Monday, November 6, 2017


Just after losing the election in 2016 Hillary's confidante Sidney Blumenthal told Dutch TV that a new "cold civil war" had begun. This was followed by a sustained effort to portray the President a Russian agent. The Democrats have declared total war, which includes attacks on alternative media personalities, political violence as well as info and culture wars. Antifa declared November 4 the day of the revolution. 

UPDATE: The 4 November Antifa revolution bommed spectacularly. It is debatable if the deadly attack on a Texas Church can be ascribed to their incitement. Heaven knows what triggers an instable, soulless little worm like Devin Kelley causing the death of 26 human beings, injuring another 20. Rumors and conspiracies abound, but one thing is clear: this perp (again) wasn't your typical conservative Bible thumping, gun touting bitter clinger.