Wednesday, September 19, 2018


ObamaGate (renamed SpyGate) started with surveillance on the Trump campaign based on the unverified Steele dossier. The House Judicial Committee is conducting investigations into this abuse of power within the DoJ and FBI. (Senate probe). Chairman Nunes has demanded documentation from the DoJ, which so far they refused to hand over. Judicial Watch finally received heavily redacted documents under the Freedom of Information Act. 

UPDATE: Following President Trump's order to declassify a host of documents related to alleged FISA abuse by the DoJ and the FBI during the campaign of 2016, the House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes said that the FBI’s “insurance policy” that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page discussed over text message will be exposed along with other exculpatory evidence once the Carter Page FISA documents are made public. “We think the American people need to understand that this is actually the insurance policy that was talked about in the Strzok-Page texts,” Nunes said. “A lot of people think the insurance policy was getting a FISA warrant on Carter Page–we actually believe it was more explicit than that. We believe it was actually–the insurance policy was specifically what they did that still is redacted,” Nunes continued. (More

Leading congressional Democrats are looking to stall the process to release documents related to the Russia investigation, which President Donald Trump ordered declassified on Monday. Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and Sens. Chuck Schumer and Mark Warner, sent a letter Tuesday asking Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to provide an “immediate briefing” to the Gang of Eight before declassifying and releasing the documents. The four Democrats expressed “profound alarm” at Trump’s order to declassify the records. (More)

John Solomon reported on Hannity last night that President Trump advised him he has not read the FISA documents. These Democratic Senators are also somehow under the impression that Trump hasn't seen all the SpyGate documents in their unredacted form, while they know very well the President is the only person in charge of declassification process. "In light of the assurances you provided, we request an immediate briefing to the Gang of Eight from you prior to any disclosures of the affected material by your agencies to anyone at the White House."  Stealth Jeff finally cracks the conundrum! 

July 26, 2018


July 25, 2018 Jordan, Meadows explain filing for Rosenstein impeachment.

Update: Measure to impeach Rod Rosenstein won't be brought up by House Freedom Caucus before recess - (...) The DOJ had reportedly failed to comply with subpoenas for documents relating to the firing of former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, the Hillary Clinton email probe, and the alleged Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuses. Around 1.2 million pages of requested documents have yet to materialize. In April, Rep. Devin Nunes, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, threatened to impeach FBI Director Chris Wray and Rosenstein for not turning over a two-page brief that supposedly set of the FBI’s counterintelligence probe into possible collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump team during the 2016 election. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now heading that probe. In May, The Washington Post reported that the House Freedom Caucus had drafted articles of impeachment as a last resort. Last night, with continued delays from the DOJ, articles of impeachment have been drawn up. (More)

Includes Obamagate, House Intel Ctee, Nunes Memo, unmasking, deep state, DoJ/FBI Obama holdovers, FISA orders. 


Feb 19, 2018 Part 1 of the Conservative Treehouse videos series, "Assault on the Constitution" reporting on the illegal surveillance of Team Trump. Part 2part 3