Tuesday, April 18, 2017


To the political establishment, both to the Left and to the Right, it's a mystery what moves President Trump. Cashing in on leverage is seen as flip-flopping; to those who fail to connect the dots, Trumpism is tantamount to random chaos. Who looks at the President through the traditional conceptual frame works, will never fully grasp the Trump principles (yes, they do exist!).

Apr 17, 2017 Rebel Media: Jack Posobiec sat down with Trump advisor Roger Stone.

UPDATE: Jack Posobiec, DC Bureau Chief of TheRebel.media, sat down with Trump advisor Roger Stone about a rumored White House shakeup, the 2018 and 2020 election cycles, and much more. Stone gives his predictions for what will happen to Steve Bannon, his opinion on why Trump conducted the missile strike in Syria, and what this all means for the 2018 and 2020 election cycle for the Republican Party and Trump's re-election. (Source)

April 16, 2017


Apr 15, 2017 White House terrorism adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Watters' World.

The in-fighting in the Trump base is due to a number of differences in world view between the composing factions. Libertarians can be particularly shortsighted, especially when it comes to matters of objective values, and war in particular. It is evil. Period. They don't distinguish between offensive and defensive use of force for example. Much of the trouble stems from that fallacy. What did they think Trump's moniker Peace Through Strength actually means?

There is a fierce debate about the various factions in the White House that is fueled by invective in the mainstream media about feuds between the Bannon and the Kushner wings. The number one mistake is to think that Trump can be swayed by either. Who understands anything about Trump, knows that he is his own man. Belief in free will is the most fundamental principle that makes American Exceptionalism and the American Dream possible in the first place.

Globalists are autocrats. No one has given them authority to rub the borders, destroy national sovereignty or gut the democratic essence of limited government. They have given themselves god-like absolute authority because "they know best". They base that arrogance on their education, their social class, or just because they believe themselves to be inherently superior humans. Can anyone accuse President Trump of such pretenses? 

No, evidently not, though the Democrat media complex is trying hard enough! This is an assumption Trumpists would never make, surely? Wrong! They do and even threaten to abandon Trump on that basis, even though Trump came to power on a wave of popular revolt against authoritarian globalism. Where have they seen that Trump is abandoning The People, the source of his authority? The error lies in their concept of war, that is by nature aggressive and evil.

Peace through strength is rooted in quite another concept of power, war and peace that is the very opposite of globalism. The globalist approach to war requires nation building, weak rules of engagement that sacrifices the military, and moral equivalence between the warring parties. We know this doctrine as Just War Theory (JWT Live Blog). This is what cost @Johnny_Joey his legs. What makes him expendable.

JWT is the central doctrine taught in military academies and university departments today. It was meant as a compromize between pacifism (non violance) and realism (self preservation). It represents a deeply philosophical denial of the nature of war, peace, and ethics. JWT is immoral. More military get killed than is necessary, because according to JWT civilian lives are worth more than the soldiers'.  But why would a nation fight wars in the first place? 

It has to do with the concepts of Good and Evil. Nature abhors a vacuum. As Obama withdrew America from the battlefield, the world's rats came crawling out of their nooks and crannies, smelling an opportunity. At the end of his rule, the Middle East and North Africa lay in tatters, ISIS controlled swaths of Syria and Iraq, rogue nations like the Norks and Iran secretly incubated nuclear weapons and Europe was invaded by foreign, hostile invaders.

Evil exists, and it is that which threatens the Good. If you don't know what the Good is, ask yourself if life is equivalent to death. If the answer is yes, throw yourself off a bridge, because you are a menace to yourself and your fellow citizens. If the logic that war creates more war is true, humanity would have stopped to exist sometime after the Trojan War. Morality is objective!

April 15, 2017


Apr 15, 2017 A gem packed Hannity program chasing the elusive Trump Doctrine. 

The pundits and the politicos in the Democrat media complex are this week chasing the elusive Trump Doctrine, usually in vain. Sadly the media instigated in-fighting in the Trump base continues as well. Bill Mitchell @Mitchellvii gets Trump way better than most. His motto "In Trump We Trust" is seen by the Libertarian faction, represented by Paul Watson @PrisonPlanet as blind sheepishness. It is however common sense. As perceptive observers may have noticed, the President is usually some five steps ahead of the rest of us. Sundance of The Last Refuge Blog explains it brilliantly. Read it all!
Maybe it’s because the complexity is difficult to distill; maybe it’s because some just can’t give President Trump any credit; or maybe it’s because the scope is too challenging to comprehend against the constant belittlement meme du jour; regardless of reason, President Trump is fundamentally realigning international geo-political alliances and almost no-one is connecting the dots. President Trump obviously held a long-ball strategy with the Chinese; he’s described the approach in his books and lived the approach in his business life:  
At the outset, position yourself at the furthest oppositional point when it costs you nothing; then leverage inward toward your opponent as they expend their resources to meet your stance.

April 10, 2017


Candidate Donald Trump forged a coalition of traditional Republicans and a number of other factions, such as Libertarians and a fringe group of people vague designated 'the Alt Right'. The latter two are fairly isolationist. Libertarians have a strong pacifist streak. The Alt Right are ethnic and cultural polylogists. The Trump attack on Syria has greatly confused these original Trumpists. Some have even given up on their hero.

For many people it is very hard to understand what moves President Trump. He is a pragmatist, not an ideologue. But contrary to a lot of postmodern pragmatists, he has not jettisoned morality for subjective relativism. With Trump, everything is in the service of Americanism. When he appoints a globalist to head his economic team, he does not hire his ideology, but his skills and knowledge in the service of American exceptionalism. He will be replaced the moment his ideological perspective starts interfering with the great goal. Libertarians can rest assured President Trump's moral compass continues to point true north. The Alt Right are the losers. Trumpism is impervious to race and color and knows only one cultural logic: Making American Great Again for the American people, who are E Pluribus Unum.

The biggest mistake is not to credit Trump with a mind of his own. The doubters are portraying him as the battle field between the various factions in the White House. That is the denial of the essence of the man, Donald Trump: the expression of Free Will, which is the root of Americanism.

Noteworthy is also the clash at an anti war protest between the extreme Leftist AntiFa and an Alt Right leader, Richard Spencer. The sworn enemies share the anti war morality, but from very different perspectives. It ends in total war.