Wednesday, June 7, 2017


What connects former President Obama and the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the wars in the Middle East and North Africa and explains Western hate mongering against Russia? This rabbit hole goes deep. We pick up the story after President Trump's historic speech in Riyadh, cementing an alliance with over 50 Sunni Arab states against Iranian sponsored terrorism. 

UPDATE: It is no surprise that Germany would side with Iran's proxies Hamas and Qatar against the Sunni anti terrorist allies. The Europeans in general were warm promoters of Obama's deal with Iran; as soon as the agreement was implemented, German trade representatives scrambled to sign contracts in Tehran. Since Mrs Merkel's remarks last week that she can no longer trust the US to blindly go along with the globalist agenda, it has become clear that Germany and France mean to follow a course separate from the Atlantic Alliance. The German FM has  now made up an American doctrine called "Trumpization".