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ARCHIVE SYRIA, ISIS: Aug. 10, 2016 - April 14, 2018

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April 14, 2018


Retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Oliver North said the coalition attack on Syrian military and chemical weapons facilities sends an "important message" to not only the Assad government, but also Iran and Russia. North said the two nations are "enablers" of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and that by America joining with allies France and Great Britain, the attack illustrates allied resolve. "There are a lot of players in this," he added, saying that several countries other than the three western allies are concerned about the present state of Syria. "Syria is a totally failed state," he said. "The ultimate outcome is going to be a completely different map." (More)


Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said Saturday the U.S. and its allies "successfully hit every target" in airstrikes in Syria overnight. The U.S., U.K. and France and U.K. launched the strikes Friday night Eastern Time in response to the Syrian regime's alleged use of chemical weapons last weekend. In total, the U.S. used 105 weapons against three targets. "I can assure you we took every measure and precaution to strike only what we targeted and –– and we successfully hit every target," White told reporters Saturday. White said the U.S. believes it has "significantly crippled" Syrian President Bashar Assad's ability to carry out a chemical weapons attack. White said the mission in Syria remains defeating the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), but the U.S. will not stand by while Assad attacks "innocent Syrian people."  (More)

April 12, 2018


While Russia and Iran were scrambling to get their assets out of the Syria war theater, libertarians and other peaceniks worked themselves in a frenzy over "WWIII". Then President Trump posted a tweet this morning. The media echo chamber is pregnant with the sound of "Trump is walking back". No, he's not! They don't listen! Trump said he would take a decision in 1-2 days; not that he would attack. They never learn. They ought to know by know that the President does not show his hand when it comes to tactics. The Russians, Iranians and their Syrian clients on the other hand, just did!

April 9, 2018


A year ago President Trump answered an Assad poison gas attack with 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airbase. The question is now, what will the President do after this week's alleged gas attack; and who unleashed airstrikes last night on Assad's T4 airbase near Homs? According to Russia two Israeli F-15 jets carried out the strike with guided missiles from Lebanese airspace. Five of eight missiles are said to have been destroyed by Syrian air defenses. The strike killed 14, including Iranian troops. The T4 airbase may have been chosen as a target as it is home to an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds Force. An Iranian drone which took off from the T4 airbase, infiltrated Israel in February. Several drones were said to have been destroyed in last night’s strike. John McCain claims President Trump's suggestion that US troops may be withdrawn from Syria emboldened Assad. Trump never intended a withdrawal. It was clearly strategic deception. More is yet to come. A confrontation with Iran and Hezbollah is unavoidable at some point in the near future. More observations to ponder in Thomas Wictor's thread below.

Nov. 15, 2017


Turns out the Combined Joint Task Force’s Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) fighting ISIS at its last stand Raqqa, have been making a deal with the terrorists resulting in local haulers driving them and their families out of the war zone. The BBC reported on Monday that local drivers spent three days carrying 250 ISIS fighters and 3,500 family members and tons of weapons and ammunition under the gaze of US and British-led-coalition and Kurdish- led forces.
(...) The deal was for the surrender of 300 ISIS fighters, 100 of them to surrender to us that day [October 12] but the 200 changed the deal the next day (...) Initially ISIS members wanted to be transported toward the Turkish border but they were told they could either go towards Deir Ez-Zor or other areas ISIS held near the Iraqi border.” According to the local fighter the SDF and the coalition were “pissed off, but what can we do?” He says the ISIS members mixed with civilians so that they would not be hit by air strikes once the convoy got moving. (...) He also says that among the “families” that ISIS took with them were human shields, including Yazidi women enslaved by them in 2014. “Nobody checked them, they all were wearing explosive belts,” he says. Asked about the presence of foreign fighters, he responded: “Of course there were foreigners in the middle [of the group].” (...) The BBC said that after the convoy made it to eastern Syria, some of the fighters sought to be smuggled to the Turkish border. This “serves as a warning to the West of the threat from those freed from Raqqa,” (More)

An item on RT makes clear their children are a total menace. Within a month they may be in your country as "refugees. Russia is still fighting ISIS. Matter of morality. They believe the safety of Russians comes before the lives of terrorists. 

July 25, 2017


WHAM! The President is confirming the existence of CIA and Pentagon covert programs of arms (and wages) to aid anti Assad rebels in Syria right on Twitter! This went as far as designating Al Qaeda related groups as "moderate", the label that made rebels eligible for the program. 

July 23, 2017


On the day John McCain -- the architect of the US support for so-called 'moderate Syrian rebels', in reality covert Jihadists -- was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, the news broke that the Trump administration was halting the CIA arms shipments to the rebels. From Julian Assange we learn that Obama and Clinton not only supplied ISIS with a billion dollars worth of weapons annually, they went much, much further. They actually paid them wages! Obama was in effect the leader of ISIS! Sick as McCain may be, that didn't stop him from blasting the Trump decision for "playing into the hands of Putin". This mess shows us just how strategic thinking can lead to unintended consequences, because they are not necessarily based on moral standards. Arming the enemies of your enemy may seem like a good idea, until they turn their weapons against you. Which is what happened with Al Qaeda growing out of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Soviets. And now for the second time, Sunni extremists, Iraqi Saddamists and assorted terrorists morphing into ISIS. 

April 1, 2017


Oct 4, 2016 Leaked audio: Kerry thought ISIS could bring down Assad, and that they could “manage” the ISIS problem.

(...) after the fall of Mosul in 2014, John Kerry had the crust to claim publicly that “people were surprised everywhere” by the ISIS attack and the city’s subsequent fall. This in spite of a Kurdish official’s warning (...) John Kerry confirmed, in a discussion with Syrian militants in September 2016, that the Obama administration saw ISIS coming, and did nothing to thwart ISIS (...) because they thought ISIS could bring down Assad, and they thought they could “manage” the ISIS problem. Based on their comments since 2014, they apparently still think they are “managing” the problem of ISIS. The audio of the September 2016 meeting, which took place at the UN headquarters in New York at the Dutch Mission, is presented in a YouTube video. (...) Treehouse flags two passages, one starting around the 2:00 mark and the other starting at 18:30. These are good pointers, but I encourage listening to the whole session, because it highlights the dissatisfaction of the Syrians with the results of the Barack Obama-John Kerry policy. (More)

Dec. 27, 2016


We can assume the quote is from Gen. Michael Flynn's book, The Field of Fight. The Obama administration and its allies have long tried to obfuscate the frame and the moral conundrum in Syria, but now it has come down to this simple equation: if the price for fighting a secular tyrant like Assad, is the empowerment of the most cruel and criminal army since Genghis Khan, the final balance is negative. It's not that hard really.  Obama and his allies have destroyed the Middle East. The recent ambush on Israel is meant to be the final coup of a regime that doesn't care anymore if everyone knows. He's probably proud of his achievements. Think of it this way: there's no satisfaction in revenge if the subject doesn't know that he was had just before the final blow is struck. 


Oct. 12, 2016


FoxNews: Bolton: Who is her source?

John Bolton is remarking that the information, that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS dates back to when Hillary had left the State Department. He is making a rather artificial distinction between the Government and private citizens. It is however doubtful that the totalitarian Governments in the Gulf wouldn't know about it. Furthermore, these are our allies. ISIS are their shock troops. Clinton as Secretary of State used Qatar as a front for running arms to the not so moderate rebels in Libya and Syria. Which is why Ambassador Stevens asked for more protection or the CIA annex in Benghazi for over 600 times, but to no avail; because that would have drawn attention to the operation. 
Leaked email exchanges allegedly between Hillary Clinton and her 2016 campaign chair John Podesta reportedly show the Democratic nominee identify Saudi Arabia and Qatar as “clandestine financial and logistic” supporters of ISIS. “While this military/para-military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL [Isis] and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” Clinton reportedly wrote in 2014. “This effort will be enhanced by the stepped up commitment in the [Kurdish Regional Government]. The Qataris and Saudis will be put in a position of balancing policy between their ongoing competition to dominate the Sunni world and the consequences of serious US pressure.” (Source)

Aug. 22, 2016


Aug 11, 2016 Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof: Obama and Hillary Clinton created the conditions for ISIS and ignored warnings of the Caliphate.

Russian-Israeli journalist and political analyst Israel Shamir offers his insights on why Trump's comments about Obama and Clinton being 'the founders of ISIS' may just put an end to Hillary Clinton's White House ambitions (...) in a recent op-ed analysis for Svobodnaya Pressa. (...) 
Secretary of State Clinton was able to convince Barack Obama (who it is said played a passive role in this story) to deliver weapons to the enemies of the governments in Syria and Libya. To this end, a huge cache of American weapons was sold to Qatar. The tiny Persian Gulf principality with a huge budget paid for the weapons and even transferred a large sum into the accounts of the Clinton Foundation. The weapons were sent to Islamist extremists in Benghazi in eastern Libya near Egypt. They were distributed there by small-time Egyptian thugs, and were then used to overthrow Gaddafi." 
"After Gaddafi was toppled, the weapons were sent from Libya to Syria, and to the rebels there. Notably, Clinton and Obama had no doubt that the rebels were Islamist extremists with close ties to al-Qaeda. The top-secret dispatch from the Pentagon said point blank that the Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) militants knew Syria well, and have been fighting against the Assad regime from the outset. 
Western countries, Turkey and the Gulf monarchies supported their plan to seize eastern Syria, where it would be possible to create a support base like the one that was set up in Benghazi, Libya. And that's how Daesh emerged in Syria."  
"Obama and Clinton also contributed to the rise of Daesh in Iraq. While Iraq was occupied by US forces, under President George W. Bush, the Americans created a Shia government in Baghdad, inciting the Sunnis against it; then, under Clinton and Obama, the Americans left, leaving Sunni areas flooded with a sea of small arms and military equipment. All the Islamists had to do was climb into the American Hummers and raise their black flags." = 
"Then, according to the dispatch published by Wikileaks, and used by Donald Trump, Daesh received weapons from the US. The arms were theoretically meant to be delivered to the so-called 'moderate opposition', but Washington knew that they were falling into the hands of Al-Qaeda [via its Syrian branch, the Nusra Front] and Daesh. The leader of the Daesh militants in Pakistan admitted to having received weapons from the US. (...) 
In Iraq and Syria, Washington is fighting Iranian influence." Therefore, Shamir noted, for now at least, "Moscow's talk of joint efforts with the US against Daesh is just that – talk, even if it is necessary and useful. Not every truth should be laid out immediately, and the Kremlin understands this." 

Aug. 17, 2016


As the geopolitical plot in Syria is thickening with China involving itself in the war (source), implicating all five permanent members of the UNSC, and Russian bombers making sorties from Western Iran (source), the news is breaking that Obama and Hillary not just willfully allowed ISIS to metastasize into a full scale Caliphate and battle army, but that Hillary received $100,000 and sat on the board of directors of French industrial giant, Lafarge, recently accused of secretly sponsoring the Islamic State for profit.
Documents obtained by several journalistic investigations reveal that Lafarge has paid taxes to the terror group to operate its cement plant in Syria, and even bought Isis oil for years. (Source

(...)  Last week, Donald Trump asserted that Hillary Clinton and Obama “founded ISIS.” Trump didn’t literally mean they sat down and discussed how to create this group from scratch–or did he? Trump’s statement is 100% accurate, and a leaked memo from the State Department proves it to be true! A month ago, it was released that Hillary Clinton received classified intelligence stating that Obama was supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), the group that changed their name to ISIS. 

So, Obama is the founder of ISIS, and Hillary quickly became the co-captain of this dangerous team in 2012. The leaked memo made it abundantly clear that AQI used Muhammad Al Adnani as their spokesman. Guess what, he is now the spokesman for ISIS.

Barack Hussein Obama was literally paying them money! This is not even close to a joke or a theory. The leaked memo proves it to be factual. Obama’s plan was to support the terrorist group until they overthrew Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad. Toppling dictators and supporting terrorist groups has NEVER worked, but Hillary continues to think so. She was a heavy proponent of this idea. Keep that point in mind.

In an August 2012 “SECRET” classified memo made its way to Hillary Clinton and Obama. The document is very lengthy and some portions are still classified, so we pieced together certain aspects to show the exact memo Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama saw. (More)

Oct 6, 2015 Putin: U.S. policy has created ISIS.

Aug. 12, 2016



Aug 10, 2016 Donald Trump says President Obama Founded ISIS, Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Democrats, and assorted RINOs ripped into Trump this week about his seemingly casually made remark that "Obama founded ISIS and Hillary is the co-founder". It's debatable who founded ISIS, the Iraqi resistance to US occupation + Sadamists, or their leader Al Baghdadi, the successor of Al Zarqawi? But the case could also very well be made that the terror group only metastasized into the full scale battle force it is today that could occupy a territory the size of France, after Obama created a power vacuum, after calling ISIS the VJ team and a welcome force to combat Assad and his allies, Iran en Russia. In the previous posting we saw that the Obama/Neocon strategy in Syria is so contradictory that the actual target in Syria isn't ISIS at all, but Assad and his allies, the Russians and the Iranians. The situation on the ground reflects that strategic schizophrenia. Meet the 'moderate Syrian rebels' that Clinton and her aide, General John Allen have been arming and training, egged on by John McCain, the Neocon community and the British. Here's the entire Live Blog on the subject of the FSA (since re-labeled Syria Democratic Forces (SDF)). So yes, Obama founded ISIS and Hillary is the co-founder.

Aug. 10, 2016


August 08, 2016 - Michael Morell, former number two at the CIA on "CBS This Morning".

The mess in Syria is suddenly brought to the fore during the US Presidential campaign when 50 Republicans of the neocon faction turned against Donald Trump. The mindset of these people was recently illustrated by Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell, who supports Hillary Clinton and insists that Donald Trump is an "agent" of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said that Russians and Iranians in Syria should be killed covertly to pay the price for killing Americans in Iraq. In other words, rather than pursuing along the lines of strategic national interests, this man is on some sort of vendetta. Rather than combating the scourge and the scum of Sunni Islamism -- ISIS -- he'd go after their enemies -- Russians, Iranians and Assad, arming and training Islamic terrorists. So now you know how the Obama/Clinton regime created ISIS!

Last Friday Morell became the latest neocon to join the Hillary bandwagon with a NYT Op-Ed titled "I Ran the C.I.A. Now I'm Endorsing Hillary Clinton" in which he not only praised Hillary but slammed Donald Trump (...) What Morell, who sought to portray himself as bipartisan, did not say, is that he was an active participant in painting the Benghazi attacks as caused by YouTube video. (...)  What he also forgot to mention is that in 2013, he left the CIA to join a DC consultancy group with strong links to Hillary Clinton. Beacon Global Strategies, Morell's employer, is a ten-person firm whose co-founders include Philippe Reines, a senior counselor to Hillary Clinton when she ran the State Department. Reines is still her spokesman (...) will also likely be part of the Clinton spin machine. But what he most certainly did not mention is that when it comes to the pinnacle of neocons (for Hillary), none matches Mr. Morell.  (More)

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch recently discussed the open letter from 50 Republican national security officials, who declared, “None of us will vote for Donald Trump.” “It’s really astonishing when you think about Hillary Clinton’s sorry record as secretary of state, in Benghazi, and everything else. The world on fire, the creation of ISIS, all these things can be laid at the feet of Obama and Hillary Clinton,” said Spencer. He said: These military leaders, who are indeed chop-blocking Donald Trump, are obviously part of a foreign-policy establishment that has failed, and knows that it has failed, and knows how threatened it is by the candidacy of Donald Trump, and is trying to protect its hold on power. But it’s really, incredibly, almost intellectually bankrupt for them to be going after Trump in defense of such a pitiable record. Spencer agreed with Bannon that these officials denouncing Trump are the same people who have attacked critics of radical Islam, including himself, Frank Gaffney, and Pamela Geller, over the years. “These are the same ones who made sure that I was removed as an FBI trainer and a trainer of the military,” Spencer recalled (...)