Monday, April 23, 2018


ObamaGate started with investigations under the false pretense that "Russia hacked the election". The House Intel Ctee chairman Nunes vindicated that President Trump was surveilled (Senate probe). Obama officials unmasked US private citizens; the information was then leaked to the media. The House Judicial Committee finally started a broad investigation which was closed a year later by the Republicans. Attention is now moving to abuse within the DoJ and FBI.

UPDATE: (...) So what we have now found, after the investigators have reviewed it, is that in fact, there was no intelligence. We have a traditional partnership with what's called the ‘Five Eyes’ agreement. The ‘Five Eyes’ agreement involves our friends in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and of course, us,” Nunes reiterated. “So, longtime intelligence procedures in place, we are not supposed to spy on each other's citizens, and its worked well, and it continues to work well. We know it's working well because there was no intelligence that passed through the ‘Five Eyes’ channels to our government, and that's why we had to see that original communication.”

What Nunes is suggesting here is that there's a standard operating procedure for any surveillance which against anyone from the five nations mentioned in which there's an official report as to why an individual has been ordered to be monitored using those ‘Five Eyes’ surveillance tools. In the investigation into then-Candidate and eventually President Trump, there was no documentation whatsoever that the surveillance was occurring. Whoever ordered this illicit spying against a candidate for President and the eventual President of the United States of America, did so behind the back of those in agreement with the ‘Five Eyes,’ violating a long-term policy of documenting the surveillance.

It appears as if the outcome of the election was bemused to be in the favor of Hillary Clinton winning, and that this or these entities responsible for the surveillance in the first place, believed that it would never be made public that the surveillance occurred. Essentially, this opens the possibility up that the surveillance used to monitor Donald Trump and his campaign could have easily been handed over to the Clinton Campaign to be used against the Trump Campaign. In fact, during the election season, most Americans will remember Hillary Clinton giving a speech where she condemned Americans as ‘Deplorable,’ even going as far as suggesting that Trump and those Americans were somehow being led by Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

So it would seem to imply that the surveillance used against Trump and his team was then shared with Clinton, and we can somewhat confirm this, by acknowledging the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation sent their agents to Rome to meet with Christopher Steele, former MI6 agent, and the face behind the Clinton Campaign-funded Fusion GPS Trump dossier. This is a serious crime. The Federal Bureau of Investigation directly interfered or attempted to interfere in the 2016 Presidential elections by not only assisting an entity funded by Hillary Clinton, but apparently spying on American citizens, illegally, who were involved in the Trump Campaign, and later sharing that information with employees of Hillary Clinton, via Fusion GPS.

This means that the 2016 Democratic Elections of our nation's the Constitutional Republic were, in fact, not democratic, since the Federal Government, led by the Obama Regime, interfered in them to attempt to change the outcome. It's very disturbing. “So now we're trying to figure out, as you know, why we're investigating the State Department, we know there are some major irregularities at the State Department, and we're trying to figure out how this information, about Mr. Papadopoulos of all people, who was supposedly meeting with some folks in London, how that made it over across into the FBI’s hands,” Nunes added (More)


April 19, 2018


STOP PRESS: Justice Department Inspector General Horowitz sends criminal referral of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to US Attorney for prosecution. The dominoes are finally starting to fall.

As we reported yesterday eleven House Republicans are calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to prosecute a handful of individuals, including former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, ex-FBI Director James Comey, and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Liberals and the media are maling light of the action, but in fact these referrals are already being acted upon by the Attorney General. 

Sessions has already and repeatedly made it clear that he will act on these referrals and other potential criminal activity by former Obama officials after DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz issues his final report detailing the findings from his 15 month-long investigation into potential criminal wrongdoing by deep state DOJ and FBI personnel during the 2016 election campaign. That investigation also covers the FBI/DOJ handling of its sham investigation into the Clinton email scandal, and thus impacts every one of the Obama-era officials named in the DeSantis letter. (More)

April 18, 2018


On Sunday House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that the House was ready to take action against the DOJ if the requested Comey memos from the FBI. Obstructionist in Chief- Deputy AG Rosenstein requests an extension to deliver Comey Memo to Congress. The documents were already passed by Comey to the media but Congress does not have a copy yet. Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL) put Rosenstein on notice Tuesday evening. (More) This morning DeSantis announced he and eleven other members of Congress are sending a criminal referral to the DoJ that includes Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strok and Lisa Page. In other related news:

April 15, 2018


LINK: GCHQ `principal whistleblower over Trump team´s Russia links´

On Friday House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes finally received the (less) redacted document that led to the installation of Special Counsel Mueller. The name of a foreign agent (Steele?) and a foreign country (UK?) were struck out. Devin Nunes says the documents show that the Obama State Department colluded with a foreign intelligence agency to start the fake Russia Investigation.

April 11, 2018


On Fox News Tuesday evening, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes issued a stern warning to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein: Hand over the unredacted documents that congressional investigators have requested or face not only the prospect of being held in contempt — but impeachment, as well. Fox News contributor Sara Carter previously reported that House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes is calling for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray to hand over unredacted documents related to the agency’s Russia probe. Sara Carter reports: Chairman Devin Nunes, R-CA, sent the letter to Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray warning them that their lack of compliance with the committee’s original Aug. 24, 2017 subpoena to turn over all requested documents could result in “the Committee pursuing all appropriate legal remedies, including seeking civil enforcement” in a federal district court. The committee gave the FBI and DOJ until April 11 to turn over all the documentation requested. (More)

Includes Obamagate, House Intel Ctee, Nunes Memo, unmasking, deep state, DoJ/FBI Obama holdovers, FISA orders. 


Feb 19, 2018 Part 1 of the Conservative Treehouse videos series, "Assault on the Constitution" reporting on the illegal surveillance of Team Trump. Part 2part 3