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ARCHIVE BENGHAZI ATTACK: Sept. 12, 2012 - Oct. 31, 2017

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Oct. 31, 2017


U.S. forces have captured a militant who is believed to have played a role in a 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, three U.S. officials said on Monday. The officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that U.S. Special Operation Forces captured the militant in Libya in the past few days. Two of the officials identified him as Mustafa al Imam and said he had played a role in the attack and the ambassador's death. The officials said the man was now in the custody of the Department of Justice and being transported back to the United States by the military. (...) In a statement, Trump said al Imam "will face justice in the United States for his alleged role in the September 11, 2012 attacks." (More)

Sep. 14, 2017


Sep. 12, 2017 Catherine Herridge Uncovers State Dept. Cover-Up of Benghazi Terror Attack.

Security at the State Department's Benghazi compound was so dire that another contractor was brought in to clean up the mess just two weeks before the 2012 terror attack – and was later pressured to keep quiet by a government bureaucrat under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to two men from the American security company. (Source)

Hillary blames Benghazi for election loss

Hillary Clinton seemed to add Benghazi to her already-long list of culprits to blame for her upset loss to Donald Trump last November, on the heels of the five-year anniversary of the terror attack. In her first live interview since the election timed with the release of her new memoir “What Happened,” Clinton on Wednesday brought up the controversy over the Benghazi terror attack in response to a question about her likability. Clinton said she was unfairly criticized, even suggesting the incident was no different than past tragedies dating back to the Reagan administration. Clinton told Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s “Today"
“Take the Benghazi tragedy—you know, I have one of the top Republicans, Kevin McCarthy, admitting we’re going to take that tragedy—because, you know, we’ve lost people, unfortunately, going back to the Reagan administration, if you talk about recent times, in diplomatic attacks. But boy, it was turned into a political football. And it was aimed at undermining my credibility, my record, my accomplishments.” (More)

Aug. 10, 2017


The State Dept. have been covering for Hillary from the get go. Thanks to a Judicial Watch FOIA request we now know they never even bothered to search their own servers for emails from and to Hillary's aides @state.gov.
Judicial Watch announced that on August 8, 2017, D.C. District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta ordered the State Department State “to search the state.gov e-mail accounts of Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jacob Sullivan,” former aides of Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State. The State Department is ordered to search in those accounts “for records responsive to [Judicial Watch’s] March 4, 2015, FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] request.” (A separate Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit first broke open the Clinton email scandal.) Judge Mehta described Judicial Watch’s Clinton Benghazi FOIA lawsuit as “a far cry from a typical FOIA case. Secretary Clinton used a private e-mail server, located in her home, to transmit and receive work-related communications during her tenure as Secretary of State.” (More)

Nov. 5, 2016


Hillary Clinton refused to send help as the terrifying Benghazi attacks unfolded, according to messages allegedly hacked from her email server and distributed by Russian operatives. RadarOnline has obtained a report about the allegedly hacked messages that was created by Italy’s foreign intelligence agency, or the Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna, after a meeting with their Russian counterparts on October 22. (...) In an alleged message from Clinton to top aide Huma Abedin, the secretary made it clear she wasn’t going to rush to take action. “Avoid that they appeal to the AUMF, lets give a political weight to the wait, take time,” the message reads. (The acronym AUMF most likely refers to an “authorization for the use of military force.”) The text continues, “What has happened has happened, at Sigonella they are standing still, they have to remain firm.” Sigonella almost certainly refers to Naval Air Station Sigonella, located in the Italian island region of Sicily. According to reports, a US Air Force source once claimed that attack jets were being armed and fueled at Aviano Air Force Base in northern Italy on Sept. 11, 2012, or the night of the Benghazi attacks. The source has said the jets could have refueled at Sigonella, which is located some 400 miles from Benghazi, and helped stave off the slaughter. (Source)

Oct. 24, 2016


Wikileaks, Podesta Emails Number 15: email from Hillary, confirming Benghazi attack by Al Qaeda like group.

Hillary told bankers in a speech you need a public and a personal view on things. This schizophrenic perspective seems to be a rule for her. On the day of the Benghazi attack, Sep. 11, 2012 at 11:11PM she wrote it was "an Al Qaeda type group" that carried it out, while in public she blamed the attack on a protest against an anti Islam video. The Podesta Emails Leak Number 15 (tweet) now proves she knew all along and chose to deceive the families of the fallen and the American people. Proof is in, but will anyone in the Obama regime even care?

Oct. 7, 2016


As the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was unfolding, a high-ranking Pentagon official urgently messaged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top deputies to offer military help, according to an email obtained by Judicial Watch. The revelation appears to contradict testimony Defense Secretary Leon Panetta gave lawmakers in 2013, when he said there was no time to get forces to the scene in Libya, where four Americans were killed, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. “I just tried you on the phone but you were all in with S [apparent reference to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton],” reads the email, from Panetta’s chief of staff Jeremy Bash. “After consulting with General Dempsey, General Ham and the Joint Staff, we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi. They are spinning up as we speak.”



Aug. 16, 2016


Screenshot: Email proving that timely forces were available to assist Ty Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris Stevens.

The newest email scandal that is plaguing Hillary’s campaign confirms what all Americans knew. Hillary Clinton left the Americans to die in Benghazi, on purpose! Defense Secretary Leon Panetta gave testimony in 2013 stating that there was no time to get help to Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012, where four Americans died. An email obtained by Judicial Watch and recently released appears to be in direct contradiction of this claim. Fox News reported that an urgent email from Panetta’s Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash to top Clinton deputies asked for help as the attack unfolded in Benghazi and stated that forces were ready to move to assist them: “I just tried you on the phone but you were all in with S [apparent reference to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton]. After consulting with General Dempsey, General Ham and the Joint Staff, we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi. They are spinning up as we speak.” The email was sent during the early stages of the eight-hour attack at 7:19 p.m. Washington time on Sept. 11, 2012, after the first wave of the attack (...) Judicial Watch said this (...)  “This leaves no doubt military assets were offered and ready to go, and awaiting State Department signoff, which did not come.” (More)

In other news related to the Benghazi issue, the House Republicans detailed perjury allegations against Clinton, but this is not expected to go anywhere real soon. Obama's is now effectively a criminal regime. The Department of Justice is not going to act on the evidence and will inflict a seriously sick felon on the world. (Source)

Aug.9, 2016


The Islamist terrorists that were responsible for attacking the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and killing four including Ambassador Chris Stevens were overheard by multiple US spy agencies communicating by means of State Department cell phones they seized during the attack, according to a Fox News report. The report, put together by Fox’s Bret Baier and James Rosen, concludes that the newly uncovered information shows the Obama administration knew the events unfolding in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 were nothing short of a terrorist attack the very day they unfolded. The report adds to the stack of evidence that the attacks were not a spontaneous demonstration caused by a poorly made YouTube video, as the Obama administration had claimed for weeks.

June 28, 2016


The Full Report: Report of the Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi (Source)

  • The Jordan-Pompeo Condensed Summary and Timeline: Additional Views of Representatives Jim Jordan and Mike Pompeo (PDF

May 24, 2016


May 11, 2016 Special Report: New insight into the interagency response to the attacks.

After a seven-month study of the events surrounding 2012’s Benghazi attack, the Citizens Commission on Benghazi determined that it could have been prevented if the United States hadn’t allowed $500 million in weapons to be transported to Al Qaeda militants in Libya a year earlier. (...) The report stated that top officials, including those from the White House and Congress, knowingly and deliberately allowed the weapons, which were originally intended for Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, to be delivered to al Qaeda militants in Libya in an attempt to overthrow Gaddafi. The report’s sources, including Retired Admiral Chuck Kubic, said that Gaddafi was actually willing to negotiate stepping down peacefully, but that the White House refused to let the Pentagon negotiate with Gaddafi. Had the Obama administration done so and blocked the weapons from entering al Qaeda’s hands, the attack on Benghazi may never have happened, and countless lives would have been spared. So, what difference does it make? You can view the entire report here. (More)

May 12, 2016

Justice Department not to seek death penalty Benghazi terrorist

The Justice Department will not seek the death penalty against Ahmed Abu Khattala, the suspected Libyan militant charged in the Benghazi attacks that killed a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, federal officials announced Tuesday. The department revealed its decision, which pushes the case forward toward trial, in a brief court filing that offered no additional explanation. In a separate statement, spokeswoman Emily Pierce said Attorney General Loretta Lynch made the decision after reviewing the case and consulting with federal prosecutors. She said the department is "committed to ensuring that the defendant is held accountable" for the 2012 attacks. (More)

Febr. 17, 2016


Jan 12, 2016 Clare Lopez exposes Benghazi - Obama Disaster "What Difference Does It Make", Part 1/3 - Part 2/3 - Part 3/3. (Source)

Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy and a member of the Benghazi Citizen's Commission exposes Benghazi as a complete President Obama/Hillary Clinton national security disaster of epic proportions. In part one, Clare, a retired CIA officer, explain in simple detail exactly how the United States, lead by Hillary Clinton, aligned itself with the Muslim Brotherhood in a way that defies common sense and and basic principle of foreign policy. The United West presents this three part series as a national security context to better understand the blockbuster Hollywood movie, "13 Hours, the Secret Soldiers of Benghazi." Be sure to watch our series and see the movie!

Jan, 17, 2016


Bay’s “13 Hours” is not only a compelling, unbearably tense, brilliantly choreographed action film, but like a true artist, he does not stoop to being preachy or pedantic to make a damning case against a Obama Administration, that not only has a depraved indifference towards the truth, but also towards American lives. On September 11, 2012, a horde of armed terrorists launched nothing close to a protest spurred by an anti-Muslim YouTube video. There is no question the attack against our diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, was coordinated, swift and deadly. Despite repeated pleas for additional security (all ignored by Hillary Clinton’s State Department), Ambassador Chris Stevens had only unreliable locals and a handful of State Department agents protecting him. The battle was lost before it began. Just a mile away was our not-so-secret CIA outpost. As soon as the militants hit, the outpost called the CIA annex begging for help. Within minutes, six security contractors stationed there, all former special forces-operators, were ready to launch a rescue mission. The CIA annex chief (David Costabile) refused to let them go. Repeatedly, the six men are ordered to stand down. (...) To protect their role in that cover-up, and to drag Hillary Clinton over her own finish line, that cover-up continues to this day. The real injustice, though, has nothing to do with politics. What happened over those 13 hours was a modern-day Alamo, and because our DC Media is nothing more than a pile of boot-licking liars and propagandists, these six heroes have had to wait three years to receive their due. In case I didn’t mention it, “13 Hours” is nothing close to political. Michael Bay simply told the truth. (Source)

Dec. 9, 2015

Email Shows Military Offered Rescue

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta offered to send a military team to the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya as it was being attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2012, a newly-released e-mail reveals. “After consulting with General Dempsey, General Ham and the Joint Staff, we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi,” Jeremy Bash, Panetta’s chief of staff, wrote in an e-mail to Hillary Clinton’s senior aides that evening. “They are spinning up as we speak.” (...) It’s not clear how Clinton’s team replied, but Panetta told the Senate Armed Services Committee in 2013 that “time, distance, the lack of an adequate warning, [and] events that moved very quickly on the ground” prevented him from sending a rescue team. Dempsey made a similar point in the same hearing. (...)

Nov. 22, 2015

"13 Hours" in movie theaters Jan. 15

Nov 3, 2015 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi - Trailer #2 Green Band (2016).

Film director Michael Bay is notorious for mounting massive-scaled blockbusters crammed wall to wall with explosions, twisted metal, swaggering heroes and supermodels. His next movie, however, is shaping up to be a lot more serious because the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya, is anything but the stuff of pure entertainment. The movie is based on Mitchell Zuckoff’s nonfiction book “13 Hours,” which tells the story of the efforts of six members of a security crew who seek to protect the U.S. compound during the chaos that claimed the lives of four Americans.

In theaters January 15th. When everything went wrong, six men had the courage to do what was right. Director: Michael Bay. Starring: John Krasinski, James Badge Dale, Pablo Schreiber, David Denman.

Official site
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/13HoursMovie
Twitter: https://twitter.com/13Hours
Instagram: https://instagram.com/13HoursMovie/

Sep. 3, 2015

Turkey May Have Played A Role in the Benghazi Attack

Students of the Benghazi scandal may remember that Ambassador Stevens had dinner on the even of the attack with the Turkish Consul. Above link sheds light on the fact.

Aug. 30, 2015


Former CIA agent Claire Lopez talking to Ginni Thomas. Watch Part 1 here Part 2

UPDATE: The Obama administration may have provided the weapons used by some Islamist extremists to kill four Americans at the United States’ compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, according to a Libyan source who told Breitbart News he witnessed the attack first hand. Breitbart News’s Tera Dahl spoke to the witness, whose identity cannot be revealed due to threats against his life, but lives near the former U.S. compound in Benghazi and was present when the attack took place. Libya’s al-Qaeda-linked militia group known as the February 17th Martyrs Brigade was reportedly hired by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department to provide security at the Benghazi compound, but failed to so the whole day of the attack, according to the witness. It was unusual that in the morning of September 11, the brigade was not providing the typical level of security around the U.S. consulate and the ambassador himself, a sign that something was off from the start and a major red flag that there was something suspicious in the works, he added. Terrorists carried out at least three separate attacks against the Benghazi compound, starting at night on September 11 and carrying into the wee hours of the following day. Those extremists may be the same ones who were allegedly armed by the Obama administration during the U.S. and NATO-backed uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, who was overthrown and executed in October 2011. (Source)

Aug. 26, 2015


The videos of former CIA operative Claire Lopez are a year old. The interview is the key, not just to the Benghazi attack, but on the entire geo political policy of the Obama era. We shall be posting our take soon in an endeavour to connect the dots, of the Obama election itself, the Arab Spring, the wars in Libya and Syria and the current tsunami of illegal immigrants. We will try to extrapolate what we can expect in the coming 2-3 crucial years. (Live Blog: The Obama Foreign Policy in MENA is Backfiring Sensationally)
The Center for Security Policy’s Vice President for Research and Analysis, Clare Lopez, says in this exclusive video interview with The Daily Caller that very few have seemed to care that America switched sides in the global war on terror when President Obama deposed an erstwhile ally in the Middle East and provided weapons to al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood. (...)  Lopez spent 20 years as an undercover operations officer for the CIA. (...) “We facilitated the flow of weapons to the Gaddafi opposition, and we knew the opposition was dominated by al-Qaida. It was led by the Muslim Brotherhood and the fighting militia was dominated by al-Qaida. That’s who we helped,” she explained. (...) (Source)
Website Citizens Commission on Benghazi

Aug. 22, 2015

Benghazi Attack Was Known 10 Days in Advance

Aug 19, 2015 Catherine Herridge reports from Washington: Clinton emails contained classified Benghazi intel.

UPDATE: Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained more than 100 pages of previously classified “Secret” documents from the Department of Defense (DOD)and the Department of State revealing that DOD almost immediately reported that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was committed by the al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood-linked “Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman” (BCOAR), and had been planned at least 10 days in advance.

(...) A Defense Department document from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), dated September 12, 2012, the day after the Benghazi attack, details that the attack on the compound had been carefully planned by the BOCAR terrorist group “to kill as many Americans as possible.” The document was sent to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Obama White House National Security Council. (...) (Source, includes more video)

Sept. 21, 2014

Dems Call Benghazi Heroes Told to Stand Down, Liars

The US Ambassador and three other Americans were killed in the attacks.


Sep. 6, 2014

Fox News Reporting: 13 Hours At Benghazi

13 Hours At Benghazi - Fox News Reporting With Bret Baier

(FULL) 13 Hours in Benghazi: Fox News Special Report.

July 2, 2014

No Video Mentioned in Benghazi Indictment 

June 29, 2014

Libyan Militant in Benghazi Pleads Not Guilty

June 21, 2014

Benghazi, Why It Matters

"Before we get into what Benghazi is, let’s address what it isn’t. It isn’t irrelevant, isn’t trivial, and it isn’t a “witch hunt” as many prominent Democrats and their supporters desperately want you to believe."

Bill Whittle is a writer, film director, TV editor and instrument-rated pilot. (Blog)

Here's an interesting piece of news for the buffs, but it's fair to say it's bound to go nowhere:

June 18, 2014

Ted Cruz nails it! "Consistent Error Of Not Understanding Our Enemies"

June 17, 2014

Ringleader 9/11/11 Benghazi Terror Attack Arrested

A spontaneous terrorist attack then? Poll: Only 37percent is satisfied with the regime's response at the attack on Benghazi.
U.S. Special Operations forces captured one of the suspected ringleaders of the terrorist attacks in Benghazi in a secret raid in Libya over the weekend, the first time one of the accused perpetrators of the 2012 assaults has been apprehended, according to U.S. officials. The officials said Ahmed Abu Khattala was captured Sunday near Benghazi by American troops, working alongside the FBI, following months of planning, and was now in U.S. custody “in a secure location outside Libya.” The officials said there were no casualties in the operation, and that all U.S. personnel involved have safely left Libya. Abu Khattala’s apprehension is a major victory for the Obama administration, which has been criticized for having failed so far to bring those responsible for the Benghazi attacks to justice. (Source)

June 12, 2014


A very compelling interview from Special Report tonight where the pilot of a C-17 who was stationed in Germany tells that he could have gotten to Benghazi in 3-4 hours if he had been called upon to get in the air.

Retired AF Major Eric Stahl talks to Bret Baier. 

The pilot, Eric Stahl, who is a retired Major from the Air Force, tells what he knows from talking to the men on the ground that he flew out of Benghazi on Sept 12, 2012, men he calls heroes, a day after the Benghazi terrorist attack. Among the most relevatory things we learn is that the terrorists were using stolen State Dept. cellphones from the consulate to call their higher ups after the consulate battle, and the US intercepted this in real time as it was happeningThey not only knew they were terrorists, but they knew exactly who they were. Stahl says that he believes little of the truth of what happened that night has come out and that is why he is talking now. He hopes more people will do the same. There are many more details in the interview below, including how our guys tried to board a private plane to get the heck out of Benghazi but were unable to do so. (Source)

June 10, 2014


Meanwhile, what is the Obama regime trying to cover up?
(...) According to the book Benghazi: The Definitive Report, John Brennan runs the secret black ops army JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command)—that operates with zero oversight—outside the purview of Congress, the Courts and even the Pentagon—essentially giving Brennan more power than the President of the United States! One of JSOC’s major functions is to make sure weapons are flowing unhindered to rebel groups worldwide that are on the side of the United States—including the al-Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria. At the time of the attack on the Benghazi consulate on September 11, 2012, JSOC and the CIA were housing a huge cache of weapons at the secret CIA base near the consulate, which also later came under attack. Per the book Benghazi: The Definitive Report, this is the reason why Barack Obama could not send help to Americans under attack in Benghazi and later blamed a “protest turned violent” over an obscure internet video. JSOC’s transfer of weapons to the rebels in Syria at the time was illegal, and sending in the cavalry to save Americans would have exposed Brennan’s illegal operation.  (Source, page 2)

How the Taliban Got Modern Stingers from Benghazi

In his new book, “Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened in Benghazi” (Broadside Books), writer Kenneth R. Timmerman explains how the US government’s efforts to arm the Libyan rebels backfired, flooding weapons into Syria, and as he ­reveals here, Afghanistan. The Obama administration isn’t only giving the Taliban back its commanders — it’s giving them weapons. Military records and sources reveal that on July 25, 2012, Taliban fighters in Kunar province successfully targeted a US Army CH-47 helicopter with a new generation Stinger missile. They thought they had a surefire kill. But instead of bursting into flames, the Chinook just disappeared into the darkness as the American pilot recovered control of the aircraft and brought it to the ground in a hard landing. (Source)

May 22, 2014

Meet the Current Rulers

May 12, 2014

Who's Crazy

Don't miss Benghazi: The Definitive Report Written by the team of former Special Operations warriors who run SOFREP.com, here is the definitive account of what happened before, during, and after the deadly Benghazi attack. (Source)

May 7, 2014

Democrats' defense of Bengazi: there have been 100s! 

The Democrats have started their defense. It proves they have no inkling what the issue is all about. Or are evading the point. They think it's about 'an attack on an Embassy'. There have been hundreds of those over the years!

May 6, 2014


Gowdy: 'I Want to See Every Single Solitary Document'; Death of 4 Americans 'Transcends Politics'

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), who has been chosen to chair the select committee on Benghazi, went “On The Record last night. When asked what he would say to Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff who oppose the committee, Gowdy said, “At least let the process have a chance to work before you declare it null and void.”  Gowdy said the committee will lay out all the facts and evidence, and then a jury will come to a decision. He said he hopes for a reasonable, fair-minded jury. The South Carolina congressman told Greta Van Susteren that witnesses have come forward and shared that there was a systematic effort to keep certain documents under wraps. He also said there is a lot of over-classification of documents to protect people’s careers. (Source includes video)

May 5, 2014

Trey Gowdy Appointed Chairman of Select Committee

May 2, 2014

Trey Gowdy Chairman of Select Ctee on Benghazi

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is announcing today that he intends for the House to vote to create a new Select Committee to investigate the terrorist attack in Benghazi.  Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is mentioned as the chairman. Gowdy doesn't take any prisoners. Here he is on excessive conference spending by the IRS.:

Trey Gowdy gives a passionate opening statement at the House Oversight Committee Hearing.

April 30, 2014

New Benghazi  Documents and the Obama Connection

Jan. 1, 2014

NY Times Revives Hate Video Narrative

The attempt to rehabilitate Hillary Clinton begins as the New York Times revives the long-ago debunked "video clip" excuse for the well-planned Benghazi massacre while denying documented al-Qaida involvement. These days it's all the news that is fit to be made up that graces the pages of the once-proud Gray Lady (...) a piece on the Benghazi terrorist attack of Sept. 10, 2010, titled, "A Deadly Mix in Benghazi." It resembles the infamous White House talking points — on steroids. The Times tries to present a truth from a parallel universe that it claims is somewhere between the Obama administration's long-repeated claim that "the video, which was posted on YouTube, inspired spontaneous street protests that got out of hand" and the version "favored by Republicans, (that) holds that (U.S. Ambassador Chris) Stevens died in a carefully planned assault by al-Qaida to mark the anniversary of its strike on the United States 11 years before." Then, in a spasm of journalistic doublespeak, the Times proclaims "Benghazi was not infiltrated by al-Qaida, but nonetheless contained grave local threats to American interests. The attack does not appear to have been meticulously planned, but neither was it spontaneous or without warning signs." The Times goes on.. (Source)

Oct. 31, 2013

BOMBSHELL: Special Forces in Libya During the Attack

The Washington Times reports that contrary to what Barack Obama and Leon Panetta have said, there were 8 special forces commandos in Tripoli the night of the attack, just 400 miles away. They were made up of Delta Force, the country's leading counterterrorism force and Green Berets. Two of the Delta Forces volunteered to go to Benghazi, along with 5 private contractors. Both have been quietly awarded medals for their bravery for turning back the attackers. Delta Force is trained as a quick response force and assuming they could be ready in an hour, they could have been in Benghazi within three hours. This bolsters testimony given by Gregory Hicks that Lt Steve Gibson was prepared to relieve Benghazi, but was told to stand down. Pentagon spokesman, Major Rob Firman, stated (...) (Source)

Oct. 27, 2013

First Western Benghazi Eyewitness Goes Public

The first Western eyewitness to the deadly Benghazi terror attacks has given an account of the seven-hour assault on the U.S. outpost in Libya, saying Americans knew such an incident was inevitable. The witness – a former British soldier who for decades helped protect U.S. diplomats and military leaders -- told CBS’ “60 Minutes” that Al Qaeda forces first attacked the U.S. Special Mission Compound in which Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed. Then they launched a second attack on a secret CIA annex about a mile across the city. “They knew what they were doing,” the security guard told CBS. “That was a well-executed attack.”

The guard said he was in his apartment about 15 minutes away from the attacks when he learned of them through a frantic phone call from a Libyan guard. “I could hear gunshots,” said the guard, “And he said, ‘There are men coming into the mission’ … You could tell he was really scared and he was running.” (...) He said Al Qaeda tried to kill a British ambassador in Benghazi three months before the attack on the anniversary of 9/11. He added that the terror group said online that it would attack the Red Cross, the British, then the Americans in Benghazi. (Source, includes video report)

Oct. 24, 2013

2 Suspects in Benghazi Attack Linked to Al Qaida Top

At least two suspects in the deadly Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi had worked with senior al-Qaida leaders, Fox News reported Wednesday. Citing two unnamed sources, Fox reported one suspect was believed to be a courier for the al-Qaida network, and the other a bodyguard in Afghanistan prior to the 2001 terror strikes. The direct ties to the terror group's senior leadership undercut early White House characterizations that attackers in the Libya seige were isolated “extremists" with no organizational structure or affiliation. “It is accurate that of the group being targeted by the bureau, at this point, there’s strong al-Qaida ties,” Republican Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers, head of the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News. "You can still be considered to have strong ties because you are in the ring of operations of al-Qaida core. ... There are individuals that certainly fit that definition." (Source)

Oct. 13, 2013

Congressman Proposes Select Ctee on Benghazi

Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia is proposing legislation, H. Res. 36, to create a Select Committee. It has more than 175 cosponsors - a majority of the majority in the House. It has been endorsed by family members of the victims of the attack, the Special Operations community, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (which represents the DSS agents in Benghazi) and the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, among many others.

Over the last year, I have led congressional efforts to create a bipartisan House Select Committee to fully investigate the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate and annex in Benghazi, Libya. After a year of investigations in five separate House committees, it is clear that the only way the American people will ever learn the truth is through a single Select Committee that will hold public hearing and issue "friendly subpoenas" to the survivors so they may finally be able to tell their stories about the attack and the failure by the U.S. to send assistance that night without fear of reprisal from agencies. It is inexplicable that after a year of investigations none of the survivors or the administration officials responsible for the decision not to send assistance that night have been compelled to testify under oath before Congress.  (Source)

Oct. 9, 2013

Benghazi Whistleblower's Attorney: "Dempsey Lied"

An attorney whose firm represents two Benghazi whistleblowers said Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, lied to the Senate when he said there was never a “stand down” order during the Benghazi attack on Sept. 11, 2012. “What was fascinating is that he explained his lie to them,” Joe DiGenova, an attorney representing one of the whistleblowers, told CNSNews.com. “He actually said they were sent to Tripoli. They were needed in Benghazi,” said DiGenova, a former U.S. attorney, now with the Washington firm of DiGenova & Toensing. “They were told not to go to Benghazi, because their mission was Tripoli. I call that a stand down. He doesn’t. He can live with whatever he wants to think, but people died. In my opinion, what he did was lie.” (Source)

Sept. 28, 2013

Benghazi Scapegoat Released

The man blamed for the deaths of four Americans, including the first ambassador in 33 years, is now free. But no terrorist has been captured or official punished. Mark Basseley Youssef, the man responsible for the video President Obama apologized for six times before the United Nations, saying it had inflamed Islamic passions that led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, has been released from federal custody. Youssef, a 56-year-old Egyptian Coptic Christian and former gas station owner who had served time for a 2010 bank fraud conviction, was sent back to prison last year after admitting that he breached the terms of his probation in connection with the making of the film. Identified in some public records by his birth name, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, Youssef received a 12-month term in November but earned credit for the six weeks he spent in jail since his arrest. (...) (Source)

Sept. 27, 2013

Theft of US Weapons Worse Than Thought

The recent theft of massive amounts of highly sensitive U.S. military equipment from Libya is far worse than previously thought, Fox News has learned, with raiders swiping hundreds of weapons that are now in the hands of militia groups aligned with terror organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood. The equipment, as Fox News previously reported, was used for training in Libya by U.S. Special Forces. The training team, which was funded by the Pentagon, has since been pulled, partly in response to the overnight raids last August.

According to State Department and military sources, dozens of highly armored vehicles called GMV's, provided by the United States, are now missing. The vehicles feature GPS navigation as well as various sets of weapon mounts and can be outfitted with smoke-grenade launchers. Along with the GMV's, hundreds of weapons are now missing, including roughly 100 Glock pistols and more than 100 M4 rifles. More disturbing, almost every set of night-vision goggles has also been taken. This is advanced technology that gives very few war fighters an advantage on the battlefield. (Source)

August 14, 2013

Two intriguing stories today. For what it's worth:

Wistleblower Attorney, "400 Stingers Stolen"

A former U.S. attorney, Joe DiGenova, who is representing a Benghazi whistleblower, told a Washington, D.C., radio station on Monday that 400 surface-to-air missiles were “stolen” in Libya and given to some “very ugly people,” aka al-Qaeda. (Source, includes video)


MusBro, "We've Got the Goods on Obama"

Ahmed Moussa, a prominent Egyptian television personality on the Tahrir TV channel as well as a former officer in Egyptian State Security Intelligence (SSI), went public on July 30 with a remarkable piece of information. Moussa said, addressing U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson (in absentia) on his show:
Ambassador Stevens was killed in Benghazi, and you know who killed him, the U.S. administration knows who killed him, and you know how he was killed and it was a major strike against the U.S. administration, and all of you. The assassin is now present at Rabia Al-Adawiya [mosque protest] His name is, do you know it or you would like me to inform you? He’s affiliated with Al Qaeda in Libya, his name is Mohsen Al-Azazi, his passport was found in the house of Khairat El-Shater. That killer is in Rabia Al-Adawiya now, with Safwat Hegazy and Mohammed El-Beltagy, whom you and your administration support and aid. Your administration aids terrorism. 
It’s an interesting claim. Certainly an Islamist from Libya could have easily headed over to Egypt to help the Brotherhood out in its time of need. It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of them have. (SourceAnalysis

Aug. 8, 2013

Why  Jarrett Stand Down Order Was Leaked

Godfather Politics has a theory about the curious item on the Conservative Report about Valerie Jarrett - Morgan LeFey to Obama's Mordred - having given the stand down order:

"Being in the middle of a worldwide terror alert (...)  might be the perfect time to leak such a story to a small-time outlet like Conservative Report with a built-in mistrust among the Left, so that when CNN finally covers the story months from now, it's more easily dismissed". (Source)

Aug. 6, 2013

Source, "Jarrett Gave Stand Down Order"

There's a curious piece of information which is certainly not part of main stream news. But Rush Limbaugh brought it up today on his radio show, so here it is: the source of the stand down order according to 'sources' was Obama's close confidante and advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Which according to the report is the reason of the cover up: this is the business of the Commander in Chief exclusively. But he was off the radar for 7 or 8 hours at the time.

BREAKING! Benghazi Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett, Commander in Chief

Dept. or Justice Files Criminal Charges

According to the US Justice Dept. the Benghazi attack was a civil crime; not an act of terrorism, let alone state war. The DoJ has filed criminal charges against several suspects in the Benghazi terror attack, a U.S. official tells Fox News. The U.S. official confirmed that sealed charges were filed against suspects in connection with the Sept. 11, 2012, attack. It's unclear whether they are the same individuals whose images the FBI released to the public in May. One of the individuals charged is Libyan militia leader Ahmed Khattalah. In an interview conducted last October, Khattalah told Fox News that he was at the scene of the attack that night. He also expressed no remorse for the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was killed in the attack on the U.S. compound along with three other Americans. (Source)

Caddell, "Boehner Approved Gun Running to Syria"

Pat Caddell: "Boehner not pursuing Benghazi because he approved the gun running to Syria"

Aug. 2, 2013
GOP Rep: Obama WH Is Hiding Benghazi Survivors AND CHANGING THEIR NAMES (Video)

CIA Agents Intimidated Into Silence (CNN)

Sources tell CNN dozens of people working for the CIA were on the ground that night, and that the agency is going to great lengths to make sure whatever it was doing, remains a secret. The CIA is involved in an unprecedented attempt to keep the spy agency’s Benghazi secrets from ever leaking out. Since January, some CIA operatives involved in the agency’s missions in Libya, have been subjected to frequent, even monthly polygraph examinations. The goal of the questioning is to find out if anyone is talking to the media or Congress. It is being described as pure intimidation, with the threat that any unauthorized CIA employee who leaks information could face the end of his or her career.

“You don’t jeopardize yourself, you jeopardize your family as well.” Another says, “You have no idea the amount of pressure being brought to bear on anyone with knowledge of this operation.” “Agency employees typically are polygraphed every three to four years. Never more than that,” said former CIA operative and CNN analyst Robert Baer. In other words, the rate of the kind of polygraphs alleged by sources is rare. “If somebody is being polygraphed every month, or every two months it’s called an issue polygraph, and that means that the polygraph division suspects something, or they’re looking for something, or they’re on a fishing expedition. CIA spokesman Dean Boyd asserted in a statement that the agency has been open with Congress. Among the many secrets still yet to be told about the Benghazi mission, is just how many Americans were there the night of the attack. A source now tells CNN that number was 35, with as many as seven wounded, some seriously. While it is still not known how many of them were CIA, a source tells CNN that 21 Americans were working in the building known as the annex, believed to be run by the agency. The lack of information and pressure to silence CIA operatives is disturbing to U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, whose district includes CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. “I think it is a form of a cover-up (...) We should have the people who were on the scene come in, testify under oath, do it publicly, and lay it out. And there really isn’t any national security issue involved with regards to that,” he said. Wolf has repeatedly gone to the House floor, asking for a select committee to be set-up, a Watergate-style probe involving several intelligence committee investigators assigned to get to the bottom of the failures that took place in Benghazi, and find out just what the State Department and CIA were doing there. More than 150 fellow Republican members of Congress have signed his request, and just this week eight Republicans sent a letter to the new head of the FBI, James Comey, asking that he brief Congress within 30 days. Wolf said he was contacted by people closely tied with CIA operatives and contractors who wanted to talk. Then suddenly, there was silence. (...) Lawmakers also want to about know the weapons in Libya, and what happened to them. Speculation on Capitol Hill has included the possibility the U.S. agencies operating in Benghazi were secretly helping to move surface-to-air missiles out of Libya, through Turkey, and into the hands of Syrian rebels. It is clear that two U.S. agencies were operating in Benghazi, one was the State Department, and the other was the CIA. The State Department told CNN in an e-mail that it was only helping the new Libyan government destroy weapons deemed “damaged, aged or too unsafe retain,” and that it was not involved in any transfer of weapons to other countries. But the State Department also clearly told CNN, they “can’t speak for any other agencies.” The CIA would not comment on whether it was involved in the transfer of any weapons. (Source)

July 31, 2013

FBI Failed to Interview Benghazi Suspects

Just two days after being confirmed, the new leader of the FBI is facing pressure from Congress to get to the bottom of the Benghazi terror attacks. Eight Republican lawmakers, voicing frustration about the seemingly slow pace of the investigation 10 months after the Sept. 11 attacks, are preparing a letter to James Comey demanding he make the Benghazi probe a priority, Fox News confirms. Comey was confirmed on Monday to replace Robert Mueller at the helm of the FBI. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, who started the letter along with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Fox News that the FBI is failing to interview key people connected with the militant group Ansar al-Sharia. "Our FBI has never talked to these people, and that's just wholly unacceptable," Chaffetz said. "This is a pathetic effort to bring people to justice," Graham said, in a separate interview with Fox News. (Source)

July 30, 2013

Agent Suffered 20 Hours in Benghazi Before Help Arrived

While Obama Campaigned in Las Vegas Diplomatic security agent David Ubben, like former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, ran into the Special Mission Compound (SMC) to help save US officials under siege in Benghazi. Ubben was struck by a mortar round that killed Woods and Doherty. His leg was shredded. Ubben was forced to wait twenty hours before a plane was sent to pick him up. While Ubben was waiting for help with a shredded leg Barack Obama was campaigning in Las Vegas. (Source)

July 24, 2013


It has been almost one year since the tragedy in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans were killed and 10 others were injured in a terror attack. Included in those murdered that day were U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, and two Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. But a lot of other information isn’t yet known about the attack that day. So Special Operations Veterans have presented a petition of 1,000 names calling for a Select Committee in Congress to “end the cover-up” of the Benghazi scandal. The petition is 60 feet long, and it was unrolled near the Capitol building Tuesday. Special Operations Speaks officials say the presentation was the opening volley in a nationwide campaign urging House members to sign the discharge petition that would force House consideration of HR 36 – the bill to establish a Select Committee to fully investigate the Benghazi massacre. The Special Operations Veterans are asking why were was no military responses, and why was the consulate never secured. (Source)

July 21, 2013


Walid Shoebat is making the case for the theory that Ambassador Stevens was killed by lethal injection. It stands to reason. He was alive when he was pulled out of the rubble of the wrecked CIA annex, and was transferred to a hospital which later transpired, was at the time under the control of the terrorists, Ansar al Sharia. Read the details (warning, graphic images) (Source)

July 16, 2013


WH Chief of Staff Denis McDonagh said the President was “briefed throughout the night”, and that he helped prepare a “robust action in response”. Except that’s not what the Secretary of Defense said last week. And what robust response was that? (Source includes video)

Part 2 of The Glazov Gang. Benghazi at 7:40" mark. Part 1 about Egypt here.

The Gang members gathered to discuss The Brotherhood-Benghazi Connection, analyzing Morsi’s fall and the revelations it may yield. The episode also featured a segment entitled Longing for the Brotherhood, focusing on why Obama is missing Morsi and still backing him after his overthrow. (Source)

July 7, 2013


A Libyan intelligence document has been produced that directly implicates Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Mursi in the attacks on American installations in Benghazi on 9/11/12. Those who attempt to discredit this document run into trouble when it is coupled with real-time video we uncovered on 9/13/12. In that video, gunmen at the scene of the attack can be heard declaring that they were sent by Mursi. (Source) (Addendum)

July 1, 2013

"Benghazi: The Truth Behind the Smokescreen."

A 40 minutes Fox News special presentation. 

June 28, 2013

Here are the latest developments:

Libya’s government earlier this month released a key terror suspect (...) Faraj al Chalabi, (also spelled Shibli) an al Qaeda terrorist also linked to the 1994 terrorist murder of two German tourists, was detained by the Tripoli government in March. However, al Chalabi was released June 12 based on claims that there was a lack of evidence to hold him custody. (Source)

Col. Gibson said Wednesday that no stand-down order was given, according to the House Armed Services subcommittee on oversight and investigations. (...) “Contrary to news reports, Gibson was not ordered to ‘stand down’ by higher command authorities in response to his understandable desire to lead a group of three other Special Forces soldiers to Benghazi,” the subcommittee said in a rare statement about a closed-door briefing. Instead, the site security team was ordered to remain in Tripoli to defend the embassy and its staff in case terrorists also struck in the capital while the Benghazi post was under attack, and to assist the wounded who were being evacuated to Tripoli after the first phase of the fighting had ended, the statement said. Col. Gibson “acknowledged that, had he deployed to Benghazi, he would have left Americans in Tripoli undefended. He also stated that, in hindsight, he would not have been able to get to Benghazi in time to make a difference, and as it turned out, his medic was needed to provide urgent assistance to survivors once they arrived in Tripoli,” the statement said.  (Source)

Benghazi security team nails $3M book deal (Source)

June 26, 2013

Benghazi Gate Is Creeping Up on Hillary Clinton

Scandal: The decision to place U.S. personnel in Benghazi with substandard security was made at the highest levels of the State Department by officials who have so far escaped blame over the Sept. 11 attack. An indication that the Orwellian-named Accountability Review Board (ARB) investigating the terrorist attack on our diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, was an effort not to assign responsibility for the disaster but to enable those responsible to escape blame is the fact that ARB never bothered to interview the likes of Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy. ARB co-chair Thomas Pickering told CBS' Bob Schieffer on "Face the Nation" in May that he and his colleagues had ample opportunity to question Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself but concluded that conducting an interview with her was not necessary. "We knew where the responsibility rested," he said. (Source)

June 16, 2013

Confirmed, Special Forces Were Only Hours Away

In a bombshell admission that has until now gone unreported, Martin Dempsey, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, conceded that highly trained Special Forces were stationed just a few hours away from Benghazi on the night of the attacks but were not told to deploy to Libya. In comments that may warrant further investigation, Dempsey stated at a Senate hearing Wednesday that on the night of the Sept. 11, 2012, attack, command of the Special Forces – known as C-110, or the EUCOM CIF – was transferred from the military’s European command to AFRICOM, or the United States Africa Command.

Dempsey did not state any reason for the strange transfer of command nor could he provide a timeline for the transfer the night of the attack. Also, Dempsey’s comments on the travel time between Croatia and Benghazi were incorrect. His remarks for the first time confirm an exclusive Fox News interview aired April 30 in which a special government operator, speaking on condition of anonymity, contradicted claims by the Obama administration and a State Department review that there wasn’t enough time for military forces to deploy the night of the attack. Read more..

June 12, 2013

The Killers of 4 Americans Are Free

The Benghazi terrorists are still on the loose. Just about a month ago on May 15  Attorney General Eric Holder claimed the FBI had taken "concrete" steps in the Benghazi investigation and that the DOJ/FBI would soon "be prepared... to reveal, all that [they've'] done." It was only a week later that reports asserted the Obama administration "knows who is responsible for Benghazi," but as Breitbart New reported on May 22, no action to apprehend those individuals was being allowed. Now, with June nearly half way over, nothing much has changed. The FBI has reportedly settled on "a broad conclusion" that "the attacks were carried out by a combination of militants with varying degrees of connection to three Islamist groups--Ansar al-Sharia, the Muhammad Jamal network, and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb." But those behind the attacks are still on the loose. By @AWRHawkins Source

EXCLUSIVE: Jailed filmmaker vows to finish film wrongly blamed for #Benghazi attack | Fox News 

May 13, 2013

Al Qaeda claims ambassador was killed by lethal injection

Al Qaeda weapons expert, Dhu-al-Bajadin says U.S. ambassador to Libya killed by lethal injection after an attempt to a kidnap him went bad. This claim cannot be rejected out of hand since Chris Stevens was mortally wounded, but alive when he was taken to a hospital which was under the control of Ansar-al-Sharia, the Al Qaeda related group that attacked the CIA annex in which the ambassador was injured. The Washington Free Beacon obtained a copy of the translation of Dhu-al-Bajadin’s posting in Arabic.

The article stated that use of lethal injection is done “more than one place in the human body that autopsy doctors ignore when they see that the symptoms are similar to another specific and common illness.” “Anyone who studied the art of silent assassination that spies applied during the Cold War would easily identify these parts of the body,” he said.

Dhu-al-Bajadin also stated that he was discussing the assassination of Stevens’ death months later because “the cell” behind “the infiltrative and secret operation is now completely safe from intelligence bureaus.” The FBI last month disclosed it was searching for five men linked to the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack and posted video and photos of three men wanted in connection with the attacks.

“The grainy still images, taken from surveillance video, show three men who may be able to provide information to help the FBI’s larger probe into the attacks that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya,” the FBI said in a statement. The FBI opened a webpage in November as part of an effort to solicit information on the attack. Dhu-al-Bajadin did not disclose details of the “turn” in events that prompted Stevens’ assassination.

However, he may have been referring to the armed security team encountered by the terrorists who went to the diplomatic compound from a nearby CIA office within 25 minutes of the start of the attack. The security team killed or wounded many of the dozens of terrorists at the diplomatic compound, U.S. officials have said. The House report said the security team “repelled sporadic gunfire and [rocket-propelled grenade] fire and assembled all other U.S. personnel at the facility. Officers retrieved the body of Mr. Smith but did not find Ambassador Stevens.” Read on..

May 28, 2013

May 22, 2013

More whistleblowers will emerge shortly in the escalating Benghazi scandal, according to two former U.S. diplomats who spoke with PJ Media Monday afternoon. These whistleblowers, colleagues of the former diplomats, are currently securing legal counsel because they work in areas not fully protected by the Whistleblower law. According to the diplomats, what these whistleblowers will say will be at least as explosive as what we have already learned about the scandal, including details about what really transpired in Benghazi that are potentially devastating to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The Western Center for Journalism: Ex-Diplomats Report New Benghazi Whistleblowers With Info Devastating To Clinton And Obama

May 20, 2013

Raymond Maxwell is one of the four State Department officials who was disciplined due to security lapses leading to the U.S. Consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya, last year. But after he was placed on paid administrative leave last Dec. 18, CBS News says that rather than sulk in silence and shame, Maxwell has been publishing poetry about his ordeal–often scathing verse–that can’t be making officials in Washington, D.C. applaud:
“Trapped in a purgatory of their own deceit.”
“The web of lies they weave /gets tighter and tighter / in its deceit / until it bottoms out – / at a very low frequency – / and implodes…Yet all the while, / the more they talk, / the more they lie, / and the deeper down the hole they go… Just wait…/ just wait and feed them the rope.” 
Shocking verse from the 20-year foreign-service worker who was the well-respected deputy assistant secretary for Maghreb Affairs in the Near East Bureau and former Chief of Staff to the Ambassador in Baghdad. Fluent in Portuguese, Maxwell is also an ex-Navy “mustanger,” which means he leapt from enlisted ranks to commissioned officer. Maxwell uses lynching imagery in his “Invitation”
“The Queen’s Henchmen / request the pleasure of your company / at a Lynching – / to be held / at 23rd and C Streets NW [State Dept. building] / on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 / just past sunset. / Dress: Formal, Masks and Hoods- / the four being lynched / must never know the identities/ of their executioners, or what/ whose sin required their sacrifice./ A blood sacrifice- / to divert the hounds- / to appease the gods- / to cleanse our filth and /satisfy our guilty consciences… 
You can check out more of Maxwell’s poetry on his blog.

May 16, 2013


Sen. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton must be called back to testify. Thomas R. Pickering, chairman of the State Department review board has said decisions were made under Clinton's level, which is precisely her culpability. That shouldn't have happened. There's an arrogance and an abuse of power here. The pattern in these scandals is to fire an underling, while the top rejects responsibility.

Meanwhile Pickering has said on today he is willing to testify in an open hearing, but will not submit to the closed-door interview requested by House oversight committee’s chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa.

Then CIA-Director David Petraeus objected to the final talking points the Obama administration used, because he wanted to see more details revealed to the public, according to emails released Wednesday by the White House. It released 99 pages of emails and a single page of hand-written notes made by Petraeus’ deputy, Mike Morell, after a meeting at the White House on Sept. 15. Morell scratched out from the CIA’s early drafts of talking points mentions of al-Qaida, the experience of fighters in Libya, Islamic extremists and a warning to the Cairo embassy on the eve of the attacks of calls for a demonstration and break-in by jihadists. Petraeus apparently was displeased by the removal of so much of the material his analysts initially had proposed for release. “No mention of the cable to Cairo, either?” Petraeus wrote after receiving Morell’s edited version, developed after an intense back-and-forth among Obama administration officials. “Frankly, I’d just as soon not use this, then.” (...) Critics have highlighted an email by then State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland that expressed concern that any mention of prior warnings or the involvement of al-Qaida would give congressional Republicans ammunition to attack the administration in the weeks before the presidential election. Read more >>>

May 15, 2013

The White House will now be releasing some 100 pages of emails and notes on the talking points issue. This particularly noteworthy in the light of the comments yesterday made by WH spokesman Jay Carney, accusing Repubs of leaking falsefied emails.

May 14, 2013


Calls are growing for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to return to Capitol Hill -- under subpoena, if necessary -- to answer new questions that have surfaced about her role in the response to the Benghazi terror attack. “I believe she was disconnected and dispassionate about what was happening,” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa told Fox News on Monday.

FoxNews: Republicans want new Clinton testimony on Benghazi, float possibility of subpoena

Ansar al-Sharia, the terror group widely believed to have played a leading role in the attack against the U.S. mission in Benghazi on Sept. 11 last year, now claims that it is carrying out humanitarian and charity work in Libya. The militants were forced out of Benghazi following the murder of the U.S. ambassador, but they returned in February. The Globe and Mail reported at the time that “Observers say Ansar al-Sharia is regaining ground in Benghazi by portraying itself as a humanitarian and security organization, protecting the city from external threats and hazardous goods,” in addition to providing “security” at Benghazi’s central hospital.

Money Jihad: Benghazi terrorists masquerade as charity

May 10, 2013


Transcript of the hearings >>>

The Damning Dozen: Twelve Revelations from the Benghazi Hearings
  1. Gregory Hicks was instructed not to speak with a Congressional investigator by Sec. Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Cheryl Mills. When he refused to comply with this request, the State Department dispatched an attorney to act as a "minder".
  2. Assistant Secretary of State Beth Jones instantly reversed course and launched into a "blistering critique" of Hicks' leadership. He was subsequently "effectively demoted." Hicks called Rice's talking points "stunning" and "embarrassing."
  3. Hicks called the YouTube a "non-event" in Libya. He and others on the ground -- including Amb. Stevens -- recognized the raid as a coordinated terrorist attack from the very beginning.
  4. A small, armed US force in Tripoli was told it did not have the authority to deploy to Benghazi in the midst of the attack. Twice.
  5. The US' security chief in Libya, Eric Nordstrom, averred that Sec. Clinton "absolutely" would have been briefed on his (and Stevens') repeated requests for an increased security presence in Libya. Furthermore, the Benghazi compound was operating below the bare minimum global security standard for US diplomatic missions. An Al Qaeda aligned group was hired to guard the mission
  6. Amb. Stevens was stationed at the vulnerable Benghazi compound on a dangerous symbolic date at the behest of Sec. Clinton, who wished to make that diplomatic mission a permanent outpost.
  7. Nordstrom stated that elements of the lightly-armed Libyan militia group tasked with protecting the consulate were "certainly" complicit in the attacks.
  8. mortally wounded Amb. Stevens was taken to a hospital controlled by the Islamist extremist group (Ansar Al-Sharia) primarily responsible for the assault. Administration officials initially pointed to locals rushing Stevens to a local hospital as evidence of local goodwill from protesters.
  9. The US government did not seek permission from the Libyan government to fly any aircraft into Libyan airspace, aside from a drone. The witnesses testified that they believe the Libyan government would have complied with any such request.
  10. Despite committee Democrats' repeated claims and leading questions, reduced funding or "austerity" had absolutely nothing to do with the inadequate security presence on the ground.
  11. Oversight Democrats tried to cast doubt on Mark Thompson's credibility, suggesting that he'd declined to participate in the administration's ARB probe. Thompson corrected the record.
  12. During her Congressional testimony on Benghazi, Sec. Clinton memorably yelled, "what difference does it make?" in regards to the provenance of the administration's incorrect talking points. Gregory Hicks and Eric Nordstrom both attempted to answer that question. Hicks did so in granular detail.

The Benghazi talking points at the center of the controversy surrounding the attacks on the U.S. compound in Libya were extensively edited by State Department staff to remove references to al-Qaida and terrorism, emails between the administration officials show. Read on >>>


Breaking this morning, from ABC News' Jonathan Karl (and over Fox News at the time of this writing): "When it became clear last fall that the CIA's now discredited Benghazi talking points were flawed, the White House said repeatedly the documents were put together almost entirely by the intelligence community, but White House documents reviewed by Congress suggest a different story. ABC News has obtained 12 different versions of the talking points that show they were extensively edited as they evolved from the drafts first written entirely by the CIA to the final version distributed to Congress and to U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice before she appeared on five talk shows the Sunday after that attack. Read More >>>

May 9, 2013

As State Department employees divulged information regarding woeful failures and dereliction of duty on behalf of both Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice over the Benghazi terror attack, both the former Secretary of State and the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. were receiving awards for being great public servantsRead on >>>


A transcript of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Hearing on May 8, 2013 is available here >>>

May 8, 2013

A former U.S. diplomat in Libya who says more could have been done to protect Americans at the U.S. mission in Benghazi when it was attacked last September will be a featured witness on Wednesday during a congressional hearing.

Gregory Hicks, deputy chief of mission in Libya at the time of the attack, will be one of three whisteblowers at the hearing before the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight & Government Reform.

The other two witnesses are Mark Thompson, the acting deputy assistant secretary for counterterrorism at the State Department, and Eric Nordstrom, a former regional security officer in Libya.

Hicks has questioned why the U.S. military did not send a plane into Libyan airspace as a show of force and why four American special operations soldiers were not permitted to go to Benghazi.

Four Americans including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens were killed on September 11, 2012, in the attack on a lightly defended U.S. diplomatic mission and a more fortified CIA compound in the eastern Libyan city. 

May 6, 2013


DAMNING: The Complete Benghazi Timeline in Spreadsheet Format

Ambassador Christopher Stevens' former deputy Gregory Hicks is contradicting the Obama administration’s narrative why no help arrived in Benghazi, according to a CBS News report. Hicks told investigators that SOCAFRICA commander Lt. Col. Gibson and his team were on their way to board a C-130 from Tripoli for Benghazi prior to an attack on a second U.S. compound

“when [Col. Gibson] got a phone call from SOCAFRICA which said, ‘you can’t go now, you don’t have the authority to go now.’ And so they missed the flight … They were told not to board the flight, so they missed it.” [...] 
Hicks told congressional investigators that if the U.S. had quickly sent a military aircraft over Benghazi, it might have saved American lives. The U.S. Souda Bay Naval Base is an hour’s flight from Libya.

“I believe if we had been able to scramble a fighter or aircraft or two over Benghazi as quickly as possible after the attack commenced, I believe there would not have been a mortar attack on the annex in the morning because I believe the Libyans would have split. They would have been scared to death that we would have gotten a laser on them and killed them,” Hicks testified. 
Hicks said Stevens called him at the onset of the attack shouting: “We’re under attack! We’re under attack!”  Hicks immediately called Washington and, according to excerpts of his testimony, said he was “in communications with Washington all night long…reporting all night long what was happening to Washington by telephone.”

“I never reported a demonstration; I reported an attack on the consulate,” he said in excerpts released on CBS over the weekend, also contradicting the administration’s original narrative that the attack was the outgrowth of a protest related to a YouTube video.

“Chris — Chris’s last report, if you want to say his final report, is, ‘Greg, we are under attack.’” Hicks is scheduled to speak publicly for the first time before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

WH reaction:

May 5, 2013

Obama and Hillary in deep trouble over #Benghazi. Even @bobschieffer is jumping off sinking ship of lies. Watch the video of Face the Nation!

Here the next bomb shell!

State Department official: Knew from 'get go’ Benghazi strike was terror attackMore video!

May 4, 2013

(...) Appearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will be three career State Department officials: 
  • Gregory N. Hicks, the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya at the time of the Benghazi terrorist attacks; 
  • Mark I. Thompson, a former Marine and now the deputy coordinator for Operations in the agency’s Counterterrorism Bureau; 
  • Eric Nordstrom, a diplomatic security officer who was the regional security officer in Libya, the top security officer in the country in the months leading up to the attacks. (...) Read more
April 30, 2013

The U.S. government had the ability to “react and respond” to the Benghazi terrorist attack and could have had forces on the ground before the second wave of the assault began, a special operator with knowledge of the response told Fox News in an exclusive interview. Due to the explosive nature of his allegations, the special ops member asked to remain anonymous. (part 1part 2(...) Read it in..

..in the meantime

April 24, 2013


April 18, 2013

More than 100 Republican House members are lining up behind a proposal to create a new select committee to investigate the attack. According to The Hill, the lawmakers don't believe House Speaker John Boehner and other GOP leaders have done enough to examine and report on the tragedy in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012.  Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf has introduced a resolution demanding the House create a 19-member select committee. So far, 101 lawmakers have signed on to the motion and hundreds of grass-roots Republicans are pressing other representatives to do the same.

February 12, 2013

February 8, 2013

January 28, 2013

Wow! Retired Admiral Claims Benghazi Was A Publicity Stunt Gone Bad. At first glance this looks like an awkwardly restructed aluhat case. On second glance, knowing the Obama and his minions, it's completely plausible. Read it all!

GOPUSA: Brown: Is This The Scandal That Will Bring Obama Down?, by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

January 25, 2013

- OPSEC Team: Benghazi Questions

January 24, 2013

January 23, 2013

Hillary Clinton is testifying today for the House Committee in an outrageous performance featuring awful acting, pOmo tearjerkers, fake rage and out right lies:

January 17, 2013

As it happens, on the day FBI director, Robert Mueller arrived in Libya for meetings with senior officials, including the prime minister, justice minister and intelligence chief, it turns out the events at Benghazi are tied in with the current hostage situation in Algeria and France's current intervention in Mali -

December 31, 2012

December 17, 2012

December 3, 2012

November 17, 2012

Jon Rappaport, in a interesting piece, has listed the involvement of federal agencies so far:
Diana West analyses David Petraeus pomo grade in Petraeus Betrayed his Country Before he Betrayed his Wife in re of the disastrous number of American casualties in Afghanistan, as a result of his altruistic, multiculture based COIN doctrine. The final paragraph reads:

This explains why the reports that CIA director David Petraeus went before the House Intelligence Committee in September and blamed a YouTube Muhammad video for the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, sounded so familiar. Whatever his motivation, it was all too easy for Petraeus to make free speech the scapegoat for Islamic violence. But so it goes in COIN-world, where jihad and Shariah (Islamic law) are off the table and the First Amendment is always to blame. If there is a lesson here, it is simple: A leader who will betray the First Amendment will betray anything.
November 16, 2012

Post Petraeus testimony before House Intel Ctee:

Here's the wriggle room for the regime! Confusion, fog of war: "Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.) said in September the attack on the consulate in Benghazi was a lot different than the second incident at the CIA".

But here's the bomb shell! Peter King in this video says Petraeus testified that the talking points drawn up for Susan Rice by the CIA mentioned Al Qaeda involvement in the Benghazi attack. Two days later, in the "inter agency" process (directed by the White House), the mysterious anti Islamic video (sitting on YouTube since June) was brought up as a reason for the 'spontaneous'attack!

November 14, 2012

As the media have turned the matter into a sex scandal, the Obama surely can't believe his luck. The Left are doing their utmost to separate it as far from Benghazi as they can get away with. General Petraeus is going to testify on Friday for Congress. It isn't likely he will perjure himself: he is expected to stick to the Obama regime narrative that the Benghazi attack happened as a result of the Islam offensive film. Which seems completely ludicrous by now. It is unthinkable the President was not informed his CIA chief was compromized. This is all about deniability. But the timing of Petraeus resignation, just after he threw the Obama under the bus, looks like the Chicago clan kept this wrapped up until they could use it against him.

November 13, 2012

The plot is thickening. Petraeus won't be testifying in the closed hearing on Benghazigate on Thursday. His deputy will though. Hillary won't: her social agenda does not allow it. Waiting subpoenas and Republicans to grow a backbone.
For what it's worth, here are the conspiracy theories.
Is Benghazigate in fact Iran Contra redux? The author is not some lunatic wingnut, but Richard Cottrell, writer, journalist and former European MP (Conservative). His new book is entitled, Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis: More at EndtheLie.com.
Paula Broadwell, Petraeus mistress, may have revealed classified informationShe alledges the attack may have occurred to free prisoners held at the CIA annex.
Oh dear! Even another top General, John Allen  is now caught up the scandal.

November 10, 2012

Post election and post resignation of CIA chief, General Petraeus, questions, questions. If Petraeus was under investigation while in Afghanistan, why was he appointed CIA chief? Is Petraeus wife working for the Obama regime? Why did it take the Pentagon 19 hours to respond to the attack. Reminding of the log on October 26: Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus

November 7, 2012 

- UPI: Zawahiri: Benghazi showed U.S. weakness"

November 6, 2012

November 4, 2012

November 2, 2012

Dutch journo @HaraldDoornbos has a scoop concerning Benghazi which led immediately to Congress sending a letter to the State Department, demanding clarification. The newly discovered documents he found in the wreckage of the mission in Benghazi reveal diplomats noticed a Libyan police officer conducting surveillance of the compound the morning before the attack and that the Benghazi police department had not responded to requests for more security during the visit of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Here's the letter... here the article:

November 1, 2012

October 31, 2012

October 30, 2012D

WaPo: Obama needs to come clean on Benghazi, by Jennifer Rubin

October 28, 2012
- American Thinker: Issa Benghazi Transcript by Clarice Feldman

October 27, 2012

General [Carter] Ham as head of Africom received the same e-mails the White House received requesting help/support as the attack was taking place. General Ham immediately had a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the Pentagon that he had a unit ready. General Ham then received the order to stand down. His response was to screw it, he was going to help anyhow. Within 30 seconds to a minute after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now relieved of his command (...) 
- American Thinker: PC in the Military Establishment, by Dr Sam Holliday

It is now known that the CIA annex itself was under fire for four hours.
Two anti terrorist gun ships were at hand in the larger area but they were ordered to stand down.
Two survaillance drones were in Libya providing live video connections..
The SEALS were killed by a mortar shell.
Insiders tell us it is not possible, the administration could not have known about the attack. And when it was over, the Obama went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. The Commandar-in-Chief simply abdicated his role as Commander-in-Chief.
In the meantime the film maker is sitting in a jail and won't come out until after three days after the elections - update: sentenced for a year on probation violation charges. He is supposed to have speech rights.