Monday, February 19, 2018


In his latest video Pat Condell is raising awareness of the German women's protest group, 120 Dezibel. We are past irony at this point: while Saudi Arabia is reforming allowing women to assert their human rights, European leaders and so-called feminists continue to sacrifice women on the altar of identity politics. #120db #120decibel @120Dezibel

Feb. 19, 2018 Pat Condell: A Word To The Google Feminists, introducing 120 Dezibel  at 7:00 (mirror on PewTube). 

The liberal establishment once again showed its true colours on Saturday, when the Police teamed up with Antifa to shut down a women’s march in Berlin. The march (#Frauenmarsch), organised by Leyla Bilge of the ‘120 dezibel‘ campaign, was attended by around a thousand women voicing their concerns over Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policies. Yet evidently, this was not the right kind of feminism in the eyes of the rabid Antifa counter-demonstrators, who crawled out from under their rocks to disrupt this otherwise peaceful protest. (....) By early evening, the organisers of the 120 dezibel campaign declared the Frauenmarsch closed, just before they were to march on the Chancellory. (...)

It’s such a paradox to behold the fawning of the liberal plutocrats over complaints against ‘the patriarchy’, when the perceived culprits are European males, yet simultaneously their incredulity at the prospect of women marching against actual rape committed by Aliens. The fact that this hypocrisy is plain to see provides comfort enough that, eventually, the ordinary people of Europe will become gradually awaken. (More)

Here's the 120Dezibel video:

This afternoon the #120db group crashed a #MeToo protest. Tommy Robinson was on the spot.