Wednesday, February 22, 2017


On New Year's Eve 2016 Germany was reporting a case of organized mass sexual assault on women known as 'taharrush gamea'; the Arab Spring's Tahrir Square is now in Europe. The German police is tying the 'incidents' together to an orgy of violence against women in order to enforce the veil. 

UPDATE Paul Joseph Watson, the UK-based editor of far-right conspiracy website Infowars, has donated $2,000 to one of the hundreds of reporters who took him up on his Twitter offer to pay "any journalist claiming Sweden is safe" to stay in Malmo. The donation comes after Sweden was thrown into the spotlight by US President Donald Trump's reference last week to a security incident which did not actually happen. President Trump has since sought to clarify his remarks, stating that his comments were "in reference to a story that was broadcast on Fox News concerning immigrants and Sweden". After many social media users ridiculed the American leader using the hashtag #lastnightinSweden, Mr Watson issued a challenge to journalists. (...) (BBC)