and are voting for them, is the epitomy of morality!

As we explained in this posting yesterday the preparedness to sacrifice ones subjects to the conquest of other nations is not the result of patriotism or Nationalism, but is typical of imperial, feudalistic autocrats; not of leaders who love their people defending their rights and interests on the world stage. 

Watchers are waiting to see if President Trump will issue a retort in his speech or will let it go (which would be out of character). Here's what Pete Hegseth made of Macron's ill timed and frankly insulting remarks. He did it before it must be said, in a speech before a Joint Session of Congress after being wined and dined by President Trump and the First Lady at the White House.

Nov. 12, 2018 Pete Hegseth UNLOADS on Macron: "We Saved Your A$$ and Now You Want to Lecture Us?"

Nov. 10, 2018


Nov. 4, 2018 Europe Commemorates 100 Years World War I Armistice.

It was supposed to be a solemn weekend in Paris, but Presidents Trump and Macron were off to a bad start. Earlier on Friday Macron called for a European army as a military bulwark against Chinese, Russian and American aggression. President Trump took the moral equivalence as an insult, but it is in fact far worse than that. It reveals the underlying European hostility towards the values that are supposed to unite the transatlantic allies -- values which are much more closely adhered to and cherished in the US rather than in Europe, where politicians just pay just lip service and only when it is expedient to do so.


Nov. 10, 2018 President Trump in a Bilateral Meeting with President Macron.

The American Revolution of 1776 marks the fundamental reversal of the concept of the state since Julius Caesar proclaimed himself Emperor. The Roman Empire succeeded the Roman Republic which was based on original Greek concepts of the state. The American Revolution sought to revive the return to the Roman Republic. Europe unbeknownst to itself is the historic continuation of the Roman Empire. 

Note that World War I was a cataclysm of Empires headed by autocrats whose subjects were little more than canon fodder, mere pions on a chess board. Some of these Empires managed to survive into the World War II when also they -- under American pressure -- desolved into the modern, democratic national states of today, and peace on the old continent finally ensued.

How bitter is it, that Europeans never understood this historic reality and instead of blaming the feudalism of top down Empires for the cause of war, are pointing the finger instead at the happy, free trading nation states of post World War II. 

The European Union is a self proclaimed postmodern Empire, ruled top down from Brussels without a single grass roots impuls that links it to the citizens of the member states.

As if to illustrate the mis conceptual thinking on the continent, today we are presented with the proclamation of "The European Republic" (manifest, PDF), an initiative of Professor Ulrike Guerot (European Policy and Study of Democracy at the Donau University and Founder of European Democracy Lab @EuDemLab).

The concept is yet another "post national" entity based on "regions" rather than the rights of citizens in national states, so as to further destroy what's left of the national, liberal-democratic governments with limited powers of post World War II, who forget that their sole, core duty is to defend the rights and interests of their citizens.

As long as the Roman Empire instead of the Roman Republic is the conceptual framework in the European mind, no proper concept of the state will sadly be ever produced on the old continent.


 Nov. 9, 2018 World leaders unite in Armistice tribute to those who fell. 


Nov. 9, 2018  President Trump and the First Lady landing in Paris ahead of World War I commemorations.