Friday, May 18, 2018


Donald Trump called Barack Obama the founder of ISIS and Hillary Clinton its co-founder, echoing the words of Gen. Michael Flynn that Obama made a willful decision to allow Islamic State to form as a weapon against Assad. It made the war in Syria a strategic mess. Geopolitically there's even more at stake after ISIS has been defeated. 

May 16, 2018 Obama administration armed Al Qaeda in Syria.

UPDATE: U.S. military equipment and ammunition, sent to Syria as part of a failed Obama administration plan to find and arm moderate forces to defeat ISIS, were instead simply handed over to an Al Qaeda group, according to the man who said he himself brokered the deal. “I communicated with Al Qaeda’s branch, Al Nusra, to protect and safely escort me and my soldiers for two hours from North Aleppo to West Aleppo,” Maj. Anas Ibrahim Obaid, better known on the battlefield as Abu Zayd, told Fox News from his home in the western Aleppo area. “In exchange, I gave them five pickup trucks and ammunition.” Those trucks and ammo were issued to him by the United States in 2015, part of a $500 million Department of Defense effort to "train and equip" a new "ideologically moderate" force to battle ISIS. The program, one of at least two designed to funnel arms to so-called moderate Syrian rebels, proved to be a spectacular failure for the Obama administration. (More)

April 18, 2018


In the latest news the UN inspectors have not yet been able to visit the site of the alleged gas attack. And apparently they don't have to. There are reports there was a conventional strike causing respiratory problems and eye irritation. Upon entering the hospital some moron yelled "gas attack" resulting in widespread panic and hysteria. It sounds as something typical that might occur in that back of the woods. In the meantime there are reports the President still wants to pull out of Syria, inserting instead an allied force made up of Egyptian, UAE and Saudi contingents. Revolutionary idea! If you thought Bolton was a neocon, think again. Peace through strength should not be confused with the neo colonial concept of global liberalism.
The Trump administration is reportedly trying to recruit Arab nations to commit funding and troops to eventually replace the U.S. military presence in Syria. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that U.S. officials have reached out to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates about contributing billions of dollars and military resources to help secure Syria after the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is defeated. National security adviser John Bolton has also reportedly reached out to Egyptian officials about the initiative. (More)

April 15, 2018


 It is time for some opinion about what is really going on with the strikes on Syria. The question if the gas attack on Douma is true or not, and if so who done it, is foremost in people's minds. Since we can't go there and ascertain for themselves, we shall have to take the parties' word for it. With that in mind it is important to understand why President Trump would make a point of upholding the ban on the use of these chemical weapons: in February the Russians attacked Kurds and Americans in Deir Ezzor; 200 Russian mercenaries were killed (source). In such an environment it stands to reason President Trump wants to make sure these weapons are not used against his troops. Secondly, if Trump wants to solve historical, intractable problems like North Korea and Iran, the world's thugs must know that if the president draws a red line he's prepared to enforce it. Candidate Trump promised "no more nation building", but what does his postmodern base think, is the meaning of "peace through strength"? Thirdly, closely related, there's this!