Saturday, July 21, 2018


On July 10 the President and Melania Trump embarked on a trip to Brussels, the UK and Helsinki (50 Paradigm Shiftsthe Trump Doctrine). The media laced the tour with actual and manufactured controversies. During the press conference after the summit in Helsinki, Donald Trump failed to publicly humiliate the Russian President Putin about meddling in US elections. The Left felt embarrassed. The controversy continues to this day.

UPDATE: “Powerful forces” within the United States are aggravating tensions between America and Russia at the expense of their own national interests, according to President Vladimir Putin. During his speech in front of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Putin identified, “Forces in the United States that are willing to sacrifice Russia-US relations to promote their ambitions amid the domestic political strife in America.” (...) Unfortunately, there are forces in the United States that put their narrow group and party interests before national ones,” said Putin. “They are ready to sacrifice even their own security,” noted Putin, adding, “They are ready to sacrifice the interests of their allies in Europe and the Middle East, in particular, those of the State of Israel.” “They are powerful and strong people who can shove…. unbelievable and illogical stories in the face of millions of their citizens,” he added. Putin’s reference to “powerful forces” that don’t even represent the interests of their own country is obviously a reference to the same deep state and the military-industrial complex that is at war with Donald Trump. (More)

July 19, 2018


July 18, 2018 FBI Director Wray at the Aspen Instutute: Russia does not tamper in our election structure, no votes were changed.

The Russians do not mess with voting apparatus, voter roles, or voting machines as Democrats are claiming. They sow discord by convincing the losers they were cheated. In that they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. FBI Dir. Wray also said that China is the “broadest, most challenging, most significant threat we face as a country.” Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff interrupted the House Intel hearing on China in a failed attempt to subpoena the Trump-Putin interpreter.


Rush Limbaugh's analysis to date of the current controversy is the most interesting. If Trump would have done at the press conference in Helsinki what the media expected -- publicly humiliating Putin about meddling -- the media conclusion would be, ah now we gotcha: the President is finally admitting his presidency is illegitimate! He didn't fall into the trap and now the world has ended because they feel embarrassed in front of the Russians. Their anger is just a replacement emotion.

Limbaugh believes that the media were shocked by Rosenstein's presser on the Friday before Trump embarked on his trip and admitted, that Special Counsel Mueller had in fact given up on proving Trump  obstruction and collusion with the Russians. Rosenstein told the media no American was involved, no vote or result was changed, and that the indictment would be referred to the Counter Intelligence Department of the DoJ which does not engage in criminal investigations or prosecutions.  The case is in  effect lost to the democrat media complex.

But their entire narrative the last two years is dependent on Russian collusion. Reason the more for them to sink their teeth in this issue to keep that narrative alive. Instead they were humiliated in front of Putin, who also took the opportunity to bring up Bill Browder illegally funneling $400 million to the Hillary Campaign. As if that was not enough, Putin offered the FBI to come to Russia to interrogate the twelve indicted GRU people in exchange for people the Russians would like to talk to.

This is why the democrat media complex are besides themselves for the last 72 hours. We are concentrating on this silly issue because to liberals, their obsession of bringing down the President is all that matters. But there are in fact more pressing problems in the world.

July 19, 2018


July 17, 2018 President Trump Addresses Summit with Vladimir Putin.

July 17, 2018 President Trump interview with Tucker Carlson. Part 2.


July 16, 2018 President Trump's Full Interview With Sean Hannity on the issues that matter. 

To the media, the Democrats and NeverTrump RINOs nothing matters except bringing down the democratically elected President of te United States. But for those able to look beyond that obsession, here's the President on the issues he discussed with Vladimir Putin.


July 16, 2018 Chris Wallace interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin.

There's a lot to unpack over the events yesterday at Helsinki. We could start with Chris Wallace throwing the Mueller indictment in Putin's face as gospel truth. An indictment is not evidence, neither are scraps of intelligence. And that brings us to the integrity of the Mueller team and the deep state putchists who just tried to bring down a democratically elected President for the second time. Some Dems are now openly calling for the military to step in (as opposed to the first covert coup by the deep state).

Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Rosenstein, Mccabe, Strzok, Page and the rest of them betrayed the Constitution they vowed to uphold. Deep state actors are now brazenly trying to falsely equate their own interests with the will of the American people, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The only facts in the case of Russian hacking are probably lost with the DNC decommissioning 140 servers. Although the DNC was told to preserve servers after the lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks, the DNC decommissioned more than 140 servers, removed and reinstalled all software, including the operating systems of more than 180 computers, and rebuild at least 11 servers, according to the legal complaint. (More)

Heaven knows where Spy Gate, the FISA abuse and the case of the Pakistani Awan Brothers (live blog) fit in. The detractors in the deep state, the Dem Party and NeverTrump RINOs would have the President jump through a hoop at the behest of the same crowd who went to war to prevent his election and then tried to remove Trump from office?

The Russian President himself was responsible for a few master strokes yesterday, claiming that US intelligence agents funneled $400 Million to the Clinton campaign through Bill Browder (thread). "The contribution itself might have been legal, but the way the money was earned was illegal", Putin said. (More)

Also Vladimir Putin gave Robert Mueller a massive offer during the press conference (More).

And then the Russian President brought up the meddling of George Soros who has a finger in every upheaval and mayhem on the planet, including in Ukraine, and every country in the Middle East that sustained an attack under Obama, also known as the Arab Spring.

In conclusion when we bring all this down to the core issue, President Trump's effort to achieve peace and cooperation with Russia is the complete opposite of what the globalist deep state wants. The need Russia as the external enemy.

First they tried to cancel the summit with the hollow indictment of 12 GRU Russians. It didn’t work. So now we have a concerted effort that is supposed to lead to impeachment -- no mistake about it.

These people are prepared to risk the relationship with the nuclear power Russia, to bring down President Trump. The question is, do they know what they're doing? The fact is, they simply don't care about anything else. Every consideration is secondary to the goal of deposing the democratically elected President. These people are not just traitors, they are insane fanatics! This is why they hate Putin more than any Soviet leader they ever encountered.

In the meantime some memory refreshers:

The memorable quotes lost in the cacophony:

July 16, 2018


July 16, 2018 Putin-Trump Joint Press Conference after their Summit in Helsinki.

The arrival of  Russian President Putin at the Presidential Palace was delayed by an hour. On the agenda: the situation in Syria (Iran out), START2 Treaty on nuclear armaments expiring in 2021, Ukraine, cyber security and "meddling", international sanctions against Russia, energy policies, China and the denuclearization of North Korea. The summit is expected to take three hours in total, the one-on-one talks of some 90 minutes, followed by a two hour working lunch with officials and a press conference. We are presently awaiting the joint press conference.


July 16, 2018 President Trump has Lunch with President Putin and bilateral officials: "Very Good Start for Everyone".

July 16, 2018 Presidents of the US and Russia opening statements.

Nov. 14, 2016


Donald Trump has won the Presidential election. But what does that mean? Welcome into the new world. The repercussions of Donald Trump as leader of the most powerful nation on earth are almost infathomable. The political and media establishment (but also entire swathes of the world population) still don't know what hit them. (More)