Tuesday, September 19, 2017


In 2011 the Occupy rage shot to infamy as the unions' answer to the grassroots Tea Party movement. Occupiers taught the morality of taxation in general, soaking the rich 1% in particular as proof of their economic ignorance. Occupy flea camps disappeared as fast as they took root. But the cultural marxists might now be back for a second enactment of their revolutionary playbook. 

Investigative journalist Lee Stranahan was one of the producers of Andrew Breitbart's docu "Occupy Unmasked" (background below). He is now warning us for a resurgence of Occupy, this time under the theme Resist! that strives for the impeachment of President Trump. The existence of two Occupy camps have so far been reported: one in St Louis, presently the scene of Black Lives Matter rioting, and another in Washington DC (Facebook), one block away from the White House. They are planning to occupy the Washington Monument on November 5. Occupy Democrats are still using Obama's unicorn emblem.