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Russia Historical Archive: April 24, 2014 - Dec. 22, 2016

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Dec. 22, 2016


Western globalists have been engaged in saber rattling against Russia for some years while degrading their own military. These is a serious strategic contradiction. The tensions became central in the US Presidential elections with the Democrat Party accusing Russia of tipping the scale in favor of Donald Trump. Why are the globalists picking this fight? 

Dec 21, 2016 Tucker Carlson talks to Prof. Stephen Cohen about the 'New Cold War.

Why are the globalists on the Left as well as Neocons on the Right picking a fight with Russia? They want to prevent Donald Trump from pursuing detente and forging an alliance with Putin against Islamic terrorism. As Prof. Stephen Cohen points out, Muslim terrorists and nuke material make a lethal combination. Or are the globalists more beholden to their Saudi allies than they are to national security? It doesn't make any sense. Or does it? The globalists have been in bed with the devil since they pitted the Mujahideen against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Out of the Mujahideen grew Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda spawned ISIS. The globalists seem to be incapable of kicking the habit of playing Russian roulette with Islamists.

Oct. 23, 2016


On Oct. 16 Vladimir Putin answered questions from Russian journalists following the BRICS Summit. Here's a portion related to the US Presidential elections. Below a larger segment. (Transcript)

Aug. 22, 2016


Aug 19, 2016 Alex Jones breaks down the latest march to WW3 as Russia and Ukraine square off and Chinese and US warships stalk each other in Asia.

How do we know the globalists aren't talking and acting out of goodwill? There are a few pointers which are largely hidden to the naked eye.
1. The globalists are escalating tensions where no apparent threat is imminent.
2. The globalists are smearing opponents like Trump and alternative media with being "Russian agents" just for opposing the globalist unwarranted escalation.
3. Benevolent power is always economic, never military (unless defensive). Here we see the opposite. The willful destruction of the economy, while beating the drums of war for no apparent reason.
The US is reportedly moving nukes from Turkey to Romania amid rising tensions in Ukraine – and after a recent report warned that ISIS could steal the nukes in Turkey. At least 50 tactical nukes are stored at the Incirlik Air Base about 70 miles from the Syrian border, and according to EurActiv, the US is moving at least 20 of them to Romania, which shares a border with Ukraine. US officials have denied the claim, but recent developments reveal there’s credibility to the reported nuke transfer.

For one thing, Turkey is now considering military ties with Russia due to its deteriorating relationship with NATO. “It seems to us that NATO members behave in an evasive fashion on issues such as the exchange of technology and joint investments,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told Sputnik, a Russian news outlet. “Turkey intends to develop its own defense industry and strengthen its defense system.” “In this sense, if Russia were to treat this with interest, we are ready to consider the possibility of cooperation in this sector.”

Additionally, the Pentagon is claiming that nearly 40,000 Russian troops are massing on Russia’s border with Ukraine, including armored vehicles, tanks and fighter jets. And the nukes stored in Turkey are at risk of being stolen by ISIS, according to a report by the Stimson Center. “From a security point of view, it’s a roll of the dice to continue to have approximately 50 of America’s nuclear weapons stationed at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey,” said report co-author Laicie Heeley.

“There are significant safeguards in place… but safeguards are just that, they don’t eliminate risk.” “In the event of a coup, we can’t say for certain that we would have been able to maintain control.” The US has already evacuated the dependents of US service members from the base, the report pointed out, so why wouldn’t the nukes also get transferred? Also, over the summer NATO performed massive military exercises in Poland, which borders Ukraine, indicating that the US is preparing for war with Russia.

Jul 7, 2016 Alex Jones breaks down the western mainstream media cover-up of Vladimir Putin warning journalists of war. 

July 28, 2016


NATO is continuing the upgrade of Russia as a military adversary. NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and head of US European Command, told the Aspen Security Forum on Friday that the Russian military has significantly progressed in recent years to become “a very serious adversary” to the US and NATO, the bloc’s top commander has said, noting Russia’s army is now more professional, faster-learning, and more agile at thinking. “Russia is back,” said General Curtis Scaparrotti. (More)

April 14, 2016


Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) said on America's Newsroom that he's becoming increasingly worried that we will see U.S. troops harmed as a result of aggressive actions by Russian or Iranian forces. The Fox News strategic analyst was reacting to new video showing two Russian fighter jets buzzing a U.S. warship in the Baltic Sea in what was described as a "simulated attack." The Su-24 jets were unarmed, but the incident occurred during NATO exercises involving Poland. Peters said Vladimir Putin is sending a message to eastern European NATO members that the Americans "won't even defend themselves [and] are not gonna defend you." He added that Putin watched as U.S. sailors surrendered to Iranian forces earlier this year and were humiliated. "[Putin] looks at Obam's weakness and thinks, 'My God, if Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, drew a pistol and shot [John] Kerry between the eyes, Obama would say, Oh gee, we need to discuss this misunderstanding,'" Peters argued. Peters concluded by saying his main concern is that actions by Iran or Russia will soon result in harm to U.S. service members. "I'm very, very worried that in the closing months of Obama's presidency we're gonna see American blood. Because Putin is gonna keep pushing, the Iranians are gonna keep pushing, confident that President Obama will not let our troops defend themselves. We'll be very fortunate if we get to inauguration day without a much uglier incident," said Peters.


Apr 14, 2016 Russian Fighters Su 24's Buzz USS Donald Cook in Baltic Sea.

Feb. 1, 2015

UK Intercepts Russian Bomber Carrying Nuke Missiles

Nov. 11, 2014

NATO Defense Spending Down, Russia's Doubles

June 13, 2014

Russian Bombers Trigger US Air Defense Systems

After Russian bombers violating airspace we now have a Russian aircraft carrier group steaming up the North Sea and the English Channel. The Dutch MinDef: "It's remarkable"

Russian bombers seen off California coast, NORAD scrambles F-22.

UPDATE: Four Russian strategic bombers triggered U.S. air defense systems while conducting practice bombing runs near Alaska this week, with two of the Tu-95 Bear H aircraft coming within 50 miles of the California coast, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) confirmed Wednesday. “The last time we saw anything similar was two years ago on the Fourth of July,” Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Norad spokesman, told the Free Beacon. Davis said the latest Bear H incursions began Monday around 4:30 p.m. Pacific time when radar detected the four turbo-prop powered bombers approaching the U.S. air defense zone near the far western Aleutian Islands. Two U.S. Air Force F-22 jets were scrambled and intercepted the bombers over the Aleutians. (Source)

May 25, 2014

Russian Aircraft Carrier Group Sails the North Sea

UPDATE: In spite of a commitment to the NATO alliance, several years of budget cuts undermined the ability of European countries to perform routine duties, as providing escort to Russian vessels as they sail close to the territorial waters. Among the arms undermined by shrinking defense budgets, there is also the Royal Netherlands Navy. When on May 8 the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, sailed through the Channel on international waters, the Royal Netherlands Navy was unable to respond because it lacked warships for the task. As Lieuwe de Vries and Ruben Veenstra reported, Russia’s only aircraft carrier, with a task force of three tankers, an ocean-going tug and the Landing Support Ship Minsk, took an unusual route to return to its homebase. According to the Dutch reporters, “the Russians usually prefer to go around Ireland on the North Atlantic Ocean to avoid other maritime traffic. The journey plotted through the narrow waters can be seen as a typical show of force on behalf of the Russians.” The Royal Navy dispatched a modern air-defense destroyer, the HMS Dragon, to shadow the Kuznetsov but, as the task force moved up towards the North Sea, it would be a task of the Royal Netherlands Navy to escort the Russians. (Source) H/t @SciteCito

May 9, 2014

April 24, 2014

UK and Dutch Fighters Chase Russian Bombers

Wednesday two heavy Russian Tupolev Tu-95 Bears bombers were intercepted by the Netherlands Royal Air Force and turned back on approach to Scotland by Royal Navy Typhoon fighters

Two Russian bombers which violated airspace have been chased away by Dutch and British fighters.

The aircraft, believed to be Tupolev Tu-95 Bears, were spotted off the coast of northeast Scotland. They were turned away from Britain when a Typhoon fighter was scrambled from RAF Leuchars in Fife. Aircrew stationed at the base are on standby to intercept unidentified aircraft at a moment's notice. Dutch fighter jets were also dispatched on Wednesday when the two Russian planes entered their airspace. A pair of Dutch F-16 jets intercepted the Tu-95s at about 4pm after they strayed half a mile into the country's territory. The incidents come amid heightened international tensions over the situation in Ukraine, following the annexation of Crimea by Russia last month.

It also follows the arrival of a Russian warship, the Vice Admiral Kulakov, in waters off the coast of Britain. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the vessel was met by the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Dragon, which is "keeping an eye" on the ship's movement. Sky's Defence Correspondent Alistair Bunkall said foreign planes often fly close to UK airspace, with eight similar incidents reported in 2013.
"The RAF Typhoon is one of Britain's quick reaction aircraft and would have gone up, made contact with the Russian planes and ensured they did not plan to fly into British airspace," he said. "These sorts of events happen quite regularly and that maybe surprising for some people. "It's all about testing defences and seeing exactly what your 'enemy' is capable of."
The two Russian planes were escorted by the Typhoon, as well as military aircraft from the Netherlands and Denmark, until they flew off towards Scandinavia. The aircraft - turboprop-powered bombers which also conduct airborne surveillance - have been in service for more than 50 years.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: "The Russian military aircraft remained in international airspace at all times and they are perfectly entitled to do so. "Russian military flights have never entered UK sovereign airspace without authorisation."