Monday, January 16, 2017


Donald Trump's foreign policy goal is not glorious isolationism, but a fusion of business tactics led by America First. Like trade agreements, treaties with allies will be subject to renegotiation. Trump questions the entire post Cold War geopolitical paradigm, which is thereby up for review

UPDATE: Last night as the President Elect's interview with the German newspaper Bild and Brexiteer Michael Gove of TheTimes of London was published, sheer panic broke out in the ranks of foreign policy watchers. Most aren't used to Trump's type of blunt negotiating skills. They are in for a rough ride. The Times interview requires simple registration for complete access. Gove:
I was invited to see the president-elect, along with my colleague Kai Diekmann, from the German newspaper Bild, because Mr Trump wanted to chat about Britain, Brexit, Europe and the world. The Trump team knew that Kai was close to German chancellors, from Kohl to Merkel, and was aware of my role as a campaigner for Brexit. We chatted, on and off the record, for an hour in his corner office in Trump Tower, surrounded by mementoes of his past successes, commercial and political. (More