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ARCHIVE MIDTERM ELECTIONS 2018: June 30 - Nov. 1, 2018

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Nov. 1, 2018


Haven't checked with Conservative Purists who undoubtedly go, "told yah so"; Amanda Head sets them straight. Ye apparently has some issues with Candace and the designer of the t-shirts, but he never said he'd leave the #MAGA sphere. In the meantime #Blexit is going crescendo as Google is caught election meddling! Candace crosses swords with air head Tomi Lahren in an inter-conservative cat fight (Mediaite).

⏩ A little dated but worth the watch, two former liberals discussing how they walked away from the Democrats, Roseanne and Brandon Strake.

Oct. 29, 2018


Sep. 10, 2018 Dinesh D'Souza talks to Brandon Straka #WalkAway

Here's some more footage of last week's Black Leadership Summit, the BLEXIT (Black exit from the Democrat Party) and the WalkAwayMarch (the exit from the Democrat party of all minorities). Enjoy!

#WalkAway Brunch: Dinesh D’Souza.

Oct. 27, 2018


The march has started. Watch Michael Flynn Junior's Periscope broadcast during the march.

Earlier today from the White House:

RSBN live stream: WalkAway March on Washington, DC #WalkAway.

In DC the Black Leadership Summit (see the President's address on Trump speeches) seamlessly morphs into the WalkAway events. So cool that President Trump is endorsing the March!

Prior to the March to be held today a dinner was hosted by Brian Straka. More in Jack Posobiec's Periscope.

The #WalkAway Campaign, founded by gay, former liberal Brandon Straka, is a true grassroots movement. It is a Facebook video campaign movement, dedicated to sharing the stories of people who can no longer accept the current ideology of liberalism and what the Democratic Party has become. Some of us left long ago, while many have recently been “red-pilled.” Some have wanted to leave for some time but have feared the consequences they might suffer from friends or family if they were to walk away. (...) 
For far too long, the left has controlled the narrative in this country within the news media, while the “silent majority” on the right have done what they always do – remain silent. The left has been allowed to reinforce the narrative that everybody on the right is a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, etc. The left has become so extreme and hateful that it is now time to fight back! We want people on the right to use their voices and tell the world the truth about whom they are by making videos telling everyone what it means to be a conservative in America and what your values really are. 
Tell minorities on the left, who have been told their whole lives that they are not welcome on the right because of the bigotry and hatred, that they are welcome. Tell them there is a seat at the table on the right for everybody. This is a movement of Patriots from all walks of life – men, women, black, brown, white, straight, LGBTQ, religious, and non-believers – who share something very important in common. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS and we will not surrender our country. 

Oct. 26, 2018


President's Trump address to Turning Point USA's Black Leadership Summit on the Live Blog of Trump speeches. Here's more!

Oct. 11, 2018


After Hillary, we now have the former AG Eric Holder coming out of the closet as a proponent of political violence. It is where the ideology is inevitably leading. Will to power is the entire point of the Left. Always has been. First of all, it's impossible to sign up a democratic majority of any civilized nation for their revolutionary politics, making a power grab by force the sole road to power. Secondly, reason being beyond their grasp as a tool to knowledge, resorting to irrational means of the will and violence is in the nature of the ideology. If you listen carefully to the apologists, they're admitting as much. So did Hillary. It starts with the regulation of speech and ends with piling up bodies on the alter of Utopia. History has shown this a number of times.

Oct. 10, 2018


So, let's get this straight! Unless Democrats are in power there's no call for civility in the public domain. But wait. Why doesn't that go for Republicans as well? Why is the ideology of social liberalism absolute? But individual liberty is not? What Clinton is actually saying here, is that social liberalism is absolutely good and who attacks it, deserves the violence he is getting. Conservatism on the other hand has no value (or is actually evil) and must be deconstructed because its followers are against everything Democrats value. In Hillary's mind there's no moral equality between Democrats and Republicans because she makes no distinction between man and his ideas. Liberals are good, Conservatives are evil. The question is therefore, why do these mutually incompatible moral groups share a republic? Or a democratic process? Or even a nation? This is the mindset of civil war!

Rep. Steve Scalise was shot. Senator Rand Paul was assaulted. Senator Flake’s staff was threatened. Senators Ernst and Susan Collins were threatened. VP Pence was threatened. So were Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Trump supporters have been assaulted and gunned down. You could go on and on. Street violence and burning cities by BLM and Antifa.

Can someone pull up the old YouTube videos of conservatives rioting at conformation hearings when Obama nominated a Supreme Court Justice... can someone show the video at the Hollywood and Music Awards shows where Conservatives got in the face of celebrities for their opinion? Can someone show where Republican senators retorted with "old white men are the problem"? But...the Tea Party! Yes, they were the victims of a technique explained here by Nancy Pelosi.

The Democrat two-step with the media called the "wrap up smear" was applied successfully several times in the FBI Spygate operation. You think up a story (a narrative or a slur), you have your mates in the media write a piece about it and hey presto, the story now has the gravity and verity standard of the media. Providing secondarily  evidence that the media have now lost all credibility. They committed suicide.

It has taken two years, but now the Clintons are going to prove they too can fill stadions with supporters. Well, those willing and able to pay up, anyway.

Sep. 29, 2018


Sep. 28, 2018 Official Trump At War: Full Movie.

Trump At War, a movie documentary by Steve Bannon, is an amazing and detailed accounting of the revolution between liberal and conservative ideologies that took place in the months leading up to the 2016 elections. Most people who followed mainstream liberal media outlets never saw the depth of the actual force and violence exacted against Trump supporters during demonstrations and rallies. This film is a display of the no-holds-barred attacks against his supporters, and a truthful exposition of the efforts to diminish Trump’s message and stop him from winning the election in November of 2016. Bannon, former White House chief strategist, released this movie to chronicle Trump’s road to the White House. More importantly, Bannon says the movie shows why it’s critical for every American who voted for him in 2016 to support him in the midterms. H/t The Western Journal.

Sep. 15, 2018


Aug 24, 2018 Stephen K. Bannon to Release Pro Trump Film Ahead of Midterm Elections.

Trump At War is a film for the People. Steve Bannon said, "If you’re a deplorable, you’ll literally be standing on your chair with your pitchfork saying: 'I’ve got to get people out to vote.'" Watch the trailer below and see for yourself. Our goal is to get this in front of as many people as possible as we head into the mid-terms. Tune in TONIGHT Sep. 15 at 7PM EST, 4PM PT for a One America News Network exclusive look into the war on America's 45th President. You can watch OAN TONIGHT via with their 7 day FREE Trial. Sign up for future screenings and showings in your area: Trump @ War Website

Sep. 7, 2018 Steve Bannon's "Trump At War" Trailer. 

Sep. 13, 2018


No sooner had Brandon Straka @usminority of the #WalkAway Campaign announced his #WalkAwayMarch on Washington on October 26-28, or Facebook banned him for 30 days for mentioning the now taboo name of Alex Jones with whom he was announcing an interview. We answered Brandon's call for help, advising him to get off the social media ghetto as soon as possible and build his own website. Apparently people still don't get it. The tech giants are political organizations, hostile to Conservative values and anything related to President Trump. They are not going to let the election of 2016 repeat itself! They mean business. This is the Info War!

Sep. 3, 2018


July 15, 2018 Mark Levin sits down with the author of "White Guilt", Shelby Steele.

White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era is a book by American author Shelby Steele in 2006, arguing that the results of President Johnson's Great Society, followed by affirmative action and the celebration of diversity were a disaster for black Americans, not only failing to produce racial equality, but requiring blacks to be grateful to white Democrats who now control their lives. Earlier books by Steele are "The Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race in America", and "A Dream Deferred: The Second Betrayal of Black Freedom in America".

Aug. 20, 2018


This is a Must Watch episode illustrating how Democrats treat blacks that have left the plantation. It entirely breaks the bubble of Democrats being the champions of black dignity: as soon as they disagree, it's back to addressing them as slaves.

Aug. 15, 2018


Kanye West refuses to go away. The integrity of this man can be measured by the risk he's taking by coming out as a defender of  independent thought, freedom of speech and Trumpism. Yesterday a poll came out that calculated black approval of the President at a whopping 31 percent, up from 15 to 18 percent just a year ago. If that is true, the Democrat Party is dog's breakfast. Allen West praises the other national treasure, Candace Owens.

Update: Various figures are floating around. Here we have Rasmussen mentioning 36%. Candace Owen tweeted 39%. She doesn't give a souce (tweet). Let stick to: shocking!

⏩ The new darling of Socialism, is being challenged to debate by Conservatives but she's declining, sometimes citing ridiculous excuses.

Aug. 10, 2018


Aug. 9, 2018 Mark Steyn discussing defense of the vicious MS-13 gang. 

It has been said that President Trump isn't sowing hatred; he's exposing it. How that works can be seen in recent manoeuvres in which the President takes position against North Korea, Iran or criminal illegals for example and the Left in a Hegelian reflex (dialectic), takes the exact opposite stance irrespective of context. This goes to the point of defending the indefensible, turning the defenders into moral wreckage. Here we have  real live example. You can't make this up! '

July 27, 2018


July 26, 2018 Hannity indepth interview with Roseanne Barr. Part 2.

Last night Fox News aired the long awaited interview of Sean Hannity with Roseanne Barr. For this she deserves our admiration: in the liberal world of double standards, limitless exploitation of victimhood and intellectual dishonesty, Roseanne comes out of this mess with her integrity fully in tact. People like Roseanne are monuments to free will. They prove that no matter how messy the starting position, humans have the capacity to deal with issues and grow above them.

Recently Roseanne came to the insight she was fired by ABC because she voted for Donald Trump.

Comedian Roseanne Barr on Friday released a video accusing ABC of firing her because she voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Roseanne Barr may be voting Trump, but she still has liberal ethics as part of her mental makeup. This was her downfall. She truly believed she had committed a mortal sin by calling Obama's hand behind the throne -- Iranian born Valerie Jarrett -- an ape. A Conservative would never have done it in the first place as a matter of taste but, moreover would not have bought into this moral falsehood. Poor Roseanne initially bought the racism charge and she was truly devastated with remorse. But she seems to have worked it out now, reducing the episode to what it was: an attack on a follower of the President. One thing she has yet to learn from President Trump: NEVER, EVAH apologize to liberal bullies; it will just encourage them. (Breitbart). Of course this tirade is not going to do her any good. But at least it cleared her conscience.

July 26, 2018


July 24, 2018 Allie Beth Stuckey satire interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Original interview.


Liberals can't meme, as @PrisonPlanet is wont to say. First off, they don't have a sense of humor: that requires a proper idea of reality. Worse is that the logic is now prevalent that poking fun at them is somehow not ethical. You must be evil! They get back at you with the censoring apparatus. You'll be lucky to survive the personal destruction that follows. Take democrat commie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She thought memes against her were attempts as FakeNews! There's something else here at work too: they think everyone does the same things they do. This is how you can tell like clockwork what they're up to. This is really all you need to know about liberals: they left the realm of objective reality and instead embarked on sheer partisanship. As the leaders of the Soviet Union used to say, the party is always right!
After an obviously satirical video interview by a popular young conservative went viral, liberals across the nation took to the internet Wednesday to stress that satire is only ever acceptable when it is used to mock conservatives. “SNL? Perfect. Daily Show? Love it! The Onion? So good! But satire aimed at liberals or liberal beliefs? TIME OUT!” one enraged progressive tweeted. “I KNOW SATIRE, and by it’s [sic] definition, satire is ONLY OK when being used to ruthlessly skewer Republicans and conservative ideals. Once it’s used to criticize progressives, a line has been CROSSED, and it is COMPLETELY unacceptable. Period!” (More)

July 18, 2018


CNN has the #WalkAway campaign finally nailed! A writer on CNN claims that #WalkAway gay and blacs grassroots are actually Russian bots. Just so you know! This has two effects. Liberals are setting themselves up for another psychological shock come November. It is one thing to manipulate the electorate, but it takes a special kind of stupid to apply mass delusion to the point of self sabotage. But there is yet another, even more destructive effect for democracy as a whole. When the blue wave turns scarlet, it's the Republicans and Donald Trump claiming to have won another illegitimate election. Rush Limbaugh reduces the problems even further: this is Democrats in the effort of controlling all future elections. From here on every election lost by Democrats is automatically tainted by Russian meddling and/or Trump collusion.

July 8, 2018


Brandon Straka was the guest of Judge Jeanine last night. He explained where he's coming from. While thousands of people with minority identities are walking away from divisive identity politics, the insanity and bullying tactics continue unabated. Liberals just too locked up in their own cocoon to even understand how they are hurting themselves. The Democrats are building narratives that justify violence. HuffPo has one just to illustrate the mental state: "...There is no salvaging the Republican Party. Its leaders are beyond shame, beyond rules, beyond reason. Democrats can speak in the dialogue of peace, but the only dialect Republicans understand is power." (tweet) When was the last time any Democrat spoke of peace? And then they are offended that Alex Jones is saying they're on the brink of civil war! The question is, what else but actual violence remains after expressions like these?

July 5, 2018


The Left trying to control our thoughts by regulating speech is well known. But liberals are also in the business of telling us where morally superior people buy their food. But why stop there? WaPo is now publishing op-eds opining that the Republican Party "has to be destroyed before it can be rebuild", apparently as controlled opposition. All bets are off at this stage. Here are some of the worst examples of political insanity from the Independence Day collection.


Jim Jordan has aspirations to succeed Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. And since he ridiculed the revered DoJ last week in the person of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he must now be destroyed. Here's the playbook:

July 2, 2018


July 1, 2018


From the Unsilent Majority YT channel:
Today I’m kicking off the #WalkAway campaign by releasing my video about why I am walking away from liberalism and the Democratic Party. It is my sincere hope that you will join me in this campaign and that we may start a movement in this country- which not only encourages others to walk away from the divisive left, but also takes back the narrative from the liberal media about what it means to be a conservative in America. It is up to all of us to make our voices heard and reclaim the truth.
The Democratic Party has taken for granted that it owns racial, sexual, and religious minorities in America. It has encouraged groupthink, hypocrisy, division, stereotyping, resentment, and the acceptance of victimhood mentality. And all the while, they have discouraged minorities from having independent thought, open dialogue, measured and informed opinion, and a motivation to succeed. Please like and share my video, and please post your own #WalkAway video!! If you are a former liberal who has walked away from the left, please share your story, or your message, or your thoughts in a video on the Walk Away Campaign Facebook page 
Be sure to use the hashtag #WalkAway. If you are a lifelong conservative or non-Democrat, please share your story, message, or thoughts on what it truly means to be a conservative. Right now, the liberal media continues to perpetuate a false narrative about the “hateful” and “bigoted” right. Use your voice to let people know who conservatives really are. Be sure to use the hashtag #WalkAway. Please like and follow me on Facebook and Twitter: @usminority facebook: The Unsilent Minority and subscribe to my YouTube channel: The Unsilent Minority 

June 30, 2018


After Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential elections, the liberal media complex vowed to remove him from office within months. They unleashed the usual recipe of slurs, dirty tricks and media propaganda without as much as making a dent. After two years of investigations even the "inquisition" led by Witch Finder General Bob Mueller is running out of ammunition on the made up "Russian collusion" narrative. The deep state cabal run by elements in the Department of Justice, the State Department, the FBI and the CIA is on the point of having their spy ring publicly exposed.

A new grassroots meme called the #WalkAway Movement is slowly but surely emptying the Democrat Party itself; the promised "blue wave" in November is looking increasingly out of reach. The Left reached a new crisis point this week with the news that Justice Kennedy's retirement will fill the Supreme Court with Constitutional Justices for generations to come.

Many liberals are now an edge away from openly calling for violence. They often point to the President as the initiator of uncivil rhetoric. But he is not the one who started this. He's so loved by the people because he was the first Republican to finally push back on the liberal bullying tactics. With Democrat rhetoric spinning out of control, the rest of us had better start paying attention!

Here's the mentality: @JohnLegend Calls On Sarah Sanders To Resign If She Doesn’t Want To Be Harassed (tweet) Here's how the Left justify violence: The Gateway Pundit is reporting that the popular liberal website, Splinter is warning America that “This is just the beginning…When you aggressively f*ck with people’s lives, you should not be surprised when they decide to f*ck with yours.”

Weather Underground (Wiki) terrorist Bill Ayers has come out of hiding because he is especially fired up about the SCOTUS decision last week, that unions can no longer force non-union Government workers to pay dues. It's made a huge dent in the Democrat capacity to raise funds. Great chunks of the union dues are funneled back into Democrat coffers.

Of course the media are making it all possible. There is no noticeable difference between the Party and the MSM. Fake News stories and made up slander are passing for news. The masses are whipped up to the point of mass hysteria.

If you are looking for it, it is possible to discern the patterns, the strategies and tactics. The rule book has been the same for the last half a century or so. More on our historical pages on Left-wing terrorism (Live Blog). Pay specifically attention to entries on Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and the Delphi Method.