Monday, June 18, 2018


Following professional malpractice in the FBI and the Department of Justice in Hillary Clinton's emails investigation and Trump's presidential 2016 campaign, the department's Inspector General Michael Horowitz lodged a probe in which the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired and referred for criminal prosecution. On May 16 Horowitz announced the first draft report was done. The IG's long awaited report was finally released on Thursday (PDF).


Live stream: DOJ Inspector Horowitz and FBI Director Wray Testify before Senate Committee on OIG Report on the FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton Emails.

June 15, 2018


June 14, 2018 Laura Ingraham discusses findings in the IG Report with legal commentators. 

The IG Report is making a technical distinction that the bias of some of the operatives in the FBI did not influence the overall findings; that has lots of people in a tizzy. Kimberley Strassel explains (thread): 
Don't believe anyone who claims Horowitz didn't find bias. He very carefully says that he found no "documentary" evidence that bias produced "specific investigatory decisions." That's different. It means he didn't catch anyone doing anything so dumb as writing down that they took a specific step to aid a candidate.
You know, like: "Let's give out this Combetta immunity deal so nothing comes out that will derail Hillary for President." But he in fact finds bias everywhere. The examples are shocking and concerning, and he devotes entire sections to them. And he very specifically says in the summary that they "cast a cloud" on the entire "investigation's credibility." That's pretty damning. 
Meanwhile this same cast of characters who the IG has now found to have made a hash of the Clinton investigation and who demonstrate such bias, seamlessly moved to the Trump investigation. And we're supposed to think they got that one right? Also don't believe anyone who says this is just about Comey and his instances of insubordination. (Though they are bad enough.) 
This is an indictment broadly of an FBI culture that believes itself above the rules it imposes on others. People failing to adhere to their recusals (Kadzik/McCabe). Lynch hanging with Bill. Staff helping Comey conceal details of presser from DOJ bosses. Use of personal email and laptops. Leaks. Accepting gifts from media. Agent affairs/relationships. 
It also contains stunning examples of incompetence. Comey explains that he wasn't aware the Weiner laptop was big deal because he didn't know Weiner was married to Abedin? Then they sit on it a month, either cuz it fell through cracks (wow) or were more obsessed with Trump And I can still hear the echo of the howls from when Trump fired Comey. Still waiting to hear the apologies now that this report has backstopped the Rosenstein memo and the obvious grounds for dismissal.

June 14, 2018


Hidden from Congress and only just now surfacing in the IG Report is this jaw-dropper from the lovebirds' texts division:

Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok sent his mistress a text message saying “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming President. This text message from Strzok was sent to Page 9 days after “Crossfire Hurricane” was opened and 6 days before the “insurance policy” text.
Someone may have deleted this damning text message because it was ‘missing’ from a previous doc dump. Rep. Meadows also revealed this damning text message was HIDDEN from Congressional investigators as well as the public. (...) Meadows then slammed Rosenstein and Strzok: I’ve initially reviewed the IG report–two questions are most pressing: 1) Why is Peter Strzok still employed? 2) Why has Rod Rosenstein repeatedly failed to promptly inform Congress of improper conduct? (More)

More regarding the love birds Page-Strzok cover-up:

⏩ A few preliminary, general observations on the IG Report. The recommendations are remarkable: it's OK to be politically biased, just don't get caught!

⏩ Findings on former FBI Director James Comey are making clear that Comey was fired by President Trump with good cause. Which destroys Mueller's ground for the "obstruction of justice" charge against the President.

⏩ On the Clinton emails 'matter' itself:

⏩ In the meantime Congressman Gowdy has set himself up the last weeks as a staunch defender of the deep state. So much harder is his current statement:


Reports are coming in that the President is being briefed as we speak. The independent IG's report is expected around 3pm ET.  TCT has a video update to refresh our memory what the first report is all about: theDoJ's and FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton emails probe.

June 6, 2018


The first IG Report on Hillary's emails keeps getting postponed. Should the release coincide with the run-up of President Trump's meeting in Singapore with Kim Jong-un, it's clear the deep state has a hand in that too. Sara Carter reporting:

The Department of Justice and the FBI are deliberately attempting to slow roll and redact significant portions of DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz’s report on the bureau’s handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation, according to numerous congressional officials and investigators. The 400-page report, which was completed several weeks ago and addresses Clinton’s use of her private server for government business, is currently being reviewed by the DOJ and FBI. According to sources, individuals mentioned in the reports are also allowed to review the document. It is expected to be “long and thorough” and will criticize the handling of the investigation by former FBI Director James Comey, who has spent the better part of the past several months promoting his book A Higher Loyalty. (More)

Meanwhile a very, very fed up official in the DoJ just leaked that the IG investigation has deemed fired FBI Director Comey's conduct in the Hillary emails probe, "insubordinate", which it was. He usurped AG Loretta Lynch's role after her covert tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.

May 29, 2018


An Introduction to Inspector General Michael Horowitz. CFA 500 employees. A $100 million budget. 1.2 million documents in the Inspector General’s possession. For delivery to the House Judiciary Committee by January 15, 2018 [delayed to June 2018]. (...) But exactly who is the Inspector General. (More)

May 18, 2018


The completion of a long-awaited watchdog report on the FBI and DOJ’s Hillary Clinton investigation during the 2016 presidential campaign has put Washington on edge, as the clock counts down to its potentially explosive release. (...) Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced the draft report was done in a letter to members of Congress on Wednesday. (...) the inspector general said he has provided a draft report to the Department and the FBI, and requested that they review it to identify any information that should be protected from disclosure. “Additionally, consistent with our usual process, we have asked the Department and FBI to provide us with any comments they wish us to consider regarding the report’s accuracy and completeness,” Horowitz wrote in his letter to lawmakers. (More)

April 20, 2018


The Justice Department’s internal watchdog has sent a criminal referral for fired FBI official Andrew McCabe to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington. The move follows a recent DOJ inspector general report that found McCabe leaked a self-serving story to the press and later lied about it to then-Director James Comey and federal investigators, prompting Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire him on March 16. A source confirmed to Fox News that the referral was sent. The Washington Post reported earlier that the IG referred the finding that McCabe misled investigators "some time ago," asking the top federal prosecutor for D.C. to examine whether he should be charged. (More)

April 13, 2018


Andrew McCabe, the onetime acting director of the FBI, leaked a self-serving story to the press and later lied about it to his boss and federal investigators, prompting a stunning fall from grace that ended in his firing last month, according to a bombshell report released Friday by the Department of Justice's internal watchdog. Inspector General Michael Horowitz, appointed to the post by President Obama, had been reviewing the FBI and DOJ’s actions leading up to the 2016 election. The report, handed down to Congress Friday and obtained by Fox News, looked at a leak to The Wall Street Journal about the FBI's probe into the Clinton Foundation. The report says that McCabe misled investigators about leaks and did so in a way that did not fall under a "public interest" exemption. (More)