Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Political correctness, nihilism, radical equality, Social Justice Warriors, identity politics, demonization, personal attacks, emotional appeals, tamper tantrums, triggerings and safe spaces, the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left...what does it all mean? It's part of a study everyone needs to get acquainted with: social psychology (or social pathology, if you wish).

UPDATE: While sexual attacks on women are something every right minded person rejects, the philosophical abandon behind the MeToo movement is potentially devastating. Just how corrosive it is, has become apparent in the Left fighting to stave off the life-time appointment of the Catholic, originalist Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. Two pillars of Western culture are thereby under a two pronged attack by the MeToos. First, the epistemological underpinning is under fire, that truth is universal and independent of the person speaking it. But in the MeToo universe, truth is associated with gender: women are basically right, while men are principally wrong. Which is ludicrous on its face and another demonstration of the postmodern war on basic axioms. But that is only the preliminary stage of the MeToo assault.

The second part is the attack on the presumption of innocence. Democrats are presenting it as a legal issue, which once again  proves their rejection of such a thing as morality. Imagine for a moment how a world would look without that basic moral principle. The society that would adopt such barbarism, would soon cease to even exist. But the Left just doesn't care anymore. If they have no power, society must die too. The Left is on a nihilistic scourged earth suicide mission for itself and all that's dear must perish with them.


Kanye West Makes SNL Edgy Again… The Saturday Night Live season premiere may have started out annoying the right with their ridiculous Brett Kavanaugh parody — but it ended with Kanye West rocking a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat which caused some serious liberal tears. Many supported his bold and brave statement — but the left absolutely did not take it well. (More)

Guess what? Kanye isn't alone challenging the Left's cultural monopoly!

A new pro-Trump rap song is burning up the internet. Hip hop artist and news analyst An0maly, laid out his support for President Trump last year on social media and his political commentary has continued to earned him millions of hits since. Now the former Bernie Sanders supporter is aiming to reach Americans from both sides of the aisle with his new song ‘I Like Trump.’ (More)

July 31, 2018


Knowledge does not come by reason alone. Experience is another indispensable vehicle for data. And then there's belief, often coming disguised as science a.k.a. scientism. Environmentalism is such a belief. Postmodern "science" is often a rationalism; it is never reduced to the level of sense experience which is thought to be wholly unreliable. Yet the rational use of sensory data would have corrected errors in reasoning. The postmodern era has come with an intellectual elite that has devised its own cosmology and mythology. This is what Douglas Rushkoff (Wiki), an American media theorist found when he was recently invited to a super-deluxe private resort to deliver a keynote speech to what he assumed would be a hundred or so investment bankers. Contrary to popular assumption, postmodern bankers are not financial folk at all; they are mostly mathematicians. It doesn't get any more rationalistic than that! To his astonishment Rushkoff discovered what these postmodern atheists believe in. It explains why the culture is going to hell in a hand basket and why Hollywood and the entertainment industry solely produce drama set in post-apocalyptic dystopia. These are deeply anxious and unhappy people. Read it all. It explains a lot. (More)

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Posted on June 16, 2015


Nearly 100 years ago, Walter Lippmann wrote about “the manufacture of consent” in his classic work, “Public Opinion.” On the heels of that book, Edward Bernays penned a little volume called “Propaganda,” in which he stated that an elite would always be responsible for making the public aware of “new ideas” which the public would then act upon as the elite nudged them into it. Related, but more in-depth is Jacques Ellul’s 1962 book, “Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes.” Political propaganda aims to mobilize the masses to move an agenda forward. That’s most effectively done when the masses are unaware of the process. It’s what “community organizers” work towards, whether they know it or not. Once the masses are mobilized to push for a cause, the propagandists’ goals can be put into law. (...) One of the best books that cracks the code on what we are living through was written by Dutch psychiatrist Joost A. M. Meerloo about 60 years ago. Mull over the first line of his book’s forward, and you will think he is writing about today:
“This book attempts to depict the strange transformation of the free human mind into an automatically responding machine – a transformation which can be brought about by some of the cultural undercurrents in our present-day society as well as by deliberate experiments in the service of a political ideology.” (Source)

Full text "The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing".