Wednesday, November 7, 2018


With the Democrat Party essentially going for open borders by calling for the abolition of ICE (US "border police"), and top Democrats openly encouraging the harassment of Trump officials and voters, the "Resist" movement hit a brick wall with the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In the midterm elections on Nov. 6 the party hopes to take the House of Representatives. Or will the "blue wave" turn into a "red tsunami"? 

Live stream: President Trump Hosts a Press Conference.

UPDATE:  In full benevolence towards the destroy Trump media and the loyal opposition, the President is calling for negotiated deals and bipartisanship with the Democrat House. Trump's harmony model is however dead on arrival. "CNN’s Tapper Compares Trump to Gangsters After Press Conference on Midterms" (FreeBeacon). Update: After the altercation with the President and his refusal to surrender the mic to the White House intern (thereby placing her into an embarrassing situation) Acosta's White House security pass was revoked (tweet).


Nov. 6, 2018 OANN: Midterm Results: Governor's Races.

Let's put these election results into some perspective. The Republicans narrowly lost the House to the Democrats flipping just 26 seats so far (with 16 still undecided). But it is good to bring to mind what was achieved. First of all, we got rid of all the RINOs, turning the GOP into a true Trumpist party. No more McCains, Corkers and Flakes stabbing the President in the back. Bill Clinton lost 60 seats and Obama 69 in their midterms. A loss of 26 House seats does not weigh up to a victory in the Senate, which went from a narrow 2 seats to a much more comfortable 6 seat majority (with 5 still undecided). The President tweetquoted Ben Stein and David Asman this morning:
“There’s only been 5 times in the last 105 years that an incumbent President has won seats in the Senate in the off year election. Mr. Trump has magic about him. This guy has magic coming out of his ears. He is an astonishing vote getter & campaigner. The Republicans are unbelievably lucky to have him and I’m just awed at how well they’ve done. It’s all the Trump magic - Trump is the magic man. Incredible, he’s got the entire media against him, attacking him every day, and he pulls out these enormous wins.” Ben Stein, “The Capitalist Code”.  
@DavidAsmanfox “How do the Democrats respond to this? Think of how his position with Republicans improves-all the candidates who won tonight. They realize how important he is because of what he did in campaigning for them. They owe him their political career.” Thanks, I agree! To any of the pundits or talking heads that do not give us proper credit for this great Midterm Election, just remember two words - FAKE NEWS! 
All of the Democrat "big guns" (often closeted radical Marxists) lost at huge expense to the Democrat coffers: Joe Donnally, Richard Cordray, Andrew Gillem, Stacy Abrams, Kyrsten Sinema and above all Beto O'Rourk.

Since Democrats now have a wide berth to make fools of themselves in the House and the GOP in the Senate blocking any nonsense the Dems may come up with, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide in 2020, winning back the House on his coattails. The cabinet and judicial confirmations meanwhile are sailing through.

Keep also this in mind: Senators hold 6 year terms. Representatives just 2 year terms. If Trump is re-elected in 2020 and the Republicans gain control of the House, America will flourish like never seen before.

The President gave fair warning where he means to take the new situation:

Here's the bad news. God only knows what will happen in the House Committees, now under the control of Adam Schiff and Maxine "Auntie" Waters. The biggest loser of the evening however was Fox News. Op top of them having all the YouTube streams wiped for copyright reasons, they called the House win for Democrats while voting was still ongoing in California (Breitbart). If Twitter was a fair medium the hashtag #BoycottFoxNews would now be trending. We had better get used to OANN's different format, which has the added attraction of employing Jack Posobiec (Periscope).

Nov. 6, 2018


While the elections of 2016 and the victory of nationalist President Donald Trump was historic, in today's midterms there is even more at stake. The alternative is rule by a Democrat party that is more radical and Marxist than former President Barack Obama. They have promised the impeachment of the President and Justice Kavanaugh, and endless politically motivated probes and investigations of Trump officials. Both parties are equally energized; pundits expect the largest turnout since 1966.

Fox News live election results.


Nov. 5, 2018


Nov. 4, 2018 Mark Levin has a fireside chat with pollster John McLaughlin.

After a fire and brimstone monologue by Levin, pollster John McLaughlin explains that the bulk of the House seats up for grabs are in regular Republican districts. If the voters show up as they should, the Republicans will hold the House. Those who say the Democrats will take the House, are implying that Republicans won't show up, as is traditional in midterm elections. But they do not count in the Kavanaugh effect, and more over, that do not count in the unusual nature of President Trump and his base. The point is, if Republicans come to vote tomorrow no one should have to worry about the VS turning into Venezuela. So go and VOTE!

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